Where Can I Find the Cargo Manifest for the MW2 DMZ Piracy Mission?


  • The MW2 DMZ Piracy mission in Crown’s tier one category requires players to board a cargo ship at Hafid Port, locate and obtain the crucial shipment manifest, and ensure a safe extraction from the ship.
  • The mission involves facing challenging obstacles, including hostile bots and potential interference from other players, making careful planning and preparation essential for success.
  • Obtaining the shipment manifest is crucial for completing the operation and earning XP and blueprint prizes, but failing to extract the manifest and dying before doing so will require restarting the entire mission.
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You’ve come to the right blog if you’re looking for the cargo manifest for the MW2 DMZ Piracy mission. In this post, we’ll point you in the direction of the most trustworthy sources and ways to obtain the coveted cargo manifest.


We’ve got you covered, whether you’re a gamer looking for an advantage or simply interested in the mission’s secrets. Let’s examine the whereabouts of the MW2 DMZ Piracy mission’s cargo manifest.

MW2 DMZ Piracy mission Where to find the shipping manifest

Find the Cargo Manifest for the MW2 DMZ Piracy Mission

If you’re looking for the shipping manifest for the MW2 DMZ Piracy mission, an important plot mission in Crown’s tier one category, I can help you out. To those who aren’t aware, the ultimate goal of this operation is to board a ship and acquire crucial papers.

Since its release in November of last year, the MW2 DMZ mode has grown in popularity and proven to be a great addition to the game. It’s even gotten new content for the second season, with more missions to perform for XP and blueprint prizes.

If you want to participate in these missions and earn XP and blueprint prizes, you should know where to get the cargo manifest for the MW2 DMZ Piracy operation.

Where Can I Find the Cargo Manifest for the MW2 DMZ Piracy Mission? 1

In the task “MW2 DMZ Piracy,” you will face three major goals. To begin, travel to Hafid Port, which is located on the western side of the Al Mazrah map. Your mission once there is to board the cargo ship parked at the port. The cargo ship is well-marked, making it easy to find.


Your next mission after boarding the ship is to find and obtain the shipment manifest. This paper contains critical information that must be gathered in order for the operation to be successful. However, be prepared for a difficult mission ahead, as you’ll face countless bots and maybe meddling from other players.

The final step is to extract the shipment manifest. With the paperwork in your possession, you must guarantee a safe evacuation from the cargo ship. This element of the endeavor necessitates meticulous planning and preparation. Before beginning this trip, it is best to stock up on the required materials and equipment.

So first, board the cargo ship at Hafid Port, secure the shipping manifest, and successfully retrieve it. Take notice of the mission’s difficulty level, which includes hostile bots as well as possible player intervention. Before embarking on this difficult task, ensure that you have appropriately prepared and gathered arms and resources.

Where Can I Find the Cargo Manifest for the MW2 DMZ Piracy Mission? 2

When you get to the ship and begin the furious combat, your primary goal is to reach the top of the ship’s bridge, which is located in the southern part. Your destination is on the third floor of the bridge, hidden behind metal shelves—the exact location where you will locate the desired shipment manifest.

Once the shipping manifest has been properly obtained, it is critical to prioritize quick evacuation to the designated exfiltration location. Failing to accomplish so and dying before obtaining the paperwork would mean redoing the entire task. Completing this extraction as soon as possible guarantees that you earn your well-deserved prizes and that the task is properly completed.


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