How to Get Map in Satisfactory?

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Satisfactory’s gameplay involves exploring new planets, collecting resources, and building factories. The game surprises its players, especially in the initial part.


Unlike other open-world games, Satisfactory lets you explore the planet and collect resources without hints.

Thus, you can’t use a map if you are stuck in the game. However, you will get the map as you proceed in the game.

Get Map in Satisfactory

If you are also wondering when you will get the map satisfactory. Or where will you find the map? You’ve come to the right place.

This guide will help you unlock the map adequately so that you can navigate with ease. Once you get the map, you can find resources quickly, navigate faster, and locate almost everything in the game.

So, without any further delay, let’s begin.


How to Get Map in Satisfactory?

As you proceed in the game, having a map becomes a necessity. The map helps you in exploration and makes your gameplay smoother.

Also, Satisfactory’s play area is approximately 5.5 km by 5.5 km, which is a pretty large area to cover!

Moreover, it takes up to 50 mins on average to cover the whole play area. Thus, having a map helps you to collect resources faster. 

Simply put, you must progress in the game to get the map. Once you explore the Molecular Analysis Machine, you can research the Quartz to unlock the map.

Firstly, you will have to complete the Tier 1 Field Research Challenge. On doing so, You will unlock the Molecular Analysis Machine. M.A.M or Molecular Analysis Machine helps you with its research tress.


However, the research tress results depend on the collected resources. To find Quarts, you will have to complete the Tier 2 hub. After you have collected all the resources, you can initiate the Quartz research chain. Further, you will get small nodes along with other resources. 

To launch the research chain, you must situate a regular miner on the deposit. The research chain will finish after you collect ten crystal oscillators and beacons. Once the research chain is done, you will unlock the map.

Get Map in Satisfactory

How to Use The Map in Satisfactory? 

Once you’ve unlocked the map, you can view the explored areas on the map. By default, you can access the map with the Z key. Along with the play area, the map showcases several other essential features:

  • Player position
  • Dropped crates
  • Hub locations
  • Vehicle Location
  • Resource nodes
  • Power slugs
  • Creatures 

These help you navigate better. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At what stage does the map unlock?

After completing tier 1, you will get the map. Once it is unlocked, you can access the map in the bottom right of the screen.

How does the map help to progress?

The map showcase several handy pointers like the Player’s position, Death crates, unlocked vehicles, HUB, MAM, beacon, resource location, and many more. These pointers help you to save time while searching for resources and building bases. 

Can I sort specific icons in the map? 

Yes, you can manage the shown icons on the map. The map filter feature allows you to toggle on/off certain icons to organize the map per your requirement.

The Conclusion

If you were still looking for the Satisfactory, we hope you have found it by now. Additionally, you can also check out the Satisfactory Map calculator. It has helped many players to save time while exploring new regions. Upload the saved game file on the Satisfactory Map calculator to get a map representation.


Thus, you can enjoy the map features without actually unlocking the map in Satisfactory. Additionally, the map showcases several areas like water regions and other terrains.

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