GTA Online Weed Farm: The Full Guide to Make Money


  • Several activities in GTA Online do need a lot of money.
  • For it, gamers do several illegal in-game businesses like cocaine, Marijuana, and Weed cultivation.
  • We have mentioned how you can get the maximum yield out of the Weed Farm in GTA Online.
GTA Online Weed Farm
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Do you recall a not-so-perfect online multiplayer game where you could shoot, be a cop, do business, or do more in a single game? You heard that right; I am talking about GTA Online.


As a hard-core gaming nerd, I have always enjoyed it, right from when I was 13 years old to now when I am 21.

With a curious mind, I had an interest in multiple career options to play different roles, and that’s what hooked me towards the game.

Do you know what connects us? The core reason is that whether it is around 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, or even 2023, we still relish the game’s nostalgia like it’s the first time we played.

Hours and hours of gaming don’t seem enough. However, I love driving cars in games and prefer adding many customizations, but I fall short of money.

So, every summer, I try out a new illegal business to earn passive income. One of the most popular ones I recently tested is GTA Online Weed Farm, and I have covered you all with it! 


How to Start a Weed Farm in GTA Online?

While you are looking to boost your GTA Online funds to buy your desired stuff, there are a lot of choices to choose from. Since you have decided to start with GTA V Online Drug Business, you must know how to start a Weed Farm. 

Whether cultivating Marijuana, tobacco, or any other, the Farm would fetch you plenty of profits. Similar to the common real-time situation, a Weed Farm business is illegal in the game also. However, you do know the nostalgia of being the real gangster in GTA, right? 

So, why hesitate to earn more and more? To have the privilege of starting a Weed Farm, you must complete a single or a set of missions.

Besides, every business, whether rural or urban, small-scale or large-scale, does require commodities and all of its stock is what makes up the inventory. Failing not to buy supplies, your business would shut down. 

GTA Online Weed Farm

Accessing the farm located at the beginning should be done only when you have an essential supply. Depending upon the items in it, those will cost you $15k/unit and can go up to $75k. 


But are you a smart worker and love to be in the mafia? If yes, how can you follow the rules and regulations to purchase inventories properly? Besides, why do you want to pay so much if you are low on budget? 

Here’s where the fan-made game has a hack for you as well! There are some specific missions that you should accomplish, and thus you can Steal all the equipment of some other inventory in the game. 

Since the feature of running a Weed Farm came in 2016 after the buyer’s update, therefore, you must also start running your motorcycle club. Further, you would be MC Clubhouse’s president and thus unlock the Open Road Online Network.

Doing so is no less than magic because it allows you to run many illegal businesses like this one. Choose an apt location for running the Weed Farm in GTA Online. 

The next step after completing the mission is to start a run.

  1. Go to the Motorcycle Clubhouse and use your laptop to connect with the Open Road Network
MC The Open Road - GTA Online Weed Farm
  1. Expand the Buy Business tab and choose the Weed option. 
Buy Weed Farm - GTA Online Weed Farm
  1. Select one of the locations which would be the best according to you. 

Heads up! Now, all you have to do is rush towards your Weed farms to start setting it up. 

GTA V Online: Selling Weed Farm Best Locations 

Farm and business locations influence production and profits greatly depending on geography, topography, and many other factors. GTA wants to immerse you in a real-world setting with the best action, so how can it stand apart? 

You would have read in the previous section about choosing the optimum location. Since it determines business profitability, the same does not go for GTA. It wants to indulge you in the real world, but locations aren’t serious for your business. It determines the beauty of the place, the budget, the space, and lots more.

GTA Online Weed Farm

The beautiful San Chianski Mountain Ranges are something that every beginner explores and wishes to profit from.

Besides, it is easier to set up a Farm with it as it would cost you $715,000. But if this seems monotonous or you want to level up your game by one, then Mount Chiliad is what you should go for. It’s priced at $805,000. 


If you don’t compromise with locations and want the best options, then Elysian Island and Downtown Vinewood are what you cannot kiss upon! Their prices range from $1,072,500 to $1,358,000. 

