Jan 22, 2023

Forspoken’s Limited Review Copies Draw Criticism from Media Outlets

As we already know, Square Enix Forspoken is an Action- Role-playing game with the main character Frey, a woman who gets transported into a fantasy world. The…
Forspoken Tanta Prav
Jan 20, 2023

Forspoken’s Leaked Gameplay Reveals Game Combats and In-game Items

Forspoken, an Action-Role Playing Game (RPG) developed by Luminous Production and produced by Square Enix, is slated to release on January 24th. The two have worked before…
Fire Emblem Engage
Jan 18, 2023

Fire Emblem Engage Gameplay, ROM Leaked Before its Official Launch

As we already know, the next iteration in the Fire Emblem franchise, i.e., Fire Emblem Engage, a Tactical role-playing video game, is slated to release on January…
Feb 19, 2023

Rust, an Open-world Survival Game, Working on a Few New Features

Rust, an open-world survival multiplayer video game, developed by Facepunch studious and is one of the games that have a good replay value so it makes it…
GTA The Trilogy
Oct 26, 2021

GTA The Trilogy: The Remastered GTA Experience

In this article, I will tell you all the details about the remastered GTA The Trilogy including its release date, price, and everything else you need to…
Jul 31, 2021

GTA 6: Release Date Speculations, Maps, Story, and More

In this article, we are going to look at various reports and leaks from trusted sources to get an idea about the launch of GTA 6. 

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