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  • Acid Lab Business in GTA Online: A profitable venture for daring entrepreneurs.
  • From illegal substances to high-tech weaponry: Acid Lab has something for everyone in GTA Online.
  • Navigating the world of Acid Lab Business in GTA Online: Tips, tricks, and insider knowledge for maximizing your profits.
GTA Online Acid Lab
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One of the most exciting aspects of GTA Online is the ability to run businesses and earn in-game money. The Acid Lab business is one such venture that has captured the attention of many players.


In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about the GTA Online Acid Lab business, including how it works, the benefits of running it, and tips for success. So, if you’re ready to take your criminal empire to the next level, read on.

GTA Online – Acid Lab Business

What is the Acid Lab Business in GTA?

Players may set up and run a drug production business in the GTA game’s Acid Lab. Players may buy a property and then recruit employees to assist them in producing and peddling narcotics including methamphetamine, cocaine, and ecstasy.

To ensure the success of their operation, players must manage resources, make enhancements, avoid conflict with competing gangs, and avoid police enforcement. Because it features themes of drug production and criminal activities, Acid Lab is a component of the wider “Bikers” upgrade to the game.

GTA Online Acid Lab

Starting the Acid Lab Business in GTA

In GTA, starting an acid lab business is a difficult procedure that demands players to have a high degree of expertise and finances. This business is a component of the illicit activities in the game where people produce and sell narcotics.

Players must acquire a bunker and a Mobile Operations Center (MOC) in order to start the Acid Lab Business. Once these two conditions have been satisfied, players may begin the setup missions, which include gathering the tools and materials required to begin the production process.


To build up the lab and maintain the operation’s security, players must perform a number of objectives. These tasks include locating chemicals, stealing machinery, and avoiding competing gangs that could try to thwart the plan.

Players can start creating and spreading acid after the setup is complete. Players must make sure that the lab has adequate resources to keep working efficiently because the production process is automated. Additionally, players must maintain the lab’s security and protect it from any attacks by rival gangs or police authorities.

Although the revenues from the Acid Lab Business might be considerable, it takes a sizable commitment of time and money to start and run. Players will need to take a strategic approach, weighing the business’s risks and rewards.

Selling the LSD in GTA

GTA Online Acid Lab

To those who aren’t aware, players may make money by producing and distributing LSD, a potent hallucinogenic drug, in the game’s virtual environment by engaging in the illegal action of selling it.

The components needed to make LSD are available for players to purchase, and they may set up a lab to make the drug. Once it is created, they may sell the LSD to clients via a network of drug traffickers and profit from each transaction.


Selling LSD in GTA, however, is against the law and can have serious repercussions, including drawing the attention of police enforcement and competing criminal groups. Players that participate in this action should also be ready to deal with in-game repercussions, including fines, jail time, and reputation loss.

While it may be possible for players to acquire virtual currency and advance in GTA, selling LSD is a type of virtual criminality that can have severe ramifications in the game world. Before choosing to participate in this action, it is advised that participants use caution and think through the possible repercussions.

How to Build, Operate, and Make Money from Your Own Drug Lab in GTA?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to build, operate, and make money from your own acid lab business in GTA Online.

Step 1: Build Your Acid Lab

You will first need to invest in a bunker or other space that may serve as your operations center if you want to start your own acid lab.


Once you have a property, you may use the in-game web browser to purchase an acid lab from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. An acid lab can cost anywhere between $1.2 million and $2.5 million, depending on where it is located and how big it is.

Step 2: Find supplies

The next stage is to gather materials when you have finished setting up your acid lab. This may be achieved by doing tasks or getting supplies straight from the lab. Using the materials, items that can be sold for a profit will be made.

Step 3: Produce and Market Your Products

Once you’ve located your resources, you may start using your acid lab to make items. For a profit, the goods might be sold to customers.


It’s crucial to remember that supply and demand determine how much a thing will cost. To make sure that you are selling your goods at the appropriate time and price, you need to keep an eye on the market.

GTA Online Acid Lab
Mixing Drugs in Acid Lab

Step 4: Protect Your Lab

In GTA Online, operating a drug lab is a risky business, and you’ll need to protect your lab from invading gangs and law enforcement officials. You may either utilize your own weapons and vehicles to repel attacks or employ workers to assist in defending your lab.

Step 5: Grow Your Business

You may develop your operations as your acid lab company expands by acquiring other laboratories or renovating your current ones. You’ll be able to generate more goods as a result and earn more money.


How to Get Acid Lab in GTA Online?

