11 Best Offline Games on iPhone

Are you stuck with limited daily data for your iPhone? Does the internet cost a bomb? Maybe you commute to your workplace or school and pass through the lanes where you cannot just dodge the boredom without your phone.


Either way, you are here on this article for probably one of these reasons and are looking for some offline games you could get your hands on!

Top 11 Offline Games on iPhone

Some of the most recreational stress relievers are listening to music, watching something, and playing games. Some games on iPhone are still unknown to their users that can be downloaded offline and played! 

When you are standing in long queues at the airports, coffee shops, or anywhere having anything for which you have to wait! A fun game on your iPhone with your buddies online is a great way to kill some of your time if you are a gaming enthusiast!

But due to the elevated rate of multi-player online games, these apps demand a considerable supply of internet connection. It is not particularly significant if you run on a tight internet Data budget. 

For all these reasons, we have dug out some of the most amazing games for your iPhone devices so that your gaming experience never stops. Stay with us for a quick read on some of the most entertaining games available for your offline uses on the iPhone. 


Best Offline Games on iPhone


Take a look at these games available to be downloaded and played offline for iPhone-

Wayward Souls

Top 11 Offline Games on iPhone

On the note of offline games, Wayward is one of the Roguelike games for anyone willing to take a look at. The game has a lot of scopes to be explored throughout a play session after one gets started here. Wayward is one of those games that can be played for hours.

This game will not wear you out with boredom and will keep you entertained for a good long time. The statement might contradict what is mentioned above after I’ve stated that the games could be played for hours. However, it is a quick game to play.

Wayward has multiple classes built within its gaming experience and can create several new storylines and the ability to create an upgraded user interface. This leaves plenty of room for exploration by playing this game multiple times! 

Wayward is available at 7.99 dollars, worth the small amount of money for the entertainment it delivers!


Get it Now.

Soul Knights

Top 11 Offline Games on iPhone

If Wayward was an ill fit on your gaming charade, then we have more options covered for you here, one of them being soul knights. This is another game available as an offline play for an iPhone.

Soul Knights is exciting and fun to go ahead with; the mission here is simple! The premise begins with aliens stealing away a magical stone while you have to fight them to get it back.

The game is fun, to begin with, as you get to shoot a lot of aliens. Besides, the game allows you to have a Dungeon exploration.

You can start with the game and have a lot of upgrades through your loadout, there is an option from many heroes to select from, and soul knights has a whooping collection of 120 weapons. Yes, you heard that right! A significant fun element, right?


The game is pretty easy to play and costs nothing. If this suits your choice of gaming, we highly suggest you consider downloading this.

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Siralim 2 ( Monster taming RPG)

Top 11 Offline Games on iPhone

This monster-themed game is fun for anyone who loves a game involving dealing with a mission of taming someone. If the above statement feels relatable, then consider adding Siralim 2 to your offline gaming list.

You can tame monsters, make them join you, and play the game ahead with various challenges. It even lets you breed the monsters while making them lay eggs to modify your requirements in this game.

The game has no limits over levels; you can keep going on as much as you wish. It is available for offline download at 4.99$.


Get it Now.

Brothers in Arms 3

Top 11 Offline Games on iPhone

Gameloft is one of the most incredible gaming app developers. Brothers in Arms 3 gives you an experience of an action premise over the World War Third Person Shooter game.

The game has a single-player option, and you are deployed to the battlefield to fight the Nazis in various missions. Its story follows the invasion by German soldiers, which the player has to fight off!

A single player will be moving ahead, unlocking new weapons, and will be joined by new “brothers” going by the title as they move ahead. One of the surprising things about this stellar game is that it will be available for free! Enjoy this battlefield mission to cover your dull days.

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Plague Inc 

Top 11 Offline Games on iPhone

After two years of the raging global pandemic of Covid-19, this game is carrying a pretty shaking name, but not to worry, the game is perfectly entertaining in all aspects.

The game allows you to create a pathogen turning into a plague, and the mission is to kill humanity with your creation. The “cure” game is also available if you’d be on another side of this gaming features scenario. Here you will have to save entire humanity with gaming as it progresses.

The game has made an impact rather than just being a source of entertainment. This aims to engage the players of this game to make them realize how difficult a situation gets and what the stakes are during a mass medical emergency worldwide! What a great thought, isn’t it? 

The game is available at the price of 0.99 dollars with in-app purchases.

