Borderlands 4 Release Date, News, Leaks, and Rumors


  • A game of a unique fictional world inculcated with thrill and suspense would remind you of Borderlands.
  • With 3 installments out for a long, there’s nothing more to explore in it.
  • So, we have shared the latest updates related to Borderlands 4!
Borderlands 4
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As a Borderland fan, you would know there is nothing new left that Borderlands 3 can give you. This must have left you to ask whether there will be a Borderlands 4. If you are dealing with the same question, this article is for you to get an answer.


This article will tell you everything about Borderlands 4, its Release Date, updates, speculations, and more. 

Borderlands 4 Release Date, News, Leaks, and Rumors

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Will There Be a Borderlands 4? 

Before beginning with any new updates, you must know there have been no further official updates or announcements from the game developers. Moreover, they recently came up with Borderlands 3 DLC 4. 

The President of Gearbox Enterprises, Randy Pitchford, recently gave a statement confirming that Borderlands 4 is in the making. 

As per his statement, the developers are working on bringing something interesting. Also, he asked for skilled professionals to contact them who can contribute with them to make the next Borderlands game.


Borderlands 4 Release Date 

The organization Gearbox Software and 2K Games have not made any official comments on the sequel of the Borderlands game.

However, the third sequel took seven years to release after the second season. But updates specify that the makers won’t take this long to develop Borderlands 4. 

Borderlands 4 Release Date, News, Leaks, and Rumors

It has been four years since we got to see Borderlands 3. It can take five years for its release.

Borderlands 4 Plot

In Borderlands 3, we saw a significant cliffhanger with the final battle. In that battle, Lilith took flight and locked Elpis where it was to prevent their actions. 

They wanted to crash the moon into the Pandor. So, a prominent Firehawk symbol was left in Elpis. But we didn’t know where Lilith was. 


You would have been left with some significant questions as the game ended. There is a mystery about what happened to them and a curiosity to know where Lilith is. Further, will anyone find her or not? 

Borderlands 4 Release Date, News, Leaks, and Rumors

Also, it ended with Ava going to lead us in the war. Consequently, you can exceed that Borderlands can begin by addressing this significant angle. Moreover, the game can continue with a post-apocalyptic narrative taking it ahead from the previous storyline. 

Something new could be found, and new alien life forms and technologies could take Plot forward as we saw in previous ones. 

Otherwise, the theme can be based on the post-events of Borderlands 3, like the difficulties its protagonists face. They are the ones dealing with the fallout due to their decisions.

Borderlands 4 Platforms

Borderlands 4 is highly anticipated and might be released on multiple platforms. These include  PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.


The previous games on older consoles are already phasing out, and many are no longer available to play. So, we can expect that the new game won’t release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As technology and advancements increase, the next game won’t want to be limited to its hardware specs. 

After Borderlands 3, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands was an EPIC Games Store exclusive for PC. Likewise, the makers can repeat this, and the game may come later on stream after the exclusive period ends.

Borderlands 4 System Requirements

Before releasing a sequel to your favorite game, you must be prepared with its system requirements. As mentioned earlier, no official announcements about the game, Plot, or its system requirements exist.

However, the game will mostly release on the PS5 and Xbox Series. Consequently, it will offer a more grand experience compared to Borderlands 3. 

If we analyze the usual trend of the Borderland series, they are focused on bringing up something extraordinary. It would even include new-generation graphics. 


It offers much more than the previous game relevant to the latest technology.  At the same time, they make sure that it is possible to tweak it to accommodate older platforms and systems.

In PC’s case, the minimum system and previous requirements for the last Borderlands games give us an idea. 

So, below are the possible minimum system requirements your device should have to play this game:

  • Borderlands 4 System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 10  
  • Windows 11RAM- 16 
  • GBStorage- 150 GBGraphics Card- 4GB

Summing Up

The Borderlands series has managed to keep the fans on their toes with exciting gameplay, Plot, and features. Four years have passed since a new game in the series was released, and the older ones have been phased out. 

So, you can likely play a new sequel where the storyline goes further with advanced gameplay. 


There is no proper confirmation by the makers except the statement of the President, who indirectly kept forward their intention to bring out Borderlands 4. 

You would be eager to play something of a gripping narrative filled with humor, excitement, and new twists. However, we must wait for new formal announcements that tell us more about it.

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