How to Fix PS5 Error CE-100095-5?

How to Fix PS5 Error CE-100095-5?
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If you’re struggling with updating or installing applications on your console, it’s likely the error CE-100095-5. The installation or update process will repeatedly get blocked by this issue. The code CE-100095-5 helps track down the problem efficiently.


The error CE-100095-5 is not limited to the latest PS5 even PS4 & 3 users have reported encountering the same issue in the past. Since the problem with CE-100095-5 is mainly concerned with the game files, the solution to fix this error is relatively easier & simpler. 

How to Fix PS5 Error CE-100095-5?

Even though the error CE-100095-5 might pop up on any application, there are mainly two popular games that have reported the highest occurrence of the issue:

  1. Spiderman: Miles Morales
  2. Call of Duty: BO Cold War

What causes the Error CE-100095-5?

As previously discussed, the problem occurs due to an issue with the game files in your drive. Corruption of the database or the disk itself causes the CE-10009505 error to pop up. Even incorrectly installed files or corrupted ones result in the prompt of this issue. 

Besides game files, poor network connectivity to the PS servers also causes the error CE-100095-5. You can fix the problem on your own if there are no issues with the hardware.

How to fix the Error CE-100095-5?

Firstly, begin with the basic inspection. Check if the official PlayStation servers are up & running. If the servers are down, you can’t use the PlayStation services. Click here to see the current PlayStation server status.


The next thing you should do is restart the game or your console. Wait for a few minutes before switching on the PlayStation. You can even remove the game disk & reinsert it. There are good chances of getting rid of the error CE-100095-5 using these general fixes & they don’t require much effort.

At the same time, restart your internet router to eliminate any network-related issues.

Reinstalling the application

Another fix for the error CE-100095-5 is reinstalling the game on which you’re encountering the issue. As we know, the error is closely related to problems in game files. Therefore, reinstalling the game ensures the cleaning of corrupt files within the system.

For deleting the game, click on options on the game’s icon > remove. You can later install the game from the library section of your console. Follow the same steps for all the games facing the error CE-100095-5.

Use the Internal Storage

For players using an external storage device for playing games, move the game facing the error CE-100095-5 to the internal PlayStation storage. Damage or corruption of external devices causes many bugs & errors on PS5.


Since the storage on internal is limited, an external device comes to the rescue but make sure the games with the error CE-100095-5 are stored internally.  

Rebuild Database

As the name suggests, this step involves cleaning the entire PlayStation database. All the files will be replaced with new ones on your console, removing any faulty files present. Besides repairing files, this step fix improves the console’s overall performance.

  1. Press the PS power switch & wait for two beeps.
  2. After that, you’ll have to move to the Safe Mode by holding the PS button on the controller.
  3. You’ve arrived in the Safe Mode & now press the rebuild database option.
  4. Approve the operation & now you’ve to wait for it to conclude.

The process requires patience as it will take quite a while if you haven’t tried it before. The rebuild step is known for fixing significant issues in PlayStation, including the error CE-100095-5.

Hopefully, you have fixed the issue by now using any of these solutions. If you somehow still encounter the error CE-100095-5, there’s a high possibility of hardware damage to your console (mainly storage). 

You can seek further assistance for resolution from PlayStation’s official customer support: PlayStation Support.


You can check out their guides on troubleshooting or directly contact them for a replacement or refund. 

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