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Subway Surfers 

Top 11 Offline Games on iPhone

Subway Surfers is a game that fits all age groups and can be played by anyone who wishes to spend their time on this game. The game has pretty simple rules to follow, yet you need an attention span to avoid stumbling down for moving ahead.

You may have caught a hint until now that the game is all about speed, and you have to keep moving ahead of the track, running as fast as you can. Moreover, you must control your directions through the screen and dodge all the obstacles along the way.

The game runs smoothly with high-speed acrobatics with smooth control. It lets you have a particular groove on one’s gaming experience. Subway Surfers also have HD aesthetic graphics, which keep you engaged in this game for an extended time.

One of the fantastic features of this game is fast-pacing swipe acrobatics which allows you to dodge obstacles if you are attentive to this game quickly. This may also help you elevate your attention span in general.

Subway Surfers have to be one of the most fantastic games in their simplest form, yet so fun to be played repeatedly. As much as the same sounds fun, we are happy to say this is also available for free for your downloading. 

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Skiing Yeti Mountain 

Top 11 Offline Games on iPhone

This is one of the games where the title gives it all for anyone looking to download. Skiing Yeti Mountain is a perfect game for someone looking for a virtual snowboarding option.

So, what are you waiting for? Play it right now! The game allows you to do more than just skiing as the player in this game. You can snowboard through several exciting levels, including jump cliffs, racing, and many other quests for your gaming experience! 

Players can also experience a wide range of NPCs throughout the quest of Yeti. The controls over the snowboarding through yeti mountains of game graphics allow you to make your way through the rugged mountains. Skiing Yeti Mountain is free for users!

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Badland and Badland 2

Top 11 Offline Games on iPhone

Badland and Badland 2 is an exciting game with a forest theme and a tremendous atmospheric side-scrolling adventure, all set in graphics that replicate the forest packed with several inhabitants, flowers, and trees. 

The game is exciting. If you are looking forward to exploring something with a not-so-fast-paced UI to enjoy your game throughout, mark these two games for offline downloading.

This physics-based gaming experience is a bit time limited in the initial stage. Still, once you get through several stages, the game opens up multi-user options for up to four players who can compete with each other on the battlefields for tough survival. 

It is available in the VERSUS mode with a window to up to 30 levels with several twists. The Badland franchise also allows you to create custom levels on the premise of a multiplayer game.

iPhone users who are arcade subscribers, and players, would have an opportunity to access Badlands, which is the game of badland but just for free of subscription.

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Into the Dead 2

Top 11 Offline Games on iPhone

Into the Dead 2 is a solid zombie-themed game! If you fancy a goth aesthetic, the player in this game would have to keep moving ahead, fighting the difficulties thrown on them by the Zombies to make it to the survival end and win the game.

Highlights of this game lie in 7 long chapters, which unfold through 60 stages with several challenges which allow a person to play for a long haul. Into the Dead 2 has an extensive library of several weapons, explosives, firearms, and melee weapons.

It is available for a subscription though it is a free game. If Zombie-themed games impress you, this game is a definite hit available offline on the iPhone.

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Vector 2

Top 11 Offline Games on iPhone

Vector 2 is one such game that provides a virtual fighting experience. This game has easy control options, which look perfect for anyone looking forward to just getting started on the gaming aspects.

Vector 2 puts the player through a dystopian world as a test subject running through different floors of a dangerous lab, trying to avoid the obstacles performing tricks and jump slides within the game of Vector.

After getting through each level in Vector 2, the player can earn some upgrades before moving ahead in this game. Thus, you, as a player, can improve your armor.

This offline iPhone game has simple controls and an engaging premise to sail through boring times. The game progressively gets more challenging moving ahead, and the game is available absolutely for free.

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Need for Speed No Limits 

Top 11 Offline Games on iPhone

Need for Speed is a franchise where you might have already started to figure out what this great iPhone game is about, knowing about the title!

It is a racing game that allows you to race by defying the cops with seemingly simple controls. If the cops catch you, the player has to get back to the garage and start from scratch. 

Need for Speed No Limits is a free gaming subscription for anyone who wishes to have this gaming choice. 

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The Conclusion 

We have unfolded some offline games available for players on iPhone for your recreation. Go through all these options listed above and check which game suits you to sail you through for a great gaming experience.

There are a few paid options available, but most of them are also free of cost for your subscription if you wish not to pay for this.

Bookmark our page and let us know if you are seeking more gaming options for your device!


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