How to Get a Lachesis With Tetraja in Persona 5?


  • To get a Lachesis Persona using Tetraja in Persona 5, you must understand their unique traits, combine them, and master strategic planning.
  • It will take more than interacting with Caroline and Justin to improve the Strength Confidant in Persona 5.
  • If you want to get a Lachesis Persona using the Tetraja skill, you need to read this guide until the end. 
How to Get a Lachesis With Tetraja in Persona 5?
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In Persona 5, developing powerful Personas plays a crucial role in ensuring success in battles and progressing through the game’s intriguing plot. During the quest for the Lachesis Persona, gaining the Tetraja skill is one of the most advantageous combinations.


Lachesis Personas are renowned for their healing abilities, while Tetraja offers formidable protection against enemy status ailments. Here, in this article, we will explore the strategies and steps needed to achieve the most desired Tetraja with Lachesis in Persona 5

What is Lachesis Persona And Tetraja Skill?

What is Lachesis Persona And Tetraja Skill?
  1. Lachesis Persona: Lachesis has healing and support capabilities. As a battle tool, it is capable of restoring health and removing ailments through its powerful spells. Lachesis is associated with the Priestess Arcana, which symbolizes healing, nurturing, and feminine energy.
  2. Tetraja Skill: Tetraja protects against status ailments caused by enemies. In battle, Tetraja ensures strategic advantage by preventing any adverse status conditions from having an effect on the target, ensuring a limited duration of protection from adverse conditions.

How to Get a Lachesis With Tetraja in Persona 5?

In Persona 5, Caroline and Justine will request a Lachesis with Tetraja as an ability from players in order to rank up their Strength Confidant. You must be at least level 34, the base level of the Lachesis Persona (you cannot create a higher level Persona).

In order to obtain this specific Persona, one of the following combinations must be combined (neither combination will provide the necessary capability):

  • Koppa Tengu + Red Rider
  • Eligor + Unicorn
  • Ame-no-Uzume + Isis

After obtaining Lachesis, save the game. To inherit Tetraja, you must strengthen it by adding a Clotho. Sadly, strengthening will give you a random skill. Consequently, there is no way to say that the Tetraja skill will be passed down to you.

Due to the fact that the game is saved, you can repeat this method of strengthening with a Clotho until you acquire the Tetraja skill using the Clotho. There is no doubt that this will be tiring, but it is one of the best methods to achieve your goal.


To create cloth using the second method, you must fuse Pixie with Silky. Once Clotho is level 27, it will be able to learn Tetraja. After that, you will get Lachesis with Tetraja as part of her ability, by fusing Clotho with Tetraja ability.

After fusing Lamia and Sandman, Principality will be created with Tetraja inherited from the fusion. The next step is to fuse Principality with Yaksini, and it will give you Ame-no-Uzume. In the last step, merge Ame-no-Uzume with Isis to obtain Lachesis with Tetraja.

How to Use Lachesis with Tetraja Effectively?

How to Get a Lachesis With Tetraja in Persona 5? 1

Now that you’ve successfully gotten Lachesis with Tetraja in Persona 5, you can maximize its potential in battle:

  1. Healing and Support: If your party members are in need of healing, Lachesis’ innate healing abilities can assist them. To restore health and counter damage, use spells like Media, Diarama, and Diarahan.
  2. Tetraja Strategy: Tetraja can be activated preemptively to prevent status ailments from being inflicted on your party by an enemy. In addition to protecting your team from debilitating effects, this skill ensures continuous productivity.
  3. Persona Synergy: Enhance Lachesis’ strengths by combining them with other Personas. To achieve a balanced gameplay experience, you need a mixture of offensive, defensive, and support-focused Personas to create a well-rounded party.
  4. Leveling and Growth: Increase your Lachesis Persona’s level and strength to unlock higher-tier healing and support abilities. The best way to maximize its potential is to select the appropriate skills during level-up, along with skill cards that may be used to inhere skills.
  5. Battle Tactics: With Tetraja, you can customize your battle strategies according to the specific strengths of your Lachesis Persona. You should adjust the skills you select and the formation of your party in response to the different types of enemies and encounters.

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