Mobile Legends Phoveus Guide – Builds, Spells, and Gameplay Strategy

Mobile Legends Phoveus Guide - Builds, Spells, and Gameplay Strategy
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Choosing the right type of hero as per the enemy lineup is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects to gain a tactical advantage and improve your chances of winning over the competitors. You must choose the one that matches your playstyle to ensure your allies win. 


The Fighter hero class is one such faction in mobile legends that’s both comfortable to most of the players and holds a significant contribution to the team. One such capable fighter is Phoveus who belongs to the S class fighter category in the July 2022 Tier List. 

As he belongs to the front line in the battle, he needs to be equipped with the right builds and spells to gain certain advantages and slay more enemies.

Mobile Legends Phoveus Guide - Builds, Spells, and Gameplay Strategy

Check out this guide to know more about mobile legends Phoveus guide – builds, spells, and gameplay strategy.

Phoveus Skills in Mobile Legends 

Phoveus has four unique sets of skills: three activities and a passive. These skills are inclined to enhance your chase and control abilities to outperform your enemies. Here, we’ll understand each of his skills in detail: 

Skill 1 – Malefic Terror 

Mana – 50/53/56/59/62/65


Using this skill, Phoveus will attack the enemies with his weapon Astaros. Upon hitting the enemy successfully, he will gain a shield of amount 0/110/220/330/440/550 along with an additional 25% movement speed for the next three seconds. 

During this time, the hero can also deal magic damage up to 275/325/375/425/475/525 to the enemies. If the Astaros Dread touches any nearby enemy, it will also exert damage to them. The skill can also be used against the creeps to farm gold faster. 

If you manage to deal damage to the same enemy twice in a row or more, the damage will be 75% less than the earlier one. The cooldown for Malefic Terror is  8.5/8/7.5/7/6.5/6 seconds and can accommodate a maximum number of three charges only. 

Once you fully stack this skill, you can deal 150% damage to minions, but without a circle damage effect. 

Mobile Legends Phoveus Guide - Builds, Spells, and Gameplay Strategy

Skill 2 – Astaros Eye 

Mana – 100/ 105/ 110/ 115/ 120/ 125


With the help of this skill, Phoveus produces a demonic circle that deals 100/120/140/160/180/200 attack damage to the enemies, and the circle pulls the enemy closer after one second while dealing additional magic damage of 250/300/350/400/450/500. 

Mobile Legends Phoveus Guide - Builds, Spells, and Gameplay Strategy

Ultimate – Demonic Force 

By using Demonic Force, if any enemy tries to use a blink or charge skill near Phoveus, he will instantly mark them out. Then Phoveus automatically leaps towards the enemy while dealing magic damage equal to 380/480/580 along with a shield of 200/300/400. 

After triggering the third skill, it only remains active for three seconds and can be maxed up to 12 seconds at most. 

Mobile Legends Phoveus Guide - Builds, Spells, and Gameplay Strategy

Passive – Demonic Intuition 

With the Demonic Intuition passive, when Phoveus uses any blink or charge skill within a radius of eight yards, his skill cooldown will be reduced by one second, which allows him to use his skills more frequently and gain more damage output on the enemy. 

You should try triggering this passive when you are near two or more enemies as this passive skill can be stacked and gradually reduce your CD. 

Mobile Legends Phoveus Guide - Builds, Spells, and Gameplay Strategy

Recommended Build Sets for Phoveus 

If you want to become an Op Phoveus player, then you have to choose the right build for him to make the most out of his CC, Shield, Burst, and Mobility skills. Let’s take a look at the perfect build suited for Phoveus players: 

Clock of Destiny 

As Phoveus is a fighter hero with magic damage abilities, you should also consider focusing on his damage output first. With the help of the clock of destiny, he will gain +60 magic damage along with +615 HP and +600 mana. 

Additionally, the item will also provide him with increased magic damage. With the help of this item, Phoveus can gain an early-game advantage over the enemies. You will even gain additional attack speed to rotate faster between the lanes. 

Mobile Legends Phoveus Guide - Builds, Spells, and Gameplay Strategy

Warrior Boots 

While Phoveus belongs to the Fighter hero class, he has certain abilities that also make him similar to a mage. However, the exp lane is the most suited for this hero, which is where the other fighter heroes with insane physical damage exist. 

You should consider enhancing your physical defense with an item like Warrior Boots. This item provides you with additional five points of physical defense every time you receive a basic attack of up to 25 points in under three seconds. 


You should try building Warrior Boots early in the game, so you can focus on building offensive items earlier by stacking small defenses in the beginning. Making it later will make no sense as the enemy will probably have higher attack potential by then. 

Make sure to also make the most out of his first skill stack to dominate your lane faster. Your job is to push the enemy and make him retreat while reducing the damage you receive with an item like Warrior Boots. 

Mobile Legends Phoveus Guide - Builds, Spells, and Gameplay Strategy

Alternatively, you can also use Demon Shoes. 

Demon Shoes 

If you want to enhance the image aspect of Phoveus more in the game, then Demon Shoes certainly fits the bill for you. This item will help him passively regenerate the used mana. Moreover, the concentrated energy will increase his magic powder further. 

In addition, the item also provides a +25% lifesteal and this skill’s unique passive ability helps you recover 10% of your HP after killing an enemy. 

Mobile Legends Phoveus Guide - Builds, Spells, and Gameplay Strategy


Oracle is the next item you should consider building on priority for Phoveus. It allows you to increase the shield output of your hero and provide additional HP regeneration. The item also provides +850 HP and +42 Magic Damage, reducing your skills’ cooldown by +10%. 

You can also consider building Bruteforce Breastplate along with this item to provide additional durability against classic physical damage heroes with the help of its +770 HP and +45 physical defense, along with a passive that increases your movement speed by 3% after using a skill. 

