[Solved]Why is My Xbox Controller Blinking?

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The popularity of video games keeps growing with every passing day, and the effects of this inflation can be seen in the market too.


You’ll find an increased variety of gaming consoles in the market today’s time. Among these is the Xbox, one of the most popular gaming consoles and also a durable one as well.

Despite being robust, they aren’t necessarily compatible with other technology. The controller’s LEDs can start blinking or flashing at random points throughout the game.

While the battery is running low, when the Xbox controller is attempting to connect to your Tv or PC, its light will flash. Though if the light flashes repeatedly or if the power button won’t stay firm, this could be a problem.

Xbox Controller Blinking

Now you might wonder what’s causing the controller to malfunction.

The issue could be caused by a variety of factors, such as recent firmware updates, network issues, and more which I’ve discussed in this article, along with some possible solutions for the same.


So if you are experiencing a similar problem, you’ve wandered to the right place.

Why is my Xbox Controller Blinking?

A regular gamer would relate to the annoyance you feel when your controller starts acting weird mid-gaming sessions interrupting the whole game.

Whether you are using the new Xbox series controller or the Xbox one controller, you’d notice the light blinking often.

Your Xbox controller is attempting to connect to a console or PC if the lights are blinking rapidly, while if it’s blinking slowly, it is an indication of the battery pack malfunctioning.

While various reasons might cause your Xbox controller to blink/flash, the main causes include:

  • The poor or lost connection between the console and controller. Try reconnecting, and the blinking will most likely stop.
  • Depleting the battery of the controller. You can easily recharge your controller by connecting it to the power source, and the blinking will stop.
  • Faulty controller. For this, you’d need to contact Microsoft for assistance to stop the blinking.
  • Interference or obstruction from other Bluetooth devices or cellphones blocking the path.
  • Issues with the controller components, such as USB cables, power supply, etc.

Xbox Controller Blinking. How to Fix?

Now that we have covered the issues that can cause your Xbox controller to blink abnormally, let’s proceed to look at how to troubleshoot these issues.

Check to See That Your Controller is Paired and Within Range 

More times than you’d expect, the culprit behind your controller blinking is pairing issues.

Your wireless Xbox controller has a range of 19 to 28 feet, till which it can maintain a connection; past this range, your controller will most likely unpair automatically. This range reduces if your console has walls around it or is facing the opposite direction.

Due to problems with pairing, you might notice that your Xbox controller is blinking or flashing. This may be because it’s out of reach of the console or already paired with another console.

You can try to pair your controller once more to ensure that it can connect to the console properly.


To do so,

  • Press the Pair button on your Xbox.
Xbox Controller Blinking
  • Press the pair button on the controller within 20 seconds.
Xbox Controller Blinking
  • Your console and controller will now pair.

Check the controller’s Bluetooth connection to another system if it does not pair with your console.

In case your Xbox system was the last device used with your controller, you can reconnect it by double pressing the coupling button.

Additionally, you can view the number of paired controllers you have with your console 

Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the console’s settings.
  • Select Devices and connections.
  • Click on the Accessories menu.

Here you’ll find all the paired controllers to your console.

With Xbox One, you can pair up to eight controllers.

Check if your controller is present in the paired list; if not, sync one of the paired controllers to another device to free up a pairing slot.

In case your controller is connected to some other Bluetooth device like a PC or mobile phone, first, disconnect from there.

To do so,

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on the Bluetooth and devices option.
  • Find your controller in the list of devices and remove it.

Reconnecting the Console and Cables

Sometimes the most basic sounding solutions are the best at resolving your problem. By plugging and unplugging the console from its cable, you might be able to resolve your controller problems.

Follow the steps below to ensure your network connection and console are I’m good working order:

  • Remove the cable from your console and check both the console port and cable connector for any debris or dirt. Clean if present and reconnect them as before, making sure the connection is solid.
  • Unplug the router’s network cable. Check for debris and dirt on the socket and connector. Turn on all networking equipment and reattach wires.
  • Connect your console and modem straight to your modem instead of your network to test their functionality.  
  • Reset the internet connection and see if the router connects.

If the router’s connection test is unsuccessful, it may be due to broken hardware or firmware.

Form a Wired Connection Instead Of a Wireless

If the Bluetooth pairing doesn’t work you can try connecting your Xbox controller to the console using a micro USB cable.

Xbox Controller Blinking

This might help you get rid of the blinking and flashing and, at the same time, charge your Xbox controller.


Charging your controller could also end up solving the blinking problem.

Power Up Your Xbox Controller 

The slow blinking light on your Xbox controller could be an indication of its slow-dying battery life.

Your controller’s signal will be feeble if your battery is low.

Now you can either charge up your old batteries or put in new ones to stop the blinking on your controller.

There are a few different ways to recharge your controllers’ batteries. You can use a micro USB cable, a Play and Charge kit, or a power bank. 


In case the light is blinking even though the batteries are fully charged, remove the batteries and wait 15 seconds before replacing them to see if the problem is resolved.

When changing old batteries, use standard AA batteries to replace them. You can take these batteries out of the controller and recharge them.

Steps to replace your Xbox controllers battery:

  • Flip the controller backward and push the battery cover in the direction of the arrow on the back.
Xbox Controller Blinking
  • Carefully place the batteries according to the “+” and “” symbols.
Xbox Controller Blinking
  • After charging and replacing the batteries, put the battery cover back on.

You can check the battery percentage of your controller on the screen, just hit the Xbox button, and you’ll see it in the top right corner.

Restart your Xbox Console

If the problem does not resolve with a battery change or on pairing again, you might want to go the old ways.


Restarting your Xbox console can help fix the issue of the blinking Xbox controller.

To restart your Xbox,

  • Long press the Power button on the console.
  • This will turn off your Xbox console. Now unplug the power cable
  • Wait for 20 minutes before plugging the power cable back in.
  • Check to see if the Xbox controller is still blinking or not.

Firmware Updates 

Outdated firmware can cause your controller to malfunction, so it is important to keep your Xbox systems software updated. Properly updated software improves your controller’s efficiency and connectivity.

You can update your controller’s firmware using two methods.

Wireless firmware update


The newer controllers can only be updated wirelessly.

  • Using the Xbox key navigate to the settings menu.
  • Select the Devices and Connection option.
  • Here select the Accessories option.
  • Click on the three dots present to check for firmware updates.
  • If any updates are present choose the firmware version and follow the prompted instructions.

Update using USB 

All the controllers other than the newer ones need a USB for firmware updates.

  • Insert the USB cable into the Xbox USB port 
  • Now connect the USB cable to the controller and keep it connected for the update.

Contact Xbox Support 

If, after following all the mentioned troubleshooting steps, your Xbox controller continues to blink, the controller may be damaged. In such a case you can turn to Xbox support for some professional help and get your controller repaired. 

You might also be able to get your controller replaced if it’s under warranty period; take it to the Xbox service center and proceed as told.



Why is my Xbox controller blinking/flashing but not connecting?

If your Xbox controller is not connecting, but the light keeps blinking, it could be due to some other interference in the path due to another Bluetooth device nearby. Try disconnecting from there and reconnecting. You can also restart the console to fix the issue.

What to do if my Xbox controller starts blinking when connected to a PC?

The reason your Xbox controller blinks while trying to pair to your PC is probably cause it’s not pairing properly. You can directly connect it by clicking on your Xbox controller in the PC’s device list.


Xbox controller’s light blinking might not be the worst problem you come across, but it still hinders your perfect gaming experience. 

In this article, I’ve mentioned all possible solutions that can resolve this issue.

If this fails to work for you, it’d be wise to contact Xbox support for professional help.

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