7 Best PC Bowling Games for PC

7 Best PC Bowling Games
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Bowling is one of the most fun recreational activities to do with your friends. The thrill that the ball carries as you hit the pins is intriguing. It’s an incredibly satisfying sport, but the only issue with bowling is the setup that it requires. 


You have to visit dedicated bowling alleys to play a game. But if you’re looking for virtual alternatives for it, fortunately, there are plenty of excellent PC bowling games that you need to get your hands on.

The gaming industry has captured almost every major sport & activity, with the next-generation games coming out regularly, such as Cricket, Moto GP, Fifa, etc.

Best PC Bowling Games

Here are some of the best PC bowling games that you should try:

Premium Bowling

7 Best PC Bowling Games

The Premium bowling offers you realistic bowling physics & feel. Sadetta, the developer behind the game, released it in 2019 on the Steam platform for window users. It also supports Virtual Reality (VR) headsets such as Oculus. 

So hop on the game & explore the various bowling alleys & balls that the game offers. You can even play multiplayer mode either locally or with an online player.


PBA Pro Bowling 2021

7 Best PC Bowling Games

FarSight Studios PBA Pro bowling 2021 is one of the most realistic PC bowling games. You can enjoy various modes, like multiplayer, single, and career modes, with in-game tournaments and more than 150 bowling balls to select.

PBA Pro Bowling 2021 includes various professional bowling players & incredible voice commentary features with more than 1,500 distinct lines. Overall it’s a complete package for bowling fans.

Tekken 7 (Ultimate Tekken Bowl)

7 Best PC Bowling Games

If you know even a little about gaming from the past decade, you surely know about Tekken, the most famous fighting game. In 2011, the Tekken bowl game got launched as a separate game.

For a side game, Tekken bowling is excellent. Especially if you’re already a fan of this franchise, you’ll love it.

10 Pin Bowling

7 Best PC Bowling Games

10 Pin bowling is a relatively simple PC bowling game that offers Virtual Reality (VR) connectivity. You can play the multiplayer mode with online players or practice offline with AI.


For playing 10 Pin bowling, you can purchase the game from the Steam shop. Invite & add your friends & challenge them to a bowling competition.

PBA Pro Bowling 2019

7 Best PC Bowling Games

PBA Pro bowling 2019 is yet another exceptional PC bowling game, just like the 2021 version. The game offers more than 100 challenges & virtual bowling tournaments, realistic commentary, & numerous bowling alleys.

You can play PBA Pro bowling 2019 multiplayer online & with local players. The physics & visuals of this game are fantastic, as the developers have used motion-captured animation in the game.

Let’s Bowl VR – Bowling Game

7 Best PC Bowling Games

Let’s bowl VR has one of the most incredible graphics in PC bowling games. It offers 18 different clubs from five cities & various game modes such as arcade, challenge & career mode.

The only drawback is you must have a Virtual Reality (VR) headset to play this game. Overall the Let’s bowl VR has everything, from excellent bowling physics to stunning visuals.


Bowling PC – A Cost-Effective Way to Bowl

7 Best PC Bowling Games

If you’re looking for a simple PC bowling game without heavy graphics & free of cost, bowling PC – A Cost-Effective way to bowl is the right option.

Even though the variety of bowling balls & clubs is not excellent, it still does the job. You can pick from six different characters and four clubs & balls.

Well, that sums up our list of the best PC bowling games for now. Other than these, there are bowling games that you can play directly on your web browser without downloading them. But the graphics & gameplay will not be the same as these.

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