Dead Space Remake Features a New Alternative Ending, Advance Suit & More

Dead Space
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In the Gaming Industry, it’s not surprising anymore to see titles getting Remaster or Remake. This has slowly become the new normal nowadays; every year, there’s remaster or remake of popular video games.


As we’ve already got the Last of Us Part 1 remake, the Final Fantasy VII remake, and the Shutter remaster, it’s time for another classic video game remake which is the (20008’s) Dead Space, which is launching tomorrow to start off the list of remake/remaster titles for 2023.

The classic Dead Space is a Science Fiction Horror franchise that was developed by Visceral Games and Produced by Electronics Art.

This is just the starting, of course, as some of the title remakes that will be coming out this year include Like a Dragon, System Shock, and Resident Evil 4, and It looks like 2023 is turning out to be a good year for the players who are looking forward to playing these remake/remaster titles.

Dead Space
Dead Space Isaac Necromorphs

Anyway, Coming back to the Dead Space remake, which has already created a buzz among fans. Now According to a tweet by the official Dead Space Twitter account, the game will have the New Game Plus at launch, which includes a Level 6 Advanced Suit, a New Phantom variant Necromorphs, and a Secret Ending to it, which was not in the original classic.

For those unaware, the New Game Plus will only be available once the players have completed the title, and then the player will be able to save all the progress that they have made, although to take advantage of this feature, players must complete the title once.


With that being said, the players will have to play the game twice, which can become tiresome as players would have been happy to get to the ending once they complete the title the first time, but at last, old players will have something new to look forward to.

Well, an achievement-tracking website, true trophies, got hold of the trophy that unlocks the new secret ending, and the name of the trophy is Reunion. This gives it away to players familiar with the Dead Space trilogy and its story. Fortunately, the ending is still a mystery, so that’s a relief.

As we learned above, Isaac Clark, the protagonist, will have the new iconic space suit, and there will be new monsters as well, like the Phantom variant Necromorphs, to contend with, and the protagonist gets the voice too in this remake.

The Dead Space Remake has been made up from the ground up with the new gaming engine, which provides a more fluid gameplay experience as the action will take place without the camera cuts or the loading screens, thus adding to the sense of overall immersion as per developers.

Dead Space
Dead Space GamePlay

Well, after the failure of the Calisto Protocol on being the successor to the franchise. With no major change to the story and new modern graphics thus leading fans to expect big from the Dead Space video game.


Dead Space is launching tomorrow and will be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5, and the PC.

Are you excited to play the Dead Space remake? Let us know in the comment section below.

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