How to Change Your Name on Roblox (Display Name, Username)

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Some of you might not be knowing that Roblox enables you to change your account’s display name in the account settings, which is a free feature. This one is usually different from changing a Username.


How Can I Change My Display Name/Username?

  • Firstly, Log into your account (If you are facing problem in resetting your password then follow the steps given)
  • Then Go to account Settings

For Browser – find the gear-icon which is in the upper-right corner of the website.

how to change your name on roblox

For Mobile Apps –  You can see the three dots icon for More.

  •  Now Select Account Info
  •  You will see a pencil and paper-like icon select the Change Username button.
how to change your name on roblox
  • Enter your new Username accordingly.
  • Select Buy/Save.
how to change your name on roblox
  • When you refresh your page would  see that your Display Name is different from Username.

Also keep in mind that to change your username, you should have a verified email address and 1,000 Roblox. (If you are not having it, a button is displayed which will allow you to purchase them with your real money.)

If you are having enough Roblox, a pop-up notification window will appear. Enter the new username according to your choice with your account password. If the username is not taken already, you will see a green check tick then select “Buy for R$1,000.”

Points to remember before changing your username.

  • Your username and display name will only  be visible on Roblox and some associated experiences.
  • Make sure that you are putting your username correctly because it can be changed  once every seven days.
  • Whatever Display names you are putting, they must  follow Roblox Community Rules and terms of use, or you should  reset to your Username appropriately
  • It may be the chances that other players may also have the same display name as yours.

I hope this article may seem to be helpful to you, as we have mentioned in very easy steps how you can change your Roblox Display and username.

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