GTA V Modding: QuantV vs. NaturalVision Evolved


  • GTA 5 has a huge user base; graphics and gameplay have been worked hard to keep up. 
  • However, two graphical mods are available in this game, i.e., QuantV and NaturalVision Evolved, which help you increase your visual experience. 
  • Luckily, if you need to learn about these mods, this guide is for you; here, we have mentioned all the needy information regarding QuantV and NaturalVision Evolved.
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Players around the world continue to be captivated by Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) because of its dynamic gameplay and open-world environment. In addition to its stunning visuals, the game’s longevity can be attributed to its captivating storyline.


With the help of modding communities, the graphics of the game have been enhanced over the years, making it a virtual playground filled with realism and beauty.

QuantV and NaturalVision Evolved have gained significant attention for their graphical enhancements in recent years.

In this article, you will learn about the visual showdown between these two mods, exploring their features, differences, and impact on the GTA V experience.

What are the Best GTA 5 Graphics Mods Which Bring Realism to the Game? 

It’s no secret that gamers and modders have always strived to achieve a level of realism that pushes the boundaries of what’s technically possible in games.

Creating breathtakingly lifelike visuals in GTA V is possible because of the sprawling cityscape of Los Santos and the surrounding areas. There are two examples of products that strive for realism in these two categories: QuantV and NaturalVision Evolved.


QuantV vs. NaturalVision Evolved

QuantV vs NaturalVision Evolved

So, if you want to know the difference between QuantV and NVE, then make sure to be with us until the end. 

#1. Natural Vision Evolved

Natural Vision Evolved

This is undoubtedly one of the most famous mods ever released for Grand Theft Auto 5. Natural Vision Remastered was a free mod authored by Razed (Natural Vision’s creator).

It was developed by modder Razed, who aims to recreate the feel of a real-life environment by creating a cinematic experience. This mod integrates various visual elements to form a coherent and breathtaking whole by seamlessly integrating them.

In NaturalVision Evolved, lighting and atmospheric effects are faithfully recreated to create the sense of a real-world experience.

In order for light interactions to be represented realistically, an advanced ray tracing solution is implemented in the mod, which results in a stunning array of reflections, shadows, and ambient lighting effects.


Besides lush foliage and highly detailed textures, the game’s attention to detail extends to its vegetation.

#2. QuantV: A Quantum Leap in Visual Enhancement

QuantV: A Quantum Leap in Visual Enhancement

As of now, this mod is still in its beta phase, but it is anticipated that the final version will be free of charge.

It appears to have gained a considerable amount of attention since it was first launched 3 months ago based on the increase in Patreon supporters. It took some time for QuantV 2.0 to gain decent popularity despite it being a well-known graphic mod.

To make the mod accessible to a wider range of gaming setups, it is intended to deliver a balance between realism and performance. In addition to improving lighting, weather effects, textures, and shaders, QuantV offers a variety of enhancements as well.

There is a cooler color theme on the QuantV as opposed to the NVE. You might enjoy a more realistic look without all the extra effects if you are looking for a more authentic look.


QuantV is renowned for its attention to detail in texture. Numerous textures have been reworked throughout the game, giving surfaces, structures, and objects a whole new look.

Lighting is also a meticulously designed aspect of QuantV, where realistic global illumination and accurate reflections are introduced.

Moreover, QuantV emphasizes the dynamics of weather. It enhances the game’s realism and immerses the player further in the game’s world through rain, fog, and other atmospheric conditions.

How are Both the Graphics Mods Different from Each Other?

How Are Both The Graphics Mods Different From Each Other?

So, here are some graphical differences between the mods:

#1. Lighting and Atmosphere

In NaturalVision Evolved, the use of ray tracing technology improves lighting and atmospheric effects, while NaturalVision Evolved doesn’t.


By utilizing advanced lighting techniques in NaturalVision, surfaces and shadows become more convincingly reflected, soft shadows are created, and the interaction between light and shadows is overall more realistic.

It is also suitable for a wider range of hardware configurations, as QuantV enhances lighting and also takes a more performance-oriented approach.

#2. Textures and Detail

It is evident in QuantV’s meticulously crafted surfaces that textures are an important part of the game, bringing a whole new level of realism to in-game objects and environments.

NaturalVision Evolved, however, focuses more on giving the viewer an overall visual experience rather than on an isolated detail.

Ultimately, the choice between QuantV and NaturalVision Evolved comes down to personal preference, with QuantV catering to texture aficionados and NaturalVision Evolved to the unity-lovers.


#3. Weather Effects

Rain and fog are transformed into captivating visual components in QuantV and NaturalVision Evolved.

In addition to the enhanced weather enhancements offered by QuantV, NaturalVision Evolved offers stunning lighting and ray tracing techniques to enhance weather effects.

In the end, one must decide between an atmospheric or scientific representation of weather dynamics.

#4. Impact on Gameplay and Performance

There is always a trade-off between improved visuals and performance when adding graphical enhancements. Although QuantV and NaturalVision Evolved are both working hard to strike a balance between the two, their approaches are quite different.

#5. QuantV’s Performance-Oriented Approach

It is one of QuantV’s key strengths to be able to offer significant visual improvements without significantly affecting performance. Because of this, it is an attractive option for gamers with a wide range of hardware specifications.


Players will enjoy enhanced visuals without sacrificing smooth gameplay with QuantV’s optimizations, thanks to the mod team behind it.

#6. NaturalVision Evolved’s Visual Fidelity

Using advanced technologies such as ray tracing, NaturalVision Evolved strives for unparalleled realism through visual fidelity.

Nevertheless, this emphasis on detail comes at the cost of higher performance requirements. If you own a powerful gaming rig, NaturalVision Evolved can deliver breathtaking visuals, but if you lack the horsepower, you might need to compromise on frame rates or visual settings.

Final Thoughts

Mods QuantV and NaturalVision Evolved contribute significantly to enhancing the graphics of GTA V. Players’ choice between the two ultimately comes down to their personal preferences.

That’s all we have for you on QuantV, and NaturalVision Evolved on GTA 5. It’s our hope that this guide has helped you. In the meantime, if you still face problems while choosing the visual mods, comment below and let us know. 


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