DreamHack Plans to Host 12 Different Tournaments During the Schedule of the FGC

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DreamHack Atlanta is about to take place in the coming week, with major events like DHSC2 Masters and MTG taking away the majority of the press. There are certain DreamHack-title games as well that have become mainstream in recent years.


The FCG offerings at DreamHack are expanding, and Atlanta plans to take it even further. There are around twelve different tournaments planned to draw some of the finest competition-mates in a team and make them compete in numerous races.

Dreamhack Atlanta

Match Against Atlanta to Be Held This Summer

As DreamHack Atlanta is a cross-esports major, it takes care of several aspects of the competitive gaming horizon.

The event includes tournaments involving several different titles and games, but a large proportion is dedicated to the fighting genre.

It also has several huge sponsors backing up the event, including Monster Energy, Intel, and more. This makes it possible for the organizers to arrange a prize pool of $39,000, which is certainly impressive for an event of this magnitude.

The combat games in the event are said to take place from November 18 to 20 at Georgia’s World Congress. Here’s a rundown of all the tournaments that fans can expect to take place at DreamHack Atlanta:

Dreamhack Atlanta
Dreamhack Atlanta

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Smash Bros

The Smash Bros tournament at DreamHack consists of several big titles, with prize pools of $22,500 for Melee Singles, $10,000 for Ultimate, and $1000 for Doubles. However, there are some slight changes in the tournament this year.

DreamHack events will be part of the Panda Global Circuit, which is a series of tournaments that lead to the Panda Global Invitational.

The top two non-qualified players at this DreamHack event will have the chance to win at the Panda Global Finale.

Some of the best players in the world will be there, including DDee, Jake, ApolloKage, and Anathema.


For Melee, the prize pool is smaller than for Brawl, but the event will still be exciting. DH’s Atlanta will award two invitations to the Panda Cup finale.

The Guilty Gear

Five thousand dollars are up for grabs at DreamHack Atlanta’s Guilty Gear tournament, where some of the best players in the game will be competing in a double-elimination bracket. While there are still other games being played, like GTA, this is not a big game.

Tekken 7

As one of the premier franchises in competitive fighting games, Tekken is a mainstay at DreamHack’s fight game tournaments.

The Tekken 7 tournament at DreamHack Austin 2017 is very exciting! This tournament is another double-eligible event – meaning it offers over two thousand dollars in prize money.

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V is getting some new characters, including a playable version of the classic character Akuma.


There are also plenty of good players to watch out for at tournaments, including Justakid, Magnegro, lizardman, and Teiga.

King of Fighters XV

There is a 1500-dollar prize pool for King of Fighters, the same as Street Fighter. We can expect to see players like Kizzie Kay, FKan, Boomcube, and Teiga competing at the 2nd DreamHack Plays event in Atlanta.

Ultimate Marvel

Over the last two decades, it’s likely that the team’s top five players have competed in this title. There is the same $11.5K prize here, and you can watch some of these players fight it out.

Guilty Gear RD 2

The second Guilty Gear tournament will feature $1,500 in prize money and a double-elimination format. Hotashi, Kizzie Kay, and Solstice have also signed up for the event.

DNF Duel

The DNF Duel is the other ARCSYS game at DreamHack in Atlanta. The prize pool is $1,500 or more. Teiga is competing in this game with others.


The player is pretty skinny, but he could pull off something impressive if he doesn’t perform well at all of them.

Rushdown Revolt

Rushdown Revolt is likely the most senior game in the competition. The game has been out for a year and was fairly quiet during that time, but its Smash Bros-style platform fighter is focused on combos and combinations. This smaller game can be fun for fighting fans.

Dreamhack Atlanta

So, these were all the events happening at DreamHack Atlanta. The fighting games are going to be the biggest part of this competition, and players can expect to find a wide range of games on show at the tournament.

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