What is the Curse of Binding in Minecraft? Everything You Need To Know About It

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More than 126 million people play Minecraft every month and the number is only growing. Minecraft has some impressive elements including enhancements like the curse of vanishing, curse of binding among others.


The Curse of Binding is an interesting topic as once the enchantment has been commanded, the player cannot remove any piece of his/her gear no matter how hard he/she tries. 

The curse of binding is applied on a piece of gear only which includes helmet, boots, chest plate, and other pieces. A cursed item, if worn, cannot be removed unless that particular article is broken or the player is dead.

This is why the curse of binding is often considered to have adverse effects especially for new or uninformed players who might use the curse of binding thinking of it as something else rather than a curse per see.

Here’s how to get it, how it works, and how you can use it to troll other Minecraft players wearing a cursed piece of gear at any time. 

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How to get the Curse of Binding enhancement?

Curse of Binding Minecraft

The Curse of Binding on Minecraft is a bit difficult to find enhancement and thus, needs a little more work to be done.

You have a few avenues to find the curse of binding. The first is chest loot in the survival mode, fishing, and raid rewards. You can trade with villagers exchanging emeralds for the curse of binding.

Note that those with the Bedrock Edition of the game will have to let go of the last method since a bug is preventing them from trading to gain the special enchantment. They can still use other methods to get the enhancement in the chest.

How does the Curse of Binding enchantment on Minecraft work?

Curse of Binding Minecraft

As mentioned above, you have several options to get your hands on the curse of binding enchantment. Once applied, there’s no way to remove the cursed item unless it is damaged, broken, or the player is dead (in-game, of course).

Note that the curse of binding applies to survival mode only, which means you can remove cursed items off your character’s armor in creative mode with ease. 


Although it is said that using grindstone to remove the curse works, it will instead remove any other enhancement but keeps the curse of binding intact and in full active condition. 

Players can actually curse other players in the game with the curse of binding. In true essence, when you move any armor item such as boots, leggings, chest plate, or helmet from the inventory to the armor box with the curse of binding found via trading, fishing, or through chest boxes, the moved item might arrive with the enchantment. 

Once a player wears the enchanted item, he/she can no longer remove it as mentioned above. Note that players are free to remove any item (probably with the curse of binding) in the inventory and it only affects the player when the piece of armor is equipped. It is possible to use a dispenser to break a pumpkin free of the curse of binding.

How to troll other Minecraft players with the curse of binding?

Apart from donning an armor item with the curse of binding on yourself, you can troll others and get them cursed items as well. In fact, you can even forcefully put someone in an item enchanted with the curse of binding. 

You as a Minecraft player can use carved pumpkins and apply the curse of binding to them. By using an anvil, you can change the name of the item and use an enchantment book to convince other Minecraft players to put on the cursed item.


On the other hand, you can use a dispenser to forcibly put the cursed item onto other Minecraft players. A carved pumpkin reduces the visibility in the game and thus, it is often one of the most used items to troll other players.

The other player you tricked with the curse of a binding item will have to die to remove the curse or else, he/she will be stuck with it until the item is broken. 

What are the items to enchant with the curse of binding?

The curse of binding on Minecraft is applicable to items that a character wears. The list is pretty extensive but it is what you were looking for, weren’t you.

This includes a diamond helmet, a diamond chest plate, diamond leggings, diamond boots, golden helmet, golden chest plate, golden leggings, golden boots, iron helmet, iron chest plate, iron boots, leather cap, leather tunic, leather pants, leather boots, chain helmet, chain chest plate, chain leggings, chain boots, netherite helmet, netherite chest plate, netherite leggings, netherite boots, turtle shell, dyed leather cap, dyed leather tunic, dyed leather pants, dyed leather boots, and Elytra.

Curse of Binding – Supported Platforms

  • Windows 10 Edition – v1.16.0
  • Nintendo Switch – v1.16.0
  • Java Edition (Mac/PC) – v1.11
  • Pocket Edition – v1.16.0
  • Xbox One – v1.16.0
  • Xbox 360 – TU54
  • PS3 – 1.51
  • PS4 – 1.16.0
  • Wii U – Patch 24

How to remove the curse of binding without dying?

As said, you can either break a cursed item or die to get rid of the enchantment. There’s a way to do it without dying although it is termed as very difficult.


You’ll need another player (e.g. remover) who will have to crouch beside you and click on the use button with an empty hand at the piece of armor that has been cursed.

Every click gives you a 5percent program and you will have to reach 100 percent to break the curse of binding. However, the progress resets to 0 percent if the remover fails and requires him/her to start over.

You can have several removers as well which speeds up the process, however, removing the curse of binding enchantment on any armor item without dying is difficult.

Closing Words

The Curse of Binding is one of the nastiest enhancements on Minecraft that you can use against other players for your benefit or end up getting trolled or cursed with the enhancement on any armor item you wear.

There are many ways to get the enchantment and you can use it on any armor item and it goes without saying, the curse of binding doesn’t work on non-armor items.


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