All GTA Online Heists Ranked – Description, Payout Details, and More

All GTA Online Heists Ranked - Description, Payout Details, and More
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Even after nine years of its release, GTA Online remains one of the most popular games in the Rockstar franchise and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. It’s not only a game about chaos and destruction but also about teamwork and strategy. 


Players can do whatever they want to, from stealing cars and robbing banks to racing and shooting up the streets. But the best way to get the most out of GTA Online is to play the game’s various heists.

As of now, there are a total of eight heists that can be done in Grand Theft Auto Online. These heists range from simple to complex and vary in requirements, setup costs, the number of prep missions, and the potential take you can gain. 

All GTA Online Heists Ranked - Description, Payout Details, and More

The best heists are certainly the ones that are both entertaining from top to bottom and help you gain a handsome amount of money quickly. You can also replay your favorite heists upon their completion, and even if you fail somehow, you can reattempt them at any time. 

Here in this article, we’ll read about all GTA Online Heists Ranked – Description, Payout Details, and More.

List of all the heists available in GTA Online: 

Series A Funding 

The Series A Funding heist consists of five setup missions and requires four players to take part in the heist. During the setup missions, you have to steal drugs and vehicles, which can be sold to a buyer for a hefty profit.


It’s a highly appealing heist among GTA Online players because it features Trevor from the Grand Theft Auto V story mode. Only after completing the various setup missions, you can head to the finale in which you have to defend the stolen items and deliver them to a secluded house.

All GTA Online Heists Ranked - Description, Payout Details, and More

For this heist, the setup cost is $40,400, and if you play it on hard mode, you can make as high as $505,000 split between you and your crew. While Series A Funding is quite a simple heist, the finale is said to be underwhelming and not as enjoyable as the other heists. 

Moreover, the payout is also relatively low, that too needs to be split with three other players. Although the heist is not that difficult to complete, it’s not a heist you can do if you’re looking for a promising finale and high payout. 

Fleeca Job 

If you’ve recently started playing GTA Online, the Fleeca Job may be the first heist you come across in its intriguing meta. This heist features only two setup missions you must complete before heading to the finale. 

The heist requires at least two players in a crew that can claim a maximum payout of $143,750 when playing in the hard mode. During the setup missions, you and your crew must drive to a bank and observe its security, get a Kuruma, and then devise a plan to rob it. 

All GTA Online Heists Ranked - Description, Payout Details, and More

In the finale, you have to use a drill to rob the bank and then drive the Kuruma you gained to get away from the scenario and lose sight of the cops. It’s one of the simplest and quickest to complete heists in GTA Online and requires a very minimal setup. 

Even the finale is quite straightforward, involving a high-stakes car chase. Again, while the premises are easy, the payout is also relatively low. However, it still remains an exciting job for new players that introduces them to the heist genre in Grand Theft Auto Online. 

The Humane Labs Raid

The Humane Labs Raid is the third heist in GTA Online that involves a high setup cost of $54,000 and needs a crew of four players to complete it. This heist aims to infiltrate a research facility and retrieve some chemical weapons from there. 

Moreover, you also have to accomplish five setup missions before heading to the finale. The last mission requires two crew members to infiltrate the Humane Labs, while the rest of the two members have to provide support for the team from the air. 

All GTA Online Heists Ranked - Description, Payout Details, and More

If you play this heist on hard mode, you can accumulate a payout of $675,000 once you have retrieved the required files and delivered them to the drop-off location. It’s one of the most entertaining heists in GTA Online, but mainly for the team that infiltrates the facility. 


For the air support team, however, being at a stationary location and taking down a few choppers might not sound as thrilling as fighting with security and making a thrilling underwater escape, yet both teams need to act together to be able to complete the heist successfully. 

Prison Break 

In the Prison Break heist, there are a total of four setup missions and a finale to complete. While it requires a team of four to pull off the heist successfully, there are certain missions that require the crew to split into groups of two. 

And just like the Humane Labs Raid, one of the two teams enjoys more action-packed objectives than the other, but it’s still relatively balanced in this one. For this heist, your objective is to retrieve a target from within the walls of a highly-secured prison. 

All GTA Online Heists Ranked - Description, Payout Details, and More

To do this, you must make an elaborated breakout and escape plan and perform the escape while defending the target. If you play the Prison Break heist on hard mode, you can gain a payout of up to $500,000 by spending a setup cost of just $40,000. 

While it is not the most difficult heist in the game, it certainly packs a great challenge and is far more intriguing than the Fleeca Job. Additionally, as it requires four players to complete the heist, you may find the individual payout quite low compared to the first heist. 