It can even be stacked up to five times and can also be triggered with the basic attack. With oracle as a pair, you will be able to withstand even the hardest of blows from the enemy, and if you receive adequate support from teammates you can easily gain some kills and assists. 

Mobile Legends Phoveus Guide - Builds, Spells, and Gameplay Strategy


Given that you can only build a limited number of items, the final and one of the most important items that you should try building is Immortality. It gives the player a second chance after losing his life in combat. 

This is particularly necessary when enemies suddenly gank you and your teammates are still on the way. That’s all about the necessary build and items for Phoveus in mobile legends. 

Mobile Legends Phoveus Guide - Builds, Spells, and Gameplay Strategy

Recommended Spells and Emblem for Phoveus 

As Phoveus mostly depends on the magic damage he exerts while using his fighter abilities, you should consider using the custom Mage emblem for him. You should set the talent points so that you gain additional movement speed and magic penetration to make the hero stronger. 

Also, consider using magic worship talent to deal additional burning damage after performing a full combo. You can add agility +3, observation +3, and magic worship +1 with the help of the talent points available. 

Mobile Legends Phoveus Guide - Builds, Spells, and Gameplay Strategy

Talking about the battle spell, the best-suited one is Flameshot for Phoveus. You can use it for various instances like killing dot-life enemies, escaping death, and even performing your ultimate. As an alternative, you can also use execute to eliminate low HP enemies. 

Phoveus Mobile Legends Pros and Cons 

  • Can easily counter agile heroes

  • Hard to bypass CC skills

  • Extremely high burst damage

  • Low skill cooldown time

  • Has a slow attack speed

  • Doesn’t have an adequate escape skill

  • Complex to master

Best Skill Combos for Phoveus 

Combo 1 – To pick up opponents one on one 

For this combo, you first have to use the second skill at the enemy so he is stuck in a blink, and then activate the third skill to inflict damage on the opponent. Follow the combo by immediately executing the first skill after performing your ultimate. 

If the opponent still has some HP left after this, then use the second skill once again to activate the ultimate and knock the enemy down. 


Combo 2 – For ganking opponents 

If you encounter an enemy who’s mostly ganking on you, then you should be wise with the use of your ultimate. If you use the ultimate at the wrong time, it won’t take much for the enemy to beat you up badly. 

So, begin by spamming the most out of your first skill. The first skill has a unique effect that reflects the damage back to the enemy hero, which means, the more enemy heroes nearby, the greater the magic damage you will exert. 

You should also make the most out of the second skill by annoying the enemy gank. When you are in a safe position, you can perform the first combo to slay the enemy gank down.  

Tips To Win in MLBB Using Phoveus 

When Phoveus was introduced, he quickly became one of the most picked fighters in the game due to his amazing dash/blink skills, making him a perfect match to chase and slay down enemies. Here are some pro Phoveus tips to help you play efficiently with this character: 

  • Make sure you always look out for enemies with charge and blink skills. When nearby these enemies, Phoveous’s ultimate can be triggered, so you can land a killer blow on your target while also reducing your cooldown time. 
  • Learn the Astaros Dread completely and take advantage of the abilities it provides. When you use your first skill, the Astaros spreads and provides increased movement speed to Phoveus along with an additional shield for a small time. It can work great as a last-minute escape tool. 
  • Phoveus requires a considerable amount of Mana to be able to sustain and spam his skills, which needs building the oracle necessary to increase the overall defense and provide additional Mana to him. 
  • You can use his second skill to reveal the enemies who are hiding in the bush to perform a possible ambush. It can also be used to invade the enemy Jungle and unlock your ultimate faster. 
  • While chasing down enemies with very low HP, make sure you keep spamming your ultimate. This makes it easier for you to kill the enemies if they are using blink or dash skills.
  • When you are upgrading the skills of Phoveus, prioritize the first skill and max it to the full. Then, focus on his second skill, and then the ultimate. 

Phoveus Gameplay Strategy To Perform Better 

Phoveus holds a good rank in the latest tier list and is also an easy-to-use, but complex to master hero. He can easily deal with 1v2 situations, provided that you use his skills wisely. Here’s a well-laid gameplay strategy that should help you understand how to play Phoveus: 


Early Game 

As a fighter, you must go to the Exp lane to level up faster and unlock skill 1. Consider purchasing a Mana necklace at this point to clear the minion waves and then move towards the lizard to gain additional Exp. 

After around 45 seconds, take down the small gold crab and with the help of the support of your mid laner, invade the enemy buff as well. If the enemy is not letting you steal the jungle, then head back to your lane and clear minions again. 

You should prioritize Clock of Destiny in terms of item and continuously cast skill 1 on your enemies to gain a shield. 


At this phase, you have to be extra cautious with your gameplay. Make sure you do not feed the enemies by getting lured into their team. Use your skill two at most to unlock your ultimate and try pushing the enemy turret whenever possible. 

Also, try taking down the turtle at this stage too. However, make sure you do not leave your lane often, but take some quick rotations to help your team score some kills. 


Late Game 

If the enemy has any previous experience with Phoveous, they know that by using blink skills and running towards the turret, they can get you inside it. However, you don’t have to fall for their bait and prevent panicking in a team fight. 

You should cast your spells properly and adequately use your passive to gain cooldown reductions. When you are chasing enemies with low HP, make sure you keep spamming your ultimate to gain easy kills. 

Final Words 

All in all, Phoveus is a very deadly and skillful fighter who also serves as a mage for the team. You can easily dominate the game early and push faster by positioning him perfectly on the battlefield and using his skills correctly.

We hope you found this guide helpful in enhancing your Phoveus gameplay. 

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