Mobile Legends Kagura Guide – Skills, Attributes, Builds, and More

Mobile Legends Kagura Guide - Skills, Attributes, Builds, and More
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Deep inside the Cadia Riverlands, there lives a minority called Onmyouji Masters who can see into the future and control spirits with their ancestral yin yang arts. It is said that the Great Dragon gives this special power to the people of the Cadian Riverlands. 


Seimei was a legendary Onmyouji Master, said to be able to control spirits and even bring the dead back to life. It was said that he had secret yin yang arts that allowed him to live longer. The Seimei Umbrella was at the shrine for years. 

People would pray to it every year at the memorial for Seimei, wishing to be better at yin yang arts. Though many years went by, the Seimei Umbrella never showed any miracles. Kagura descended from Seimei and everything changed when she prayed at the shrine for the first time.

Let’s have a look at this character and its detailed information in this blog post: 

Mobile Legends Kagura Guide - Skills, Attributes, Builds, and More

Basic Attributes of Kagura 

Here’s a list of all the basic attributes of Kagura and their value: 

HP Regen7
Physical Attack118
Physical Defense 19
Attack Speed1,02
Mana 519
Mana Regen 21
Magic Power0
Magic Defense 10
Movement Speed240

Kagura’s Skills in Mobile Legends 

Here’s a quick rundown of all the skills possessed by Kagura: 


Skill 1 – Seimei Umbrella Open (Damage, Slow) 

CD – 5.0 
Mana Cost – 60 
Type – Magic Skill 

With this skill, Kagura launches the Seimei umbrella to her preferred target location, which deals 315 or +105% of the total magic power damage to any enemy or mob in its path and also slows them down by 60% for 0.5 seconds.

Mobile Legends Kagura Guide - Skills, Attributes, Builds, and More

The skill has three phases in which she can change the umbrella’s location to any desired target in a large surface area. 

Passive – Yin Yang Gathering (Shield, CC) 

After using her first skill, when Kagura gets back her umbrella, she gains a shield that absorbs all the blows and lasts for 4.5 seconds. She can gain the umbrella back by either walking towards it or calling it to herself by walking away from it to a distance. 

Mobile Legends Kagura Guide - Skills, Attributes, Builds, and More

While she gets her umbrella back, the nearby enemies are also stunned and slowed down for a short period. However, remember that the passive can only be triggered once every 4.5 seconds, and there’s also an icon that allows you to check the cooldown for this skill. 


Skill 2 – Rasho Umbrella Flee 

CD – 12.0 
Mana Cost – 55
Type – Magic Skill/Blank 

Skill two can be triggered in two types – with and without the umbrella. Using this skill with the umbrella, Kagura can remove any kind of control effect imposed on her by enemies and dashes in a preferred target direction. 

Mobile Legends Kagura Guide - Skills, Attributes, Builds, and More

If she uses the skill without the umbrella, she is teleported to the umbrella’s location while also dealing damage to the nearby enemies and mobs. It can also trigger the passive if it is available to use. 

Skill 3 – Yin Yang Overturn (Burst, CC)

CD – 43.0 
Mana Cost – 85 
Type – Magic Skill 

Like the second skill, Yin Yang Overturn can also be triggered in two ways – with and without the umbrella. If you use her ultimate with the umbrella, she will knock back the targets near her and also deal magic damage to them. 


On the other hand, when her Passive is triggered without the umbrella, it only deals magic damage to the enemies in the umbrella range. After dealing damage for 1.5 seconds, the umbrella pulls everyone within its radius in the middle and starts dealing the magic damage again. 

It also slows down the enemy within the umbrella radius by 60%. Using Kagura’s ultimate without the umbrella also immediately resets the cooldown of her first skill. The best part is that her ultimate works on minions and creeps too. 

A bar near your skills shows its cooldown and notifies when it will be activated again. 

Mobile Legends Kagura Guide - Skills, Attributes, Builds, and More

Best Battle Spell and Emblem for Kagura 

The most effective battle spell for Kagura are Execute and Flameshot, and you can use either of these as per your gameplay requirements. These spells are ideal for Kagura as she can easily kill low-hp enemies. 

It has been observed that the Mage emblem works the best for Kagura. You should consider spending your talent points on movement speed and penetration and use magic worship to be able to deal additional damage after you hit a complete combo. 