All in all, the Prison Break heist provides an intense experience with an engaging storyline. However, if you have already completed it once, there’s no good reason to do it again. So, if you haven’t tried it already, we would suggest you do so.

Pacific Standard

The Pacific Standard heist in GTA Online has the highest cash reward out of all the heists shared in this list. If you play it on the hard mode, you can gain a maximum potential take of up to $1,250,000, depending on the objectives that you complete. 

Moreover, it’s also among the heists where you can lose money if you take damage during the finale, like in the Diamond Casino heist and the Cayo Perico heist. There are five setup missions that you need to complete before reaching the finale, including four crewmates. 

All GTA Online Heists Ranked - Description, Payout Details, and More

To begin this heist, the host has to pay a setup cost of $500,000. While the Fleeca Job is an introductory heist that involves robbing a small bank, the Pacific Standard heist puts all your skills into use, which also makes it one of the best heists to be included in GTA Online. 

It features everything, from performing hacking attacks and making your way through a highly-secured vault to evading the cops and making a successful escape with the help of Lester’s highly elaborated plan. 


Although you may lose some of your take during the action, it still features the highest payout among all the heists that were released before it, and it’s certainly very satisfying to complete the various tasks involved in this heist. 

Doomsday Heist 

Being one of the most difficult heists in Grand Theft Auto Online, the Doomsday heist features a long and wide range of missions. It has three finales, each with a different potential take and set up cost. 

Each of these finales requires at least two players, but it is comparatively simpler to do with four players. The finale acts are some of the hardest heist missions to be ever featured in GTA Online, but still, the individual payout is lower as compared to heists like Diamond Casino. 

All GTA Online Heists Ranked - Description, Payout Details, and More

There are a variety of setup missions as well that involve the use of several different vehicles, and are pleasingly varied and balanced among all the heists. While it’s not very approachable in terms of payout, saving the world from a global threat is certainly something worth trying. 

Therefore, it can be concluded that although the Doomsday Heist is not the best Rockstar has to offer, it is undeniably one of the most diverse and content-rich events to play through with your friends. 


Cayo Perico Heist 

The Cayo Perico Heist is the only heist in the game so far that you can choose to complete it all on your own. It takes place in a completely new location set on a private island owned by a Drug Lord. All the missions and finale can be played in private sessions, either alone or with a crew. 

As there are a variety of primary and secondary targets, this heist has many outcomes, and the potential take also differs each time. Surprisingly, even though it features the best combination of items to collect, it only offers the second-highest possible payout in the game. 

All GTA Online Heists Ranked - Description, Payout Details, and More

The Cayo Perico heist certainly fits the bill for players who want to take full control over the events in the finale. Playing solo eliminates the need to lock in on specific choices for escape routes, vehicles, time of the day, and more. 

It is extremely fun to do and offers more than a single way to finish off the finale, which keeps the interest of the player reserved while playing. The range of variations in terms of rewards as well as execution approaches makes it one of the best heists in GTA Online. 

The Diamond Casino Heist 

The Diamond Casino heist is undoubtedly the most prominent heist in Grand Theft Auto Online. Depending on how much damage your player takes during the escape and the contents of the vault that you find, the potential take may vary significantly. 


In the vault, you can find cash, gold, artwork, or even diamonds in some limited-time events. That being said, the potential take may fall between $2,115,000 to $3,619,00, which also depends on the difficulty setting you choose. 

All GTA Online Heists Ranked - Description, Payout Details, and More

Moreover, there are different types of approaches for this heist that you can choose per your preferences. You can change the way you complete the heist at any point during the setup missions by making the required choices. 

Only two players can complete this heist, but the host needs to own an Arcade and complete the various setup missions, that too in public mode, to be able to begin the heist. It can be very frustrating to perform missions in public sessions, but the payout is worth it. 

New GTA Online Summer Update – Release Date and More 

At the time of writing this article, Rockstar might have already launched their weekly update (Scheduled for July 26), and critics suspect that players could be able to see a few more tweaks with the launch of this event. 

Presently, it’s hard to judge what new content can be possibly included in the GTA Online Summer update, but as with the earlier updates, it can be predicted with certainty that some new social spaces and vehicles can be released with this update. 


Moreover, according to some insiders, rumors also indicate a possible map expansion for the GTA Online meta. This may likely add the map of Liberty City to the game, which itself unlocks a plethora of possibilities for further updates. 

Hopefully, Rockstar will soon begin teasing about the next big update, so stay tuned. 

Bottom Line 

As you can see, there are a lot of heists in GTA Online. Some of them involve a lot more work than others, but they are all pretty easy to complete. Hopefully, this list will make it easier for you to decide which heist you want to play and what the best rewards are for you. Good luck with the jobs.

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