How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Out of Memory Error?


  1. It has been reported that some players have experienced Hogwarts Legacy Out of Video Memory errors.
  2. It is very common for Hogwarts Legacy to display an out-of-video memory error, which occurs when the GPU has trouble rendering the maps.
  3. Luckily, we have some fixes mentioned further in this article.
Hogwarts Legacy
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It is an action role-playing video game that is recently released. In the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, players can explore Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in an open-world environment.


Despite the game’s popularity, some players have reported having out-of-video-memory errors. This comprehensive article will guide how to fix the Hogwarts Legacy Out of Memory errors.

Understanding Video Memory

A graphics processing unit (GPU) uses video memory (also known as VRAM) to store and access data related to video and graphics.

To render Hogwarts Legacy properly, the GPU must store textures, models, and other assets in VRAM. It may cause the game to crash or experience performance issues if enough VRAM is unavailable.

Hogwarts Legacy Out of Memory Error

Reason Behind The Out of Video Memory Hogwarts Legacy Error

In Hogwarts Legacy, a video memory (VRAM) error occurs when the game cannot allocate enough memory for the graphics. Images and videos are rendered using VRAM memory. This memory is meant to be used separately from your main memory (RAM).

Several factors determine how much VRAM a game requires to render graphics, such as the complexity of the graphics, the resolution, and the quality settings. In some games, you might encounter out-of-video memory errors if your graphics card does not have enough video memory.


There are cases when outdated graphics drivers, overheating systems, or a lack of graphics card power can cause out-of-video memory errors.

To prevent these errors, you must ensure your system meets the game’s minimum requirements and that all drivers and hardware are up-to-date.

How to Fix the Hogwarts Legacy Out-of-Video Memory Error

So, here are some fixes that will help you resolve the out-of-memory Hogwarts Legacy error:

Check System Requirements

It is essential to ensure that your PC meets the Hogwarts Legacy minimum requirements before attempting to fix out-of-video memory errors.

Check the game’s official website or platform for more information on the system requirements. In order to resolve performance issues, you may need to upgrade your hardware if your system does not meet the minimum requirements.


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Reduce Graphics Settings

It is possible that reducing the graphics settings in Hogwarts Legacy may help resolve any errors caused by out-of-video memory.

To reduce the amount of VRAM needed to render the game, lower texture quality, shadow quality, and anti-aliasing.

In contrast, lowering graphics settings can also affect gameplay performance and visual quality.

Allocate More Virtual Memory

You may need to allocate more virtual memory if reducing graphics settings does not resolve out-of-video memory errors in Hogwarts Legacy.


You can use virtual memory whenever your system runs out of RAM (Random Access Memory) to store temporary information.

Windows normally manages virtual memory automatically, but you can also manually increase the memory allocation. You can do this by following these guidelines:

  • Initially, search the Start menu for “advanced system settings.”
  • Select “View advanced system settings.”
  • Go to the “Advanced” tab, then click on “Settings” under “Performance.”
Virtual Memory - Hogwarts Legacy Out of Memory Error
  • On the “Advanced” tab, click “Change” under “Virtual memory.”
Virtual Memory - Hogwarts Legacy Out of Memory Error
  • Then, ensure the “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” option is unchecked.
  • If you want to use custom sizes, select the C: drive as your system drive and choose “Custom Size.”
  • You should increase the initial and maximum sizes to a value higher than what is currently being allocated. Your system’s RAM should be 1.5 times the recommended size.
Virtual Memory - Hogwarts Legacy Out of Memory Error

Update Graphics Card Drivers

It is also possible for Hogwarts Legacy to experience out-of-video memory errors if your graphics card drivers are outdated or corrupted.

Update Graphics Driver - Hogwarts Legacy Out of Memory Error

Updating your graphics card drivers to improve your game’s performance and stability can be beneficial. Download the latest drivers from your graphics card manufacturer’s website (AMD, Intel, Nvidia) or update the drivers via the device manager.

Close Background Programs

It is also possible to experience out-of-video memory errors when running multiple programs in the background in Hogwarts Legacy as a result of running multiple programs simultaneously.


It can improve game performance by shutting down unnecessary programs and processes. To close background programs:

  • Initially, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager.
  • Click on the “Processes” tab and sort by memory usage.
  • Identify any programs or processes using a significant amount of memory and close them by right-clicking and selecting “End task.”
Task Manager - End Task - Hogwarts Legacy Out of Memory Error

Clean Dust and Dirt from GPU

Overheating can result from dirt and dust collecting inside your computer case, affecting your GPU’s performance and causing out-of-video memory issues.

However, your computer case and GPU should be regularly cleaned to ensure proper airflow and cooling.

Moreover, compressed air or soft-bristled brushes can also clean your computer case’s GPU and other components.

Upgrade GPU

Whenever Hogwarts Legacy fails to run due to out-of-video memory, upgrading your GPU may be your only option.


In addition to providing additional VRAM, GPU upgrades can also improve game performance. It can be expensive to upgrade your GPU, and you may also need to replace your power supply or motherboard.

So, before upgrading your GPU, you should research and consult with a professional.

Some Additional Fixes:

  1. Disable overlays: Some overlays, such as Discord or Steam, can be resource hogs and adversely affect performance. When playing Hogwarts Legacy, disable all overlays.
  2. Lower screen resolution: You can reduce the VRAM you need for the game to run by reducing your screen resolution. Nevertheless, the image quality may suffer as a result.
  3. Update Windows: An old operating system can cause performance lags and game crashes. You should ensure your Windows is updated and patched with the latest updates.
  4. Disable Vsync: Keeping Vsync disabled may result in better performance, but it may also result in tearing on the screen. If this option does not work for you, try experimenting with another.
  5. Disable depth of field: These effects can wreak havoc on performance because they consume a lot of VRAM. To free up VRAM, disable this option on the settings menu.


It can be frustrating to experience out-of-video memory errors in Hogwarts Legacy, which can have a negative effect on gameplay.

You can improve game performance and resolve any out-of-video memory errors by following the steps outlined in this article.

So, that’s all we have for you. We hope that this guide has helped you. Meanwhile, if you need more help, comment below and let us know.


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