The Best Build for Kagura in MLBB 

Kagura is one of the most flexible mages in terms of items that she carries. This means you can try many builds on Kagura, but just follow the enemy’s pick and then determine an item to counter them. Here are some of the best items available for Kagura that you can consider building for Kagura: 

Core Items 

  • Arcane Boots – This is a must-have time for Kagura in the early game that provides significant magic penetration. As a substitute, you can also use a pair of Demon shoes that will help you prevent running out of mana. 
  • Lightning Truncheon – Since Kagura is a long-range hero who relies more on her skills to deal damage to enemies, an item like the Lightning truncheon can help her improve the damage output of her skills and slay more enemies with ease. 
  • Clock of Destiny – The clock of destiny complements Lightning Truncheon well as it makes the latter’s passive even more effective and allows Kagura to deal more damage to the enemies.
  • Holy Crystal – As you may already know, Holy Crystal is a great item to increase the magic power of mage-type heroes, which makes it a great item for Kagura in the late game that allows her to deal more damage to enemies.
  • Genius Wand – The unique passive of the Genius Wand reduces enemies’ magic defense, which can be highly beneficial for Kagura to deal more damage with her burst attacks. 
  • Divine Glaive – As Kagura already has a decent amount of magic power and with the previous items, she can inherit a lot more of it. That being said, building Divine Glaive will then allow her to break the enemy’s magic defense and make her magic damage significantly more effective.
Mobile Legends Kagura Guide - Skills, Attributes, Builds, and More

Optional Items 

  • Blood Wings – In late-game situations, Blood Wings can be a good item to enhance the magic power of Kagura in addition to extra HP that makes her sustain longer and deal more damage. 
  • Magic Necklace – The Magic Necklace’s anti-regen passive effect can be very helpful in team fights in cases where the enemy team includes more than one lifesteal hero in their lineup. 
  • Winter Truncheon – As Kagura is quite a squishy hero, burst damage dealers like Hayabusa, Gusion, and Vale can be a threat to her. However, with the help of Winter Truncheon’s passive, she can make herself immune to damage and save herself from any potential damage. 

Pro Gameplay Tips for Kagura in Mobile Legends 

Kagura performs best in mid-and late-game but struggles to deal damage in the early game. Make sure you use her long-range skills as much as possible in the early game to keep poking the enemy from a safe distance. 

This will allow you to gain a farming advantage in your preferred lane. We’ve broken down the entire game structure into three phases i.e., early, mid, and late. Let’s see how you can rock the entire game using kagura in all three phases: 

Early Game 

Begin the game by purchasing your preferred boots and head towards the mid-lane to clear the first wave of Minions. You should also use your umbrella in this phase to give vision to your allies and help them gain Lithowinder early in the game, 

As you reach the second level, you can start using your second skill to exert stun on enemies and gain an advantage over ganks in the early game. Once you have finished building the boots, start building Lightning Trunchecon next. 


You cannot expect to deal a good amount of damage in such an early stage, so keep your focus more on squishy heroes as of now. 

Mid Game 

Once you have successfully made Lightning Truncheon, you should focus on increasing the damage of its passive by building the Clock of Destiny next. As soon as you get these two core items, you should be able to deal a decent amount of damage.

You can also easily kill squishy enemies in the backline who don’t have enough HP. 

Late Game 

If you manage to slay some enemies by now or even get some assists, then you should be able to get the third item for Kagura – the Holy Crystal. Having three core items in her inventory will allow Kagura to play a bit aggressively now. 

She can easily haunt down Mages and off-positioned marksmen now. You should also purchase Genius Wand, as it is currently a highly popular pick for Kagura in the meta. Lastly, you can choose to build any of these four items – Divine glaive, Blood wings, Magic necklace, or Winter truncheon. 


Moreover, as stated above, Kagura can give vision to her teammates with the help of her umbrella, so it can be very helpful when taking down the turtle or lord in the late game. Once you have built all the core items, sell the boots and get immortality. 

Best Skill Combos for Kagura 

Begin by throwing Kagura’s umbrella toward your preferred enemy and cast ultimately to activate the first phase of her damage-dealing capability while instantly resetting the cooldown for her first skill. 

Then, you should quickly reposition her umbrella as per your enemy and hit the “Rasho Umbrella” to teleport to the enemy and give them a stun. Ensure you also hit your enemy with the second phase of your ultimate afterward. 

Lastly, use the first stage of her ultimate (with umbrella) to finish the combo. As the second phase of her ultimate comes with a short delay, she can easily use both the phases of her ultimate continuously to hit a perfect combo on her enemy. 

Best Partner for Kagura in Mobile Legends 

Kagura partners well with tanks. It is highly recommended to pair her with deadly CC tanks like Atlas, Johnson, and Tigreal. However, choosing the right partner entirely depends on her playstyle. Mostly, players tend to play Kagura aggressively right from the beginning. 


Bottom Line 

Kagura is one of the heroes with a diverse set of abilities that can be used in various situations. She’s a great pick for ranked games and a dominating character in the current meta. We hope this guide helped you know more about this hero and hopefully master it in no time. 

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