GTA Online Meth Lab Business: How to Setup, Location, Upgrades, and More!


  • GTA Online has revolutionized gaming with comprehensive options for simulation.
  • It also urges you to delve into business by providing the advantages of earning via illegal businesses.
  • The Meth lab business is one of the known ones, and we have mentioned how you can begin it from scratch and earn.
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You would love to try out something different each time in GTA Online. All of it requires buying some stuff, so you need a penny! How about getting more money and even some incredible experiences simultaneously?


If yes, plenty of businesses are available for you to begin! It becomes interesting only if you start with some illegal ones; that’s where the real fun lies. These would fetch you good profits.

GTA Online Meth Lab Business is one such. So, if you are considering how to proceed with it, whether you must go for it or not, we have covered you all! 

Tips for Starting a Meth Lab in GTA V Online

Businesses do require a careful setup. However, what becomes apparent is that the setup of every business differs from others. The same goes for running a Meth Lab business in GTA.

At a Glance, you must pick a location, drive to it, take a Pounder truck with the necessary supplies, and then take it to your Lab. It’s not the exact step to run a business, but it’s a mission without which you cannot begin the meth lab. 

  • Go to the Interaction menu and choose the Motorcycle Club option.
  • Tap on the Start a Motorcycle Club option. 
GTA Online Motorcycle President
GTA Online Motorcycle President
  • Head over to the Motorcycle Clubhouse and use the Open Road Computer
MC The Open Road
  • Select Methamphetamine from the left side and choose one Lab from the available choices.
Buy Meth Lab
  • Click on the Set Waypoint option and set a marker on the map. 
  • Chase the marker on the map to reach the Lab. 
  • In it, access the computer and click on Set Up Business
  • Visit the destination on the map, and bring your truck to that location.

This will set up the meth lab with full supplies. 


It would be wrong to say that supplies, once stocked, will go on till infinity. No, as the production proceeds, the reserves would be utilized, and you would need newer ones. If you get them, your business will continue running as the production will continue. 

GTA Online Meth Lab Business

To avoid this, you can buy more supplies, and there are plenty of options. These include $15k per unit, which goes to $75K maximum.

Besides, if you don’t want to spend a dime, then complete missions, and you can then steal supplies from some other business for your meth lab.

Which is the Best Location for GTA Online Meth Lab Business? 

Businesses usually need a careful location selection, and several factors decide whether the particular one will prosper at that location. Similarly, you would carefully consider this before selecting a place for the Meth Lab in GTA. 

Location for GTA Online Meth Lab

The three locations available for the business are 

Grand Senora Desert$910,000
Paleto Bay$1,024,800
El Burro Heights$1,729,000

Of these, which of the locations is the best? You would have checked Discord or other communities, or even your fellow gamers would have advised you that no location is legitimately best. It is true but only partially. 

All these locations have scenic beauty, and hence no one can be better than another. Yet, whether the site is central or not, the much you have to travel to get supplies and for deliveries decides a lot about business profits and prosperity.

Location for GTA Online Meth Lab
Location for GTA Online Meth Lab

To run errands quickly and catch up with the shorter distance for getting supplies or sales, Grand Senora Desert is what you should go for. This is because it is the ideal centralized location for your business.

Besides being the cheapest, you can save your investments over purchase and invest that capital to upgrade your business. 

Furthermore, if you wish to go to any other locations because of varied reasons, then there’s little to bother about! 


Earn More with GTA Online Meth Lab Business: The Best Upgrades 

Upgrading your GTA business is a never regret decision. Since you recently set up your Meth Lab, you would think it’s too early to upgrade. But, no! More upgrades would ensure the production and work increase and hence better profits.

GTA Online Meth Lab Upgrades
GTA Online Meth Lab Upgrades

The following are the upgrades available for your Meth Lab:

  • Staff Upgrade: $331,500

Staff is responsible for most of the activities at your workplace. With a better and more team, your business can do better. Hence, you can purchase the staff upgrades to hire more and increase production and sales. 

  • Security Upgrade: $513,000

One of the most underrated updates to your business is for security purposes. Being an action game, your business would be prone to raids, attacks, and cop attacks. Besides this, this will also install surveillance equipment. 

  • Equipment Upgrade: $1,100,000

Machines with low input and better output will ensure more production at a lesser cost. It will speed up the work processes. Therefore, if you perform an equipment upgrade, you will get more yield without consuming much of the supplies.


Making Money with GTA Online Meth Lab Business: Max Payout 

Since you are spending a lot on your Meth lab business, you must know how much you earn. Well, that depends on a lot of factors. Some include the company’s location, how you gathered supplies, number and type of upgrades. 

Below mentioned are the different payouts as per your farm upgrades. 

UpgradeUpgrade Cost Unit Profit Sell LocalSell RemoteProfit per Hour
No Upgrade $0$8500$170000$255000$21000
Security Upgrade $513000$8500$170000$255000$21000
Equipment Upgrade $110000$10000$204000$306000$32000
Staff Upgrade $331500$10200$204000$306000$32000
Equipment/Staff Upgrade $143500$11900$238000$357000$51000
All Upgrades $1944500$11900$238000$357000$51500

The apt way to fetch max payout is to make both the upgrades, sell your supplies at a distance, and even steal the required supplies instead of buying them! 

GTA Online Drug Business: Is the Meth Lab Worth It?

The Meth lab isn’t the best-selling business as compared to Cocaine Lockup. However, it is undoubtedly worth it. This is because the Meth lab business offers the second higher max payout. 

Besides that, if you choose the Grand Senora, implement both the upgrades, and, in total, spend $2,341,500, the profits generated would restore all your money in a max of 39 hours. Besides, though Weed Farm is also a good option, the meth lab is more profitable than it is!

GTA Online Meth Lab Business

Final Thoughts 

If you were considering going for GTA Online Meth Lab Business, you would have got your answer! It is a simple process, and we have mentioned its steps.

Besides, you must choose a location to begin it, and the best one for profits and cost saving is the Grand Senora Desert. You must also upgrade your business with Staff, Security, and Equipment upgrades.

Furthermore, to get maximum payouts, you must perform both upgrades. Further, you should have business at a centralized location and even steal the supplies you need to use. 

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