A Dummy’s Guide To RDM in GTA Roleplay

RDM in GTA Roleplay
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You’re a well-intentioned player of GTA RP, trying to make your way in the world—a world where you speak to other players as if you’re actually engaging them in conversation, as opposed to just making noises at them—and not accidentally killing or mugging anyone. 


One of the things that can be confusing about role-playing with humans is that they can do unpredictable things.

You might say something like “Hey, did you see what happened on the last episode of The Bachelor?” and then your friend might reply by pushing you off a cliff. 

RDM in GTA Roleplay

This is where RDM comes in. It’s an acronym for “random deathmatch,” but it really means any random act of aggression against another player that leads to one’s death without having a good story reason for doing so. 

Being killed because someone wanted to steal your car would be considered normal under RDM rules (because stealing cars is normal), but being murdered because someone thought their desired character name was better than yours would not be. 

RDM in GTA RP is both advantageous and disadvantageous; there are pros and cons to consider before engaging in this behavior.


If you choose wisely, however, the benefits will likely outweigh any drawbacks. Let’s now explore this concept in more detail in this article. 

What Does RDM Stand For in GTA RP? 

RDM stands for “Random Deathmatch.” This is a term used in FiveM, a modification of GTA V that enables roleplay-type servers to be run on PC.

RDM means that someone has killed you for no reason and with no prior interaction—in other words, you were randomly killed by another player.

While it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between legitimate character motives and RDM, an example of the latter would be if you were walking down the street when a random player came up next to you and shot you in the head with no explanation or context. 

This would happen in GTA RP if you had done nothing illegal recently and didn’t have any legal warrants against your character.


Which Servers Allow RDM? 

You’re free to RDM just about anyone. The only thing stopping you is your own conscience and the server rules!

This also means that if you want to RDM someone, you have to find a server that allows it. Not all servers allow RDM.

You can’t assume that every GTA RP server will let you do it—if you go in expecting to do it randomly, you might get banned before even logging in!

RDM in GTA Roleplay

A GTA RP server that lets its players kill each other at random will have something like “RDM Allowed” or “Kos Allowed” in the title or description of their server listing in FiveM. If it doesn’t say anything about RDMing people, assume it isn’t allowed.

There’s no shame in asking admins for clarification on whether or not killing is allowed on their server. It’s better than getting banned for accidentally breaking a rule!


What Are The Rules of RDM? 

As a beginner, it can be tempting to think that “random deathmatch” means an anything-goes free-for-all. After all, the name implies some sort of chaotic battle with no rules or consequences. 

If you want to avoid being the target of server justice, it’s best to understand the basic rules of RDM so you don’t put yourself in a position where your innocent online avatar can be brutally murdered.

You cannot RDM in safe zones, meaning that if someone is standing still and not posing any threat whatsoever, you shouldn’t go out of your way to kill them.

You also cannot RDM in-vehicle deathmatches since they are explicitly designed as competitive arenas where players compete on skill alone by using vehicles as weapons against their opponents. 

RDM in GTA Roleplay

It just wouldn’t be fair if someone was randomly killed while they were trying to do their best with the Lamborghini Aventador at their disposal!


As far as servers without hardcore mode go, RDM is usually not allowed since most people don’t like being randomly killed for no reason outside of a few designated areas (such as areas marked off for roleplay). 

Lastly, even if an area isn’t labeled as a safe zone or designated for something else entirely (like roleplay), you should generally avoid killing other players there because doing so may be considered bad sportsmanship.

How To Do RDM in GTA RP? 

If you want to RDM in the GTA RP universe, there are a few things you need to know. First, you need a target.

Do your research in advance if possible: is this someone who won’t be missed? Is this person’s death likely to help you achieve your long-term goals? 

You will also want to make sure that the person isn’t somehow protected from attack by server rules or other players’ personal agreements.


Some servers may require that certain situations be resolved with words alone (for example, two competing drug dealers might be required to settle their differences.)

If that’s the case and you kill an NPC with whom your character has unfinished business, then “fail RP” could apply—meaning it would be against roleplay rules—and your actions would be reported as such.

Make sure that doesn’t happen by talking to other players beforehand or by asking questions on Discord.

Once you have honed in on a particular person and confirmed they’re fair game for murdering, aim for a headshot and execute your plan using any weapon of your choosing.

It should fit whatever scenario makes sense for your character; just remember that it must also actually exist within the game world.  


Finally, don’t forget about getting away with the crime! One of the hallmarks of RDM is a hasty exit from the scene of the crime: sprinting off into the sunset while your victim bleeds out behind you.

How To Report RDM in GTA RP? 

If you’re trying to report a random deathmatch (RDM) offense in GTA RP, you’ll have to do it through the in-game reporting system. Using the in-game reporting system is relatively straightforward:

  • Make sure you have their name spelled correctly before hitting submit. Nothing worse than mistyping someone’s name—you don’t want to accidentally give them the boost they need to get famous off of your mistake.
  • Choose the correct category when submitting your report, or they might just ignore it altogether! They might even send you an email back asking if you know how to read instructions and suggesting where else you can go if you think they’re not wasting their time enough as it is. Not that we would know from experience or anything.
  • Back up your claim with screenshots of what happened, so that people will take your side—or at least be convinced not to immediately dismiss it as a joke request from someone who doesn’t understand what’s going on around here. 

Even if they are laughing at you behind closed doors (which is likely), at least they won’t be laughing out loud on a public forum where other players could laugh along with them and make fun of you for being so dumb about how this game works. 

Final Words 

Now that you’ve learned more about the basics of RDM and how to use it for your own entertainment, we hope you’ll give it a try. It’s a great way to blow off steam and inject some excitement into your life.

There are many games where RDM is actually against the rules, but if you’re playing on a server that allows it, why not take advantage?


Grand Theft Auto RP is such an interesting game because of all its different possibilities, so don’t be afraid to embrace them—especially when they’re as fun as RDM.

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