Top 10 Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods


  • The Harry Potter universe has always been popular, and the Hogwarts Legacy game is no exception.
  • Avalanche Software has developed the game, and it promises to take you on an immersive adventure like never before.
  • However, there is always room for improvement. And that is where mods come in.
Hogwarts Legacy
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You’ve landed on the right blog if you’re seeking the best Hogwarts Legacy mods. A comprehensive, immersive Hogwarts experience is what Portkey Games’ Harry Potter-themed game aims to provide for gamers. 


The Harry Potter universe has always been popular, and the Hogwarts Legacy game is no exception. The game takes you to Hogwarts, where you can experience the magic of the world of witchcraft and wizardry.

Avalanche Software has developed the game, and it promises to take you on an immersive adventure like never before.

Hogwarts Legacy Mods

However, there is always room for improvement. And that is where mods come in. Here are the top 10 best Hogwarts Legacy mods for 2023. 

Top 10 Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods

1. Arithmancy Mod

Arithmancy - Hogwarts Legacy Mods

Arithmancy is one of the best Hogwarts Legacy; if you’re having trouble entering the math-based entryways, you’ll probably need to use the Arithmancy mod.

You may quickly answer the equation and enter by adding a number to each symbol on the door problem.


2. Ascendio Mod

Ascendio - Hogwarts Legacy Mods

A big game like Hogwarts Legacy, unfortunately has certain issues. On both PC and console systems, many people have experienced a variety of problems.

Ascendio is a useful Hogwarts Legacy Mod for players in the first group who have had problems running Hogwarts Legacy. 

It makes some smart adjustments to the Unreal Engine to reduce stuttering and increase FPS. But this is a tried-and-true method that has enhanced many player experiences. Official changes from the developer would be better.

3. Arachnophobia Mod

Arachnophobia - Hogwarts Legacy Mods

Spider monsters of all unusual sizes may be discovered within caverns and close to the Forbidden Forest, which shouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve read or watched any Wizarding World material.

Even though they are straightforward foes, their excellent animation and ability to creep up walls and encircle the player are guaranteed to make some people cringe in terror.


These become innocuous boxes thanks to the Arachnophobia mod; otherwise, they still seem like a swarm of tiny cubes headed straight toward you.

4. Dot Reticle Mod

Dot Reticle - Hogwarts Legacy Mods

In Hogwarts Legacy, the aiming reticle is clearly visible. Although it is fashionable and has a mystical theme, its size is a little on the bigger side. Moreover, there is no way to alter or customize anything within the game.

A mod called Dot Reticle provides four lesser sizes and even the choice of having no reticle. It’s worth looking at pictures of each one to get a sense of the one you’d like because they all feel more natural.

5. Facial Hair Mod

Facial Hair - Hogwarts Legacy Mods

While you portray a young adult in Hogwarts Legacy, who is to say that you didn’t experience early puberty? Who will tell you that you can’t look dapper while saving the Wizarding World? Nobody, to be precise.

With the help of the Facial Hair mod, your Hogwarts character may age a bit by adding a variety of beards and other facial decorations.


6. Smaller UI Mod

Smaller UI - Hogwarts Legacy Mods

A lot of the Interface and text could be made smaller because they are now rather huge. Once more, there is no method to alter the size in-game. The solution is coming from a Smaller UI.

This patch modifies everything from the UI to the size of each menu and gives you three choices for how far you’d want to scale things down.

Cutting it down too far on larger screens is possible, so it’s wise to download a few selections and compare them.

7. Shrek Broom Mod

Shrek Broom - Hogwarts Legacy Mods

A must-have mod for everyone who wishes to include a little bit of the swamp into their Hogwarts Legacy experience.

Your broom turns into Shrek when you use the Shrek broom, as you might have guessed. When you tour Hogwarts’ surroundings on a huge, green flying ogre, spectators will gasp in pure envy.


8. The Elder Wand Mod

The Elder Wand - Hogwarts Legacy Mods

The Elder Wand is the most well-known and effective wand in existence. Who wouldn’t want their wand in Hogwarts Legacy to resemble it, even if it didn’t have the same powerful abilities?

By replacing your basic wand model with a replica, the Elder Wand mod accomplishes exactly that.

9. Hagrid Paintings Mod

Hagrid Paintings - Hogwarts Legacy Mods

For those of you who were dissatisfied by the answer to the question “Is Hagrid in Hogwarts Legacy?” This is one of the more helpful Hogwarts Legacy mods.

It’s not a hyper-realistic Robbie Coltrane, but a faithful replica of the PlayStation 1 fan favorite Hagrid, sharp angles and all, that Hagrid Paintings aims to add to many of the paintings sprinkled around the corridors of the wizarding school.

10. Silencio Mod 

Silencio - Hogwarts Legacy Mods

Broom travel is entertaining, but swift transit is considerably more expedient in the wide world because you don’t always have access to one.


Naturally, Floo Powder is the basis for rapid travel in the cosmos, and Ignatia Wildsmith, the creator, has a talking plaque at each site where fast travel is possible.

It won’t take you long to memorize every word of conversation she uses, even though she looks kind and justifiably proud of her innovation. Silent – Floor In order for you to fast-travel in silence and serenity, Lady Silencer silences her. 

These are 10 of the most popular and best Hogwarts Legacy mod 2023; now, let’s look at the common questions regarding the installation of Hogwarts Legacy Mods. 

How to Install Hogwarts Legacy Mods?

Since there are other ways to install Hogwarts Legacy mods, here is the one I prefer.

  1. Find a reliable website that hosts Hogwarts Legacy mods. Some popular sites include Nexus Mods and Mod DB.
  2. Download the mod file to your computer. Make sure to check that the mod is compatible with the version of the game you have.
  3. Extract the contents of the mod file to a folder.
  4. Locate the folder where Hogwarts Legacy is installed on your computer. The default installation directory is usually “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy.
  5. Look for a folder called “Data” or “Content” and open it.
  6. Create a new folder inside the “Data” or “Content” folder and name it “Mods.”
  7. Move the extracted files from the mod folder into the “Mods” folder.
  8. Launch the game and check if the mod is working correctly. If not, check the mod description for specific installation instructions.

Some mods may require additional software, such as a mod manager or script extender. Be sure to read the mod description carefully and follow any instructions provided. It is also recommended to back up your game files before installing any mods.


Wrapping it All

Since mods can cause issues on your device, installing mods from trusted sources is recommended to safeguard yourself from online attacks and malware.

I hope this article helped you choose 10 of the best Hogwarts Legacy mods to improve your gaming experience to the next level. 

If you find this article useful, consider sharing it with your friends looking for the best mods on Hogwarts Legacy, they will also use this article. Meanwhile, consider commenting on your favorite mods that you use while playing the game. 

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