PS5 Pro: Every Rumor and Leak So Far


  1. The rumored PS5 Pro is speculated to have enhanced performance, 8K resolution support, and ray tracing capabilities, potentially offering a superior gaming experience.
  2. While Sony has not officially confirmed the existence of the PS5 Pro, leaked information and industry discussions have generated significant interest and debate among gamers.
  3. The release date and pricing details of the PS5 Pro remain uncertain, with rumors suggesting a late 2024 release and a price range of $499 to $599, subject to potential adjustments based on features and competition.
PlayStation 5
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The PlayStation 5 Pro has become a hot issue in the gaming world, prompting both excitement and skepticism among aficionados. Some are excited about the potential of increased visuals and speed, while others doubt the need for an updated console.


The PS5 Pro has not received official details, leaving leeway for conjecture spurred by web rumors and leaks. Common theories concentrate on increases in graphics capabilities, faster processing rates, and the introduction of 8K resolution capability.

While it is still too early to give official information on the PS5 Pro, the emergence of these rumors has certainly stirred broad curiosity.

Given the numerous rumors and leaks surrounding the system, the purpose of this article is to sift and aggregate discussed information regarding leaks and rumors of the PS5 Pro, providing insights into what may be expected from the PS5 Pro, including its likely release date and other major features.

PS5 Pro Rumors and Leaks
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PS5 Pro: What to Expect?

Although Sony has not officially acknowledged the existence of a PlayStation 5 Pro, there has been a lot of conjecture and leaked information about this possible console type. Individuals’ perspectives differ, with some anticipating an early release and others remaining doubtful.

If the PS5 Pro is released, it will likely have expanded capabilities and features above the normal PS5, making it an appealing choice for players looking for the best gaming experience.

PS5 Pro Rumored Specs

numerous speculations about the rumored PS5 Pro have circulated, highlighting numerous key characteristics of its rumored design:

  • Increased Performance: It is reported that the PS5 Pro will have a more powerful central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU), allowing it to offer games at greater resolutions and frame rates. This improved performance would very certainly lead to a smoother and more immersive gaming experience.
  • Support for 8K Resolution: Another rumored feature is support for 8K resolution, which would surpass the already outstanding 4K resolution. 8K resolution, with four times the pixel density of 4K, has the potential to give gamers unmatched visual quality and detail.
  • Capabilities for Ray Tracing: The PS5 Pro may include ray tracing technology, allowing for more realistic lighting and shadows in games. Ray tracing may dramatically improve the visual quality and overall realism of game scenes by precisely replicating the behavior of light.
Note: These details are all theoretical, as Sony has made no formal pronouncements about the PS5 Pro. However, if these reports are genuine, the next console would definitely arouse tremendous interest within the gaming world.

There is some disagreement among gamers over the possibility of an improved gaming system with greater capabilities, specifically the PS5 Pro. While some gamers are excited about the prospect of a more powerful console, others are pleased with their present PlayStation 5 (PS5) devices.

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It is vital to note that no official confirmation of the PS5 Pro’s existence has been offered. Nonetheless, a succession of leaks and suspicions about this issue has created a lot of debate and intrigue in the gaming world.

One noteworthy leak came from a TCL presentation in May 2022. Photographs of a console resembling the rumored PS5 Pro were shown during this presentation. Furthermore, the source suggested that the rumored console will support 8K resolution and improved cooling mechanisms.


A Twitter user recently discovered that Sony’s Mark Cerny had submitted a patent for a novel approach to improve the representation of light and shadows on PlayStation 5 consoles.

PS5 Pro: Rumored Upgrades

The PS4 Pro demonstrated a significant improvement in performance over the regular PS4, generating discussion about the possibility of a similar leap in the anticipated PS5 Pro.

One probable option is the use of an upgraded Radeon GPU in the PS5 Pro, allowing for greater frame rates during ray-tracing and the pursuit of 8K gaming.

PS5 Pro: Every Rumor and Leak So Far 1

Another possibility is that the PS5 Pro will use the cutting-edge AMD Zen4 CPU architecture, which would result in significant improvements in both speed and efficiency.

In terms of storage, the PS5 presently has a small internal SSD with a usable capacity of 667GB. The PS5 Pro is expected to include an enlarged SSD with a minimum useable capacity of 1TB.


When compared to the normal PS5, the PS5 Pro is intended to provide significant improvements in performance and storage capacity. However, it is important to note that it is still too early to predict the exact features that will be included in the PS5 Pro.

PS5 Pro: Rumored Pricing and Release Date

Rumors have circulated that the PS5 Pro will be released in late 2024, representing a three-year gap since the debut of the original PS5. Such speculation is based on studies of prior PlayStation systems’ historical release patterns.

It should be noted, however, that Sony has not officially verified any facts surrounding the release date, allowing the possibility for future modifications or possibly the console’s cancellation entirely.

PS5 Pro Rumored Pricing

The PS5 Pro’s pricing remains unknown for the time being, prompting enthusiasts and industry analysts to speculate. Based on the pricing model used for the PS4 Pro, the price is expected to be in the $499 to $599 area.

This forecast is based on the precedent set by the PS4 Pro, which kept the same pricing as the original PS4. Nonetheless, Sony has the ability to raise the price of the PS5 Pro if it includes new features or performs better.


Finally, the price of the PS5 Pro is determined by a number of relevant elements, including the final specs of the system and the competitive situation within the gaming business.

Given the prospect of premium offerings accompanying the PS5 Pro, it is fair to anticipate a higher price tag if one wishes to switch to the next PlayStation console.

Wrapping It All – PS5 Pro

In conclusion, the PS5 Pro is expected to arrive in late 2024. It is supposed to offer better capabilities and features, such as improved performance, 8K resolution support, and ray tracing technology.

The cost is expected to range between $499 and $599. With its promised enhancements and enhanced performance, the PS5 Pro has the ability to fascinate the gaming world if it materializes.

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