You must install the most recent version of the game before starting the procedure. On December 13, 2022, Rockstar Games published an update for all gaming platforms, and the most recent version must be installed to access the most recent game additions.

Open GTA Online and join any session after the upgrade. You’ll get a call from Ron Jakowski shortly telling you about a recent gang activity in Sandy Shores. A new assignment will be created in the Ace Liquors shop if you accept the call. The yellow “R” marking on the map will help players locate it as well.

GTA Online will start the “First Dose 1 – Welcome to the Troupe” task and play a lengthy cutscene introducing you to the various Fooliganz gang members as soon as you arrive at the area. The gang’s commander, Dax, will beg you to murder members of The Lost MC so he can have his Journey II RV back after the cutscene.

When everything is finished, Dax will ask you to drive him and the car to the Freakshop in Los Santos. While Sandy Shores is where the first task in the First Dose series spawns, you can start other missions outside the Freakshop. The following list includes every task in the GTA Online First Dose series:

First Dose 1: Welcome to the Troupe

First Dose 1 - Get Acid Lab in GTA Online

In this mission, the players walk to the upper level of Ace Liquor. Here, they see some Fooliganz members harassing Ron.


After that incident, Ron introduces the GTA character to Dax, and Dax walks Ron through his plans to take over the drug trade of the city.

First Dose 2: Designated Driver

First Dose 1 - Get Acid Lab in GTA Online

After the first mission, Dax takes the players to an abandoned warehouse called the Freakshop. This place was earlier planned to be used as a storage space for entering into the drug trade by Fooliganz’s leader.

This mission starts off when Dax asks the players to pick up the party supplies from the trailer at the terminal. These supplies are owned by the Lost MC players and are much needed for starting production at the Freakshop.

A truck cab has to be stolen from the docks and connected to the trailer. Once done with this, the players have to go to the lost MC clubhouse to steal the plans.

First Dose 3: Fatal Incursion

First Dose 3 - Get Acid Lab in GTA Online

After players deliver the supplies and plans to the Freakshop, Dax will analyze these plans and call the players for the next mission. Now, the players have to move to Stab City, present on the outskirts of the Grand Senora Desert, in the GTA game.


The plan shows a large shipment being delivered to the location where Dax plans for the players to steal.

Now, the players have to visit Lost’s trailer park and damage as much as they can so that they do not process the shipment. Players will then head to Miller’s fishery to steal the shipment stored in the lab.

First Dose 4: Uncontrolled Substance

First Dose 4 - Get Acid Lab in GTA Online

This mission does not revolve around the Acid Lab. Whatever supplies have been procured through the previous missions are gathered at the Freakshop and are dedicated to the player’s characters.

First Dose 5: Make War Not Love

First Dose 5 - Get Acid Lab in GTA Online

After the acid experience ends, Dax makes calls to the players and informs them about attacking the competitor camps. The players will then join the camp in the desert, along with Dax and other Fooliganz members.

The players then have to destroy the competitor’s equipment and also track the delivery vehicles.


First Dose 6: Off the Rails

First Dose 6 - Get Acid Lab in GTA Online

This is the last mission where the players have to steal chemicals as requested by Labrats. Once they steal it, they need to head over to the station and divert the train to the wrong track and create a collision. From here, the player has to steal Brickade 6×6 from the Humane Labs and escape in it.

Dax will instruct you to travel to the Humane Labs and Research Center in Blaine County to steal Merryweather Securities of some chemical supplies once you complete the first five missions. Once you have gathered enough treasure, Dax will inform you when Merryweather trains to carry MTL Brickade 6×6 are approaching.

To derail the railroad and take the truck, you must arrive at the train in time. However, Merryweather guards in helicopters and SUVs will show up there, making the procedure challenging. After you’ve defeated them all and taken their vehicle, you need to bring it to the Freakshop so that it may be stored.

The truck may be upgraded inside the Freakshop, and the Acid Lab can be set up in the back cabin. You must complete 10 Fooligan Jobs to have access to the Equipment Upgrades for the company, but any improvements to the truck also benefit the Acid Lab.

Wrapping it All

In conclusion, the Acid Lab Business in GTA Online can be a lucrative venture for players looking to make a profit in the game. It requires a significant investment of time and money to get started, but with careful planning and strategic management, players can earn substantial returns.


However, it is important to note that this business also comes with risks, including potential legal trouble and competition from other players. Ultimately, players must weigh the potential rewards against the potential risks before deciding whether to invest in the Acid Lab Business in GTA Online.

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