Halo Infinite Keeps Crashing? Here’s What You Can Do About It!

Halo Infinite
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Halo Infinite takes a light-hearted approach to combat, putting the player in control of a customized super-soldier, who can easily dispatch enemies ala “Halo 5” while also taking time to explore the depths of the galaxy.


It’s challenging to put down a controller after watching the Master Chief wilt under an alien brute’s blue pulsating laser sword.

In a moment of frustration, you can hear the squealing voice of an alien creature say “I get dibs on the war-strife’s helmet!”

Though Halo Infinite tries to be serious sometimes, its moments of solemnity often feel clunky and out of place given the series’ roots in science fiction. Fortunately, when “Halo Infinite” embraces its inherent campiness.

With its cheesy dialogue and weird plot points about one man’s relationships with female AI holograms — it becomes a pulpy, timeless addition to the pantheon of space opera fantasy.

However, many players have reported some issues, hindering their gameplay experience.


If you’re playing Halo Infinite on PC, there’s a chance the game will freeze at the beginning or randomly crash during a match.

This is especially frustrating when the game freezes or crashes just before you get a kill or when you’re about to launch into a particularly fun round.

Fortunately, we have some solutions to help fix these crash issues with the game.

How To Fix if Halo Infinite Keeps Crashing

Halo Infinite

#1. Verify The Integrity of Your Game Files 

One of the first things you can do to fix the Halo Infinite crashing issue is to verify your game files. This way, if anything is corrupted or missing, it will be restored right away.

To do this, make sure you have Steam installed and follow the steps given below:

  • Open your Steam client and go to LIBRARY, then right-click Halo Infinite and select Properties.
  • On the left side of the new window, select LOCAL FILES. Then click Verify integrity of game files, and wait for the process to complete.
Halo Infinite Keeps Crashing

Once done, restart Halo Infinite and check if the issue persists.

#2. Disable In-Game Overlays 

In-game overlays allow the platform or app to track your achievements and purchases, and it’s a handy feature—but there are also reports that it could be crashing Halo Infinite. You can try disabling this feature and see if things go any better for you.

People have reported that disabling in-game overlays can help you get past the crashing issue, which is worth a shot if you haven’t already tried it. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Open Steam and click LIBRARY at the top of your screen.
  • Right-click Halo Infinite and select Properties from the drop-down menu.
  • Uncheck the box next to Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game.
Halo Infinite Keeps Crashing

Now check if you can play Halo Infinite normally. If the game still continues to crash, consider following the other solutions given below.

#3. Update Graphics Drivers on Your PC 

There are a few reasons you might be experiencing crashes while playing Halo Infinite, but one of the most common is related to your graphics driver. This could be due to a bug in the driver or an outdated version of the driver.


Fortunately, there is a pretty simple fix for this problem. Gamers aren’t the only ones who are anticipating the release of Halo infinite—the two major GPU manufacturers had already rolled out new drivers just in time for the beta launch.

So, if you don’t know if you have the latest graphics driver installed, now is a great time to find out.

The first step is to visit the website of your GPU manufacturer: NVIDIA or AMD. From there, you will want to download and install the latest (correct) installer for your card.

This means that you need to get an installer for your specific model and version of GPU—there are generally several different versions of drivers for each card, so make sure that you get the one that’s right for you.

Although, you can visit the Windows Device Manager to detect and update the driver as well.

Halo Infinite Keeps Crashing

#4. Eliminate Conflicting Programs 

There are a few different things that could be causing Halo Infinite to crash on your PC. Some players have reported that the game doesn’t work well with a few hardware-monitoring tools.

If you have software like MSI Afterburner or Razer Synapse installed, this could be causing issues with your game.

You can try closing these programs and see if it helps. A few players have also said that they’ve had fewer crashes when they don’t use a controller to play the game.

It’s possible that there’s a conflict between your controller and the game that is leading to crashes.

We recommend trying playing with your keyboard and mouse instead of controllers.


#5. Disable Fullscreen Optimization (For Win 10 Users Only) 

If Halo Infinite is crashing on your Windows computer, one thing you can try is to disable Fullscreen Optimizations.

This feature in Windows 10 should theoretically improve the performance of Fullscreen apps, but sometimes it has the opposite effect and crashes the game.

This simple fix may resolve the issue for you. Here’s how:

  • Open your Steam client and go to LIBRARY. Then, right-click Halo Infinite and select Properties.
  • On the left, select LOCAL FILES. Then click Browse.
  • Right-click on the Halo Infinite launcher and select Property.
  • In the pop-up window, check the box before Disable Fullscreen optimizations. Next click Change high DPI settings.
  • Under High DPI scaling override, check the box next to Override high DPI scaling behavior. Then click OK to save the changes.
Halo Infinite Keeps Crashing

Now restart your game and check the gameplay. If this trick doesn’t give you luck, simply try the next one.

#6. Update Your Operating System 

The easiest way to fix Halo Infinite crashing is to check for system updates. Windows 10/11 offers system updates regularly, which usually improves system stability and sometimes in-game performance.


Normally it’s an automated process, but you can also check to make sure you have all the patches:

  • On your keyboard, press Win + I (the Windows logo key and the I key) to open the Windows Settings app.
  • Click ‘Update & Security.’
  • Click ‘Check for updates.’
  • If available, install the update right away.
Halo Infinite Keeps Crashing

Lastly, just reboot your PC and check if the issue has been resolved or not.

#7. Check The Game’s DLC 

If you are experiencing frequent crashing in Halo Infinite’s beta, you might try disabling one of the game’s DLCs.

Users have discovered that the Multiplayer High-Res Textures DLC is causing performance issues, so you can try toggling it on and off and see if it makes a difference.

  • Open your Steam client and go to LIBRARY. Right-click Halo Infinite and select Properties.
  • In the left pane, select DLC. Uncheck the box before Multiplayer High-Res Textures. Then restart your game.
Halo Infinite Keeps Crashing

Although you may notice some changes in your game’s graphics after doing these changes, disabling this particular DLC should help you get rid of the issue in no time.


Bottom Line 

Halo Infinite is a well-designed game, but it’s not completely without its flaws.

There are some bugs and issues that you might come across while playing the game and we hope that this article has provided you with a potential solution.

If you’re unable to find a solution on your own, you can also contact the support team at Halo Waypoint.

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