The secret that most of the hard-core gaming Champs don’t reveal but I’ve trusted is that when your Weed Farm is centralized, you tend to get higher profits.

This is because you can reach every destination or nook and corner quickly. Besides, you can ride more, sell more and even re-stock supplies faster. Thus, your work won’t stop but will instead skyrocket. 

Proceeding with this perspective, Downtown Vinewood is the centralized location, and probably that’s why it’s the costliest.

Which are the Best Options to Upgrade Your Weed Farm in GTA Online? 

Is anything around you that you can figure out as a one-time investment? Well, that seems impossible, and so goes for business.


You must constantly add new equipment, update the infrastructure, work towards its maintenance, and more frequently keep up with the trends.

Most importantly, it will improve the productivity of your work by better output and thus generate more profits.

Amongst many options to make profits in Weed Farm, we have guided you well throughout. It’s noteworthy that these also include Staff and Security. 

  1. Staff Upgrade 

Human resources or your organization’s staff are the heart of your business. The better they work, the more you can reach your goals.

You have to upgrade your staff to suit your dynamic needs or increase required, which is how Staff Upgrade in GTA Online helps.


Surprisingly the personnel being the heart of your Weed Farm can be upgraded much cheaper than other upgrades. It will increase your hourly profits by increasing productivity and better management. 

Cost: $273,00 

  1. Security Upgrade 

It’s not easy to run an illegal business. This is because you cannot heave a sigh of relief. Besides bothering about the business profits, cops and enemy attacks will keep you stressed out.

Here’s where you need guards to protect you and your business. Hence, is the need for reliable ones also. The Security Upgrade helps with it by preventing raids and attacks and thus safeguarding the farm produce. 

Cost: $313,500

  1. Equipment Upgrade 

Equipment constitutes an essential part of a part as it directly plays a role in productivity. Besides being reliable, it also speeds up production, thus increasing output.

Due to its complex build and need for efficiency and vitality, equipment upgrades are costly but worth the dime spent. 

Cost: $990,000

What is the Max Payout of GTA Online Web? 

When you proceed with so much effort and the tag of running an illegal business, you would have said yourself often, “No pain, no gain.” But what will be your gain out of it?

Besides being a team player, how much will each of you get? That’s what Max Payout is about, and it depends upon certain factors. 


The prime factor is whether you have upgraded your farm or not. Besides, have you brought the supplies or stolen them?

Besides the value of upgrades, productivity per hour also determines the max payout. Whether you sell Tier Weed Farm nearby or at a distance is another deciding factor.

Thus, to earn the maximum output, you must have your Farm upgraded, if possible, then all three upgrades. Further, stolen supplies sold distant with greater productivity per hour is how you will earn a considerable amount. 

Here’s a crux of the max payout in GTA in different conditions: 

Upgrade Upgrade Cost Unit Profit Sell LocalSell RemoteProfit Per Hour
No Upgrade$0$20000$200000$300000$25000
Security Upgrade$570000$20000$200000$300000$250000
Equipment Upgrade$935000$24000$240000$360000$30000
Staff Upgrade$390000$24000$240000$360000$30000
Equipment/Staff Upgrade$1325000$28000$280000$420000$35000
All Upgrades$1895000$28000$280000$420000$35000

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you own two weed farms in GTA Online?

You cannot own 2 Weed Farm Farms or factories of the same businesses in GTA Online.

How much does a Weed Farm make you GTA Online?

An entire stock of manufactured goods can earn you $300,000 in GTA Online.

How long does it take for a Weed Farm to finish GTA?

It takes 5-6 hours for a fully upgraded and entire Weed Farm business to finish.

The Final Word – GTA Online Weed Farm

Making profits with GTA Online Weed Farm is an excellent and deplorable idea. To make the most out of it, complete the missions and jot down the most demanding centralized location quickly.


Downtown Vinewood is what I recommend, and I did do Farm Upgrades in which I have retry completed the third Equipment Upgrade. Besides, I have taken care of weed farm standards, and hence I would get massive profits.

I love playing it with friends Online; the solo mode is only when I need peace! What about you?

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