How to Build Alien Containment in Subnautica?

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Want to know how to build Alien Containment in Subnautica? If so, you’ve reached the right place. Here you’ll find out everything you need to know about Alien Containment in Subnautica.


Subnautica is a video game that blends survival exploration, adventure, and role-playing elements. It is set nearly entirely underwater.

In this game, if the player crashes on an alien ocean planet, he must collect resources from the environment and fight living creatures to survive.

You can craft everything from vehicles to underwater bases in this game. There is one object that new players might overlook: the Alien Containment fishbowl. 

How to Build Alien Containment in Subnautica

The Alien Containment is a large, cylindrical aquarium that can be filled with 4546B’s Fauna that has been caught or hatched by Robin Ayou. You can build it by using the Habitat Builder inside a Multipurpose Room or a Large Room.

In this blog, I’m going to discuss how to Build Alien Containment in Subnautica that will keep your underwater world safe.


Without further ado, let’s get started!

How To Build Alien Containment In Subnautica?

How to Build Alien Containment in Subnautica

In the Subnautica game, the player has to build Alien containment to keep the Aliens inside. Building Alien containment is not difficult but it requires some materials that can be hard to find.

To build the Alien Containment, you’ll need two things: materials and a blueprint. 

  • x5 Glass: Glass is a material that is crafted with the Fabricator. Some Seabase modules, like Glass Compartments and Alien Containments, and some Tools are created with it. 
  • x2 Titanium: Titanium is a raw material heavily used for crafting. This is the primary material for crafting almost all Alterra technology, including Equipment, Tools, Vehicles, and Seabase modules. 

This material is one of the earliest game materials. By harvesting Limestone Outcrops, crafting this raw material from Metal Salvage, or scanning fragments for blueprints, you can obtain this raw material.

It’s important to remember that you can only build your aquarium inside the Multipurpose Room of a Seabase. Grab the Habitat Builder and the Alien Containment as soon as you’ve finished building the module.


You’ll need to build a Hatch on one of the sides of the Alien Containment to enter it. You will need x1 Quartz, x2 Titanium, and the Habitat Builder to craft a Hatch.

You can find the Alien Containment blueprint inside the data box. Usually, you can find these boxes in Degasi Seabases, sunk life pods, and wrecks from the Aurora.

After building a Hatch on the side of the Alien Containment, you can enter the Alien Containment and release caught fish into it. In addition to edible fish, non-edible fish are added through the use of their eggs.

In a Large Room, the Alien Containment takes up two of the central floor spots, for creating a tank that is about twice as large as one created in a Multipurpose Room.

This is a large room that can hold two extra-large alien containments. The rooms will still stack as usual if they are built into stacked Large Rooms and can be entered via a hatch. Despite their greater size, they do not support a larger fish population at present.


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What Are The Uses Of A Alien Containment In Subnautica?

When an aquarium is placed in an underwater base that’s in an ocean world, it’s not only a fun concept (it’s almost like a pool within a pool), but it could also be really handy for scanning aggressive fauna or having an unlimited supply of certain species.

The following are all the uses of Alien Containment:

As A Breeding Ground

How to Build Alien Containment in Subnautica

In Subnautica, you can breed creatures by placing creatures of the same species inside an Alien Containment.

You can place edible fauna (such as Peepers) in the Alien Containment, and they will multiply as you breed them. This is a great way to secure a nearby source of food for your character.


There is a limit of 10 creatures per aquarium in Alien Containment when breeding. When you add more creatures after the maximum amount has been reached, some fish will die to make room for the new ones. 

If you wish, you can stack Alien Containments on top of each other for an increased maximum number of creatures.

As An Incubator

How to Build Alien Containment in Subnautica

You can spot creature eggs scattered across the different biomes of Subnautica’s game world if you pay attention while exploring it.

If you look at its shape and colors, you may be able to determine the creature to which it belongs. Until the egg hatches, the game will not reveal its species.

If you find an egg, you should grab it and place it inside the Alien Containment. The eggs will take some time to hatch (about three to five days in-game depending on the species).


After hatching, the creature will eventually grow to full size. You can either leave the creature in the aquarium to continue laying eggs (if the area contains others of its species) or release it into open water.

Once the creatures hatch, you also can use them as fuel for your Bioreactor.

An aggressive creature who hatches in the Alien Containment will not attack the player. Using this method, you can scan the creature without fear of being hurt by it.

Although, some species, such as ampeels and crabsquids, will be just as dangerous, even if raised in an aquarium.

Furthermore, one species is not found in the wild, but you can see it when you hatch its egg using the Alien Containment. This is the Cuddlefish. When this adorable creature hatches, it will be your faithful companion, playing with you or following you around.


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As An Underwater Farm

How to Build Alien Containment in Subnautica

In addition to fauna, you can also grow plants in the Alien Containment to set up your own private farm. Using this method allows you to grow a wider variety of plants than those grown in the Exterior Growbed.

Remember that certain flora such as the Tiger Plants will attack certain creatures if they are within an Alien Containment. Additionally, some types of flora, like Creepvines and Bloodvines, cannot grow unless you stack Alien Containers.

Best Species To Keep In An Alien Containment

How to Build Alien Containment in Subnautica

Although you can put most of Subanautica’s creatures inside Alien Containment, you should decide which ones to place in it and which will be more useful. As an example:

  • Reginald: Reginald fish provide the most food units out of all edible fish species (44 to be exact), so it is a good choice to breed. It also produces 490 energy for the Bioreactor, a  highly efficient source of fuel.
  • The Bladderfish: Although it’s not the best of all edible fish, this fish is both a food and water source. Furthermore, eating this species raw will provide you with 15 units of oxygen. The Bladderfish supplies 210 energy to the Bioreactor. 
  • Oculus: By providing 630 energy, this species is the most useful for the Bioreactor.

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Why Should You Build An Alien Containment?

There are many reasons why you should build an alien containment. It is required for the game and in order to progress, you need an alien containment.

It’s also important for your safety. If you don’t build Alien containment, they could escape and cause havoc on your base.

It’s important to have an Alien containment for a few reasons: First of all, it keeps Aliens from destroying your base and setting up a store, which would be annoying.

Secondly, it keeps them from terrorizing the local fish (who are innocent bystanders in all of this). Finally, building an Alien containment is a lot of fun. So why should you not want one? Go for it and build one!

How Many Creatures Can I Have In An Alien Containment?

An Alien Containment allows you to keep ten creatures per aquarium. Some fish will die to make space for the new ones if you add more creatures after the maximum has been reached. By stacking Alien Containments on top of each other, you can contain more creatures.


Conclusion | How To Build Alien Containment In Subnautica

As you can see above, I’ve explained how to build Alien Containment in Subnautica and I hope you found this article helpful.

If you want to put things into an Alien containment, you have to build a hatch on it, enter it, drop eggs, release caught fish directly into it, or plant something by manipulating the earth the same way you would a normal planting spot.

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comment box below and I will be happy to help!

Thanks for reading!

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