GTA Online Cocaine Lockup Business: Setup, Location, Upgrades, Max Payout, and More


  • GTA Online has a variety of illegal businesses to make fast money which you can use for your in-game purchases.
  • The Cocaine Lockup or the Cocaine Lab is one of the most popular.
  • You can begin one from scratch and get the best tips for a profit with my Cocaine Lockup Business guide.
GTA Online Cocaine Lockup
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Being a night rider has always fascinated me, but there’s a twist. I have often dreamed of having a night riders biker gang traveling without any limits breezing along with the wind.


I have some wild dreams, yet I know the difference between dreams and reality. Fortunately, there’s been no gaming restrictions, and they let me live my dreams in it.

That’s why I’m addicted to them, one of them being GTA Online’s MC Club to begin a Bikers gang. But it seems incomplete without empty pockets, and MC clubs have their businesses.

GTA has a lot of Motorcycle Clubhouse businesses. All of these, with various locations, offer plenty of additional activities through which you can get a handsome amount.

One of them is the GTA Online Cocaine Lockup Business. These became a part of the game after the Bikers update. So before you go to yield good profits for the business, there are several things you must know about! 

So let’s get started. 

GTA Online Cocaine Lockup

How to Setup GTA Online Cocaine Lockup Business?

Before beginning the setup process, you should set up the MC Clubhouse. Further, register as its president and use the laptop in the president’s office. You can then Buy various businesses via the Open Road Network. 

MC The Open Road - GTA Online Cocaine Lockup
  • Go to the main panel and expand the Businesses tab.
  • In the categories section, select Cocaine.
  • It will display a list of four locations, and you have to select one for your business.
Buy Cocaine Lockup - GTA Online Cocaine Lockup

Before implementing the steps, you must check the complete guide not to make mistakes through the setup process. So, continue reading! 

Like, I don’t think you would be thinking of starting an industrial business without any raw materials, supplies, equipment, or similar! The same goes for GTA businesses, and not to forget, GTA online businesses haven’t progressed to work-from-home yet. 

So, jokes apart, your cocaine Lockup Business in GTA online cannot begin if you don’t have supplies. So, purchase supplies ranging from $15,000 to $75,000 per unit. You can grab them for free by completing missions and stealing them in exchange for other organizations. 

Further, it’s noteworthy that when you finally give the Setup Business command, Lester Crest, aka LJT, will provide you with a source mission. After that, your business production will begin. 


Best Locations for Cocaine Lockup Business in GTA Online

Most of you would still be in a dilemma about your selected locations. Many of you would consider choosing the low-cost options, while others would look at the glitz and glam or other reasons.

Well, I advise you to set up your Cocaine Lockup Business near or near the MC Club businesses. Ensure they aren’t much distant. Furthermore, if you have multiple businesses, they should be close to each other. 

GTA Online Cocaine Lockup

There are four locations from which you can choose:

Locations Price 
Alamo Sea, near Marina Drive $975,000
Paleto Bay, near Great Ocean Highway$1,098,000
Elysian Island, near Chupacabra Street$1,462,500
Morningwood, near Boulevard Del Perro$1,852,500

One of the most monotonous lines I have ever heard is that “no location is the best for GTA businesses; all hold equal value.” In my experience, it is one of the lies for me. Location does matter and does affect the profitability of the business. 

For instance, when you choose a centralized location for getting supplies or sales, you must travel a shorter distance. Thus, you can execute more of your business errands in a shorter time and hence increase the number of them.


This would ultimately lead to production and, consequently, profits. Two such locations which would be advantageous are Alamo Sea and Morningwood. 

Of them, you can choose the one which you like, but I suggest you should go to the Alamo Sea. This is because it costs the least compared to others so you can invest that capital in other areas of your Cocaine Lockup.

Furthermore, if you already own a Meth lab, you might know that Grand Senora is the best location for running it, and chances are that you own your business at it already.

