How to Fix PS5 WiFi Issues?

How to Fix PS5 WiFi Issues?
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When you are using the standard or digital edition of PS5, you might have noticed the error ‘Cannot Connect to the WiFi Network.’ This network error means that there is a problem on your end rather than the servers of PS5.


This article has covered some of the working solutions to fix the PS5 WiFi issues. Have a look at them below.

How to Fix PS5 WiFi Issues?

How to Fix PS5 WiFi Issues?

Check the Network Status of PlayStation

Firstly, it is recommended to check the network status of the PlayStation servers. Though it is not directly related to why the WiFi issue occurs on your PS5 console, it still helps you understand why you are not unable to log in or access their servers.

To check the status, follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, turn on the PS5 console and connect to WiFi.
  • Now, go to the official site of PlayStation and see if the servers are up and running in your region. 
  • In case the servers are not working, it is recommended to wait for a few hours until the technical team fixes the issue.

Check the WiFi Connection on Other Devices

If there are network issues in your PS5 console, then check if other devices like Smartphones, Tablets, etc., are connecting to your home WiFi or not. If all the devices cannot connect, it is an issue with your internet connection.


If the problem persists in all the devices, then it is recommended to troubleshoot your broadband connection. You can either turn off and turn on the modem or contact your ISP to fix the issue with your home WiFi.


Connect the PS5 Console to Ethernet With a Cable

If you are facing WiFi issues on the PS5 console, you can try to connect it to the home network with the help of an ethernet cable. If you find the internet is working fine after connecting to the home network with an ethernet cable, it means your console does not have any hardware-related issues.

Here is how you can connect the PS5 to the network with ethernet cable:

  • Get a long ethernet cable based on the distance from the router to PS5.
  • Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the PlayStation and the other to the modem.
  • After connecting the cable, open the settings on your PlayStation.
  • Now, navigate to the ‘Setup Internet Connection’, select ‘Wired Lan 1’, and click on the connect option.

Reset the Router

If the above solution did not work for you, try resetting the router and check if the network appears on your console. Once the router reset is done, all the errors and bugs get automatically fixed.

Here is how you can perform the router reset:

  • Check the router’s backside and see if any small button is placed above the text ‘reset.’
  • If yes, press the reset button for at least 15 seconds till the router gets automatically reset.
  • Once the reset is completed, try to connect to the router and check if the issue is fixed or not.

Run the Network Test

If the network gets connected to your PS5 console, you should still test the network speeds, stability, etc., by running the network test.


Here is how you can perform the network test on the PlayStation 5:

  • Firstly, click on ‘Settings’ and navigate to the Network → Connection status.
  • Here, you can find the option ‘Test Internet Connection.’
  • It might take some time to run the test and show the results.

Check the WiFi Credentials

If you are unable to connect the PlayStation to the internet even after performing the above checks, then you need to check whether you have provided the right credentials or not. If there is a login credential mismatch, you might not be able to connect to the WiFi.

Here is how you can connect the PS5 to the WiFi network:

  • Firstly, navigate to the ‘Settings’ option. It is available on the top-right of your console.
  • Now, go to the ‘Network’ option and then click on the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Turn on the ‘Connect to the Internet’ option and then click on the ‘Setup Internet Connection.’
How to Fix PS5 WiFi Issues?
  • Now, from the list of the WiFi networks being displayed, select the WiFi network you wish to connect to and provide the login credentials.

Move the PlayStation 5 Closer to the Router

If the router is far from the location where you are using the PlayStation, then there is a chance that the signal strength is low, and hence the PS5 cannot connect to the router.

Navigate to settings → Network → Connection Status → View connection status. Here you can find the signal strength of your WiFi network.


If the signal strength is less than 80%, moving the PlayStation closer to the router is recommended.

How to Fix PS5 WiFi Issues?

Stop the Internet Usage By Other Devices

In case you have a limited bandwidth internet connection, the internet speed on PS5 will be highly impacted. So, to have a good internet connection on PS5, it is recommended to stop using the WiFi simultaneously on other devices.

For a buffer-free gaming experience, it is recommended to have an internet bandwidth of at least 50-100 Mbps.

Factory Reset PS5

If nothing else seems to work, the last and final thing to do is factory reset the PlayStation. A hard reset will likely erase the entire data on your PlayStation console. So, before doing the factory reset, creating a cloud backup of your data is recommended.

Alternatively, you can also take the backup on an external hard disk. To factory reset the PS5 console, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, navigate to the ‘Settings’ option and click on ‘System.’
  • Now, click on ‘System Software’ and go to the ‘Reset Options.’
  • Select the ‘Reset Your Console’ option and click on ‘Reset.’


You can use any of the solutions given above to fix the PS5 WiFi Connection issues. In case you find that none of the above-mentioned solutions can help you fix the WiFi issue on PS5, then it is suggested to contact Sony customer support.

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