How To Reset PS4 Controller (Soft and Hard Reset)

PS4 Controller
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As you know, When the PS4 controller fails to work, like not connecting to the PC, at that point in time you can face trouble with your PS4 system. So, to deal with this, you can select to perform a PS4 controller reset.


If you look into  PS4 controllers, peculiarly the DualShock 4 controllers ones, are known for their high persistence and good quality. However, some unfortunate errors can be caused.

The issue which you are facing can be fixed too only if you know the correct way to reset the PS4 controller is beneficial in such types of cases.

Do you want to know, how to reset PS4 Controller? Basically, the PS4 controller has two reset aspects: soft reset and hard reset. So, in this article, we will tell you how you can reset a PS4 controller.

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How to Reset PS4 Controller (Soft method)

In this part, we will tell you how you can reset the PS4 controller (Soft Reset). A soft reset is turning a device or a computer off and then on again, which removes the memory and also fixes many errors.


For performing a PS4 controller reset, you have to reset the connection between the console and the controller. But to do this, you have to prepare a working PS4 controller. If not doing that, you have to navigate to the hard reset part.

Here we are mentioning how you can soft reset a PS4 controller.

  • Firstly, Login to your PS4 controller (with the working one) and then navigate to the Settings.
How to Reset PS4 Controller
  • After that, select Device, which will be in the drop-down menu.
How to Reset PS4 Controller
  • Now click on Bluetooth Devices.
How to Reset PS4 Controller
  • After doing this you will see that all PS4 controllers are listed there. Select the abnormal one accordingly.
How to Reset PS4 Controller
  • Now press the Options button on the controller, which is at the front of the touchpad.
How to Reset PS4 Controller
  • Pop up window will be shown, select Forget device.
How to Reset PS4 Controller
  • Doing this if you  forgot the malfunctioning PS4 controller. Then you can also  turn off the PS4.
  • To connect the inactive PS4 controller to your PC, use a USB cable.
  • Make it on and wait for it to get  booted up.
  • At last log in.

How to Reset PS4 Controller (Hard Reset)

In the above part, we have mentioned how you can soft reset the PS4 controller. Here we will tell you that you can reset the PS4 Controller hard reset. To solve some problems, a hard reset will revert the device to the factory default settings.

Here are the steps to do so:

  • Firstly, turn off the PS4 controller.
  • Then, turn over the DualShock 4 controller, and you will see the small hole which is inset to the left shoulder button.
How to Reset PS4 Controller
  • After that, disentangle one end of the paper clip and embed it to push the button covered inside the hole.
  • Now press the button in continuation for 5 seconds.
  • With the help of USB cable connect the controller to the PS4.
  • Turn on the PS4 and wait till it boot up your PS4

Are you still facing problems with your PS4 Controller?

If you are still facing problems with your controller, then try to restart your modem or router. Make sure that you’ll lose Internet access so inform everyone in the house before heading forward.  


If you are not able to sync your PS4 controller, then you can go through the steps for doing a hard reset with your modem or router, but make sure that it should be turned off. If you’re pairing your device, it is still uncertain. You can simply do this by modem or router off.  

Is it working fine now? So now you can change the channel while using your router. You can see any guide on the internet for changing the channel or can also consult your internet provider.  

General FAQs

Why do we need to Reset the PS4 Controller?

We need this reset because it helps in malfunctioning the overall PS4 Controller.

What is meant by PS4 Controller reset?

A controller reset removes all pre-stored data and relapses the device back to default OR factory settings.

Conclusion – Reset PS4 Controller

If we see PS4 consoles are quite hard, and usually they do not malfunction easily, it is not uncommon. But like everything has a solution if we solve it in the correct way by following tips and tricks that we can surely overcome these issues timely.

However, the use of soft reset and hard reset options in the device can make a hefty difference in fixing this issue.

In this article, it has been told in very simple steps about soft and hard reset of the  PS4 controller malfunctions. The steps mentioned in this article are certainly easy to follow through.


If you face these types of issues, you can utilize these tricks and solve the problem. We hope this article helped in fixing your PS4 Controller issue.

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