So, the Alamo Sea is near it so you can look after both of them frequently. If you have established your business somewhere else and want to look after that as well, then you can change your preferences. 

Earn More with GTA Online Cocaine Lockup Business: Profitable Upgrades

The upgrade is that part of the business which needs no introduction. It’s as essential as it is for you to gather supplies.


Though GTA won’t restrict you if you haven’t upgraded yet, you will see its effects in the long term. The goal of your business is to generate profits and improve productivity.

Besides, when you want to survive with a competitive spirit, you cannot simply deny an upgrade. There are three upgrades available with different costs and apply to various aspects. 

  1. Staff Upgrade 

When multiple workers coordinate for your business, there are few chances for it to fail. Similarly, Staff Upgrade ensures that you get more staff, and thus, it increases production rapidly. 

Cost: 390,000

  1. Security Upgrade 

It’s an upgrade that relatively few of you would consider. But before giving a Verdict, you should understand its differences. It doesn’t simply give your security guards who would stand out of your door but protects.


Instead, it protects your business from goons and cop attacks. Besides, the security system, including personnel and surveillance units, would keep your business safe against roos also. 

Cost: $570,000

  1. Equipment Upgrade

You can buy an equipment upgrade, and it will install the latest machines and other requirements in your cocaine Lockup. Hence,  with it, your business would perform better with increased productivity. 

Cost: $935,000

To buy the upgrade, visit your Cocaine Lockup and access the laptop. Further, buy the upgrade(s) whichever you want to!


What is the Max Payout in the Cocaine Lockup Business of the MC Club?

It’s not a big deal that you wouldn’t have heard about the cocaine Lockup Business. However, despite hearing that it’s profitable and helps you earn, you would be trying to figure out your max payout! 

A plethora of factors decide it, which include location, method of getting supplies, and similar. 

Below-mentioned is the table about max payout in Cocaine Club amongst different upgrades! 

UpgradeUpgrade CostUnit ProfitSell LocalSell RemoteProfit Per Hour
No Upgrade$0$20000$200000$300000$25000
Security Upgrade$570000$20000$200000$300000$250000
Equipment Upgrade$935000$24000$240000$360000$30000
Staff Upgrade$390000$24000$240000$360000$30000
Equipment/Staff Upgrade$1325000$28000$280000$420000$35000
All Upgrades$1895000$28000$280000$420000$35000

You should complete missions and steal supplies instead of selling them. Furthermore, choose a centralized location and perform all the upgrades to get the max payout in GTA Online. 

GTA Online Cocaine Lockup Business: Review on Earnings 

Amidst hearing about so much on the Cocaine Lockup business in GTA Online, you would have checked everything! So, now you would want to know whether it deserves a shot.


Well, I don’t know if someone said this to you, yet the best part is that it’s the highest-paying business of MC Clubhouse. 

To be more precise, if you choose Alamo Sea as the location and purchase two upgrades than you, then you would set up your business at $2,300,000. The amount isn’t that small, yet you can restore it within a short time, like 27 hours, roughly some hours more than a day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cocaine Lockup the best MC Business?

Yes, Cocaine Lockup is the best and most profitable MC business in GTA Online.

What is the most profitable illegal business in GTA 5 Online?

Bunkers and Cocaine lockups are the most profitable online businesses in GTA Online.

Is there drug use in GTA?

You cannot sell or buy drugs in GTA, but people smoke and drink on the streets.

The Final Word 

GTA Online Cocaine Lockup Business is something that every MC Club business chooses to go for! To be straightforward, it’s due to the business’s profits. You cannot imagine investing in a business and restoring all the investments in merely 27-50 hours with profits! That’s why GTA businesses are different. 

Though all of them are illegal as per the game, it’s nostalgic till it’s fictional. Setting up a business is easy; be careful about your supply collection. Further, go for Alamo Island and try to complete all the upgrades if possible!

Don’t forget to let me know your GTA Online Drug Dealing Business Profits! 


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