3 Ways to Fix Modern Warfare Missing Data Pack Error

Call of Duty Modern Warfare
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To enjoy fast-paced action with adrenaline rushing and a lot of thrill, you need to feel the real struggle. It will give you a legit competitiveness and thrill.


All of it is not possible in a single-player mode. You would love to connect with multiple players worldwide to enjoy Modern Warfare the most.

So, when you try to play multiplayer mode, you cannot. You see a Modern Warfare missing data pack error. So, we have covered you all if you are wondering why it happens and how to resolve it. 

What Causes Modern Warfare Missing Data Pack Error?

Modern Warfare Missing Data Pack

A missing data pack error occurs when you don’t have a suitable data pack. As you encounter it during the multiplayer game mode, it’s related to that. 

The MW missing data pack error occurs after updating the game. You would have encountered the error after a Pacific update. Though developers are working on resolving the issue, it might take time.

This update uninstalls the multiplayer data pack; hence, playing MW online will be challenging. Therefore, you would not find any issue with the single-player mode, but multiplayer might cause several errors. 


In rare cases, it can also be that you have not purchased the Modern Warfare game leading to the problem.

Despite the issue, we have pretty simple and effective solutions for it. 

How to Fix Modern Warfare Missing Data Pack Error?

Depending upon the causes, there are three ways to resolve the missing data pack problem. You must check your game purchase or reinstall the missing packs manually or automatically. 

Let’s dig into the solutions in detail! 

Method 1: Ensure That You Have Bought Modern Warfare 

Warzone and Modern Warfare are pretty similar to each other. Most of the time, you encounter the issue because you have yet to buy the game. You confuse MW and Warzone and thus have the impression that it’s a free-to-play game. It’s noteworthy that Modern Warfare is not free. 


Hence you have to purchase it from the Microsoft Store or PlayStation store. So, if you have not bought the game, you will also encounter the Modern Warzone missing data pack error. So head over to buy the game. 

If you are sure you have purchased the game already, then you have to download the multiplayer data pack.

Method 2: Download Modern Warfare Multiplayer Data Pack 

By downloading the multiplayer data pack, your device will also install the missing data pack simultaneously. Thus, you can fix the Modern Warfare missing data pack error. 

Follow the steps given below to download the Modern Warfare Multiplayer data pack on your Xbox or PlayStation consoles:

  • Head over to Home, open Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and log in with your ID.
  • Click on the Manage Installs button at the bottom left of the screen.
Modern Warfare Missing Data Pack
  • The Game Installs menu will open, and the other will display the downloaded packs. 
  • Select every gaming pack which is not installed to download them.
Modern Warfare Missing Data Pack

If you find the process difficult, then you can follow it with a friendly GUI. There’s an alternative to this method:


Here’s how you can download the MW missing data pack easily:

  • Go to your console’s home screen, hover over Modern Warfare and press the Options button.
Modern Warfare Missing Data Pack
  • Select Manage game and add-ons from the drop-down menu.
Modern Warfare Missing Data Pack
  • In the next menu, click on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
Modern Warfare Missing Data Pack
  • A list of different game packs opens, click on the Modern Warfare – Multiplayer & Special Ops pack checkbox to select it.
Modern Warfare Missing Data Pack
  • Now, press the Save Changes option from the right pane. 

This will download the missing game packs. After following the process, open your game again to reflect the changes. 

Method 3: Reinstall Modern Warfare 

If you still find downloading the Modern Warfare missing data pack challenging, then you can do so automatically.

A simple solution is to uninstall and reinstall the game, and it will download the multiplayer data packs by default. So, uninstall the game on your Xbox or PS5 and then reinstall it from Microsoft Store or PlayStation store. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Call of Duty say missing data pack?

The Call of Duty says missing data pack when you have not installed all the downloadable content. Most of them are installed by default during the game purchase or installation. If it does not, you can proceed to the Game Installs and get the missing packs. If all of them are present, reboot your device to tackle the issue. 

How do I fix the missing data pack on Modern Warfare?

You can fix the missing data pack by moving over to Manage Installs, selecting the packs that you want, and it will download them for you. Alternatively, you can also click on the game’s icon, check its options, select Manage Games and Add-ons, and download the missing packs. 

The Wrap Up 

You would be searching for the Modern Warfare Missing Data Pack Error. It happens when one of your multiplayer data packs is missing from the game.


If you have not purchased the game, you will face it. Besides, if you are abruptly facing this issue, it occurs after an update. 

To resolve it, you must ensure that you have purchased the game. If yes, install the missing packs manually by checking Modern Warfare’s Manage games and add-ons.

Further, if you find it difficult, you can do so automatically by uninstalling the game and downloading it. 

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