Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboards: Which One to Choose?

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If you use your computer most of the day then pretty much each accessory involved plays a big part in the daily productivity.


And if you are a typer then the keyboard might be one of the most essential things you use on a daily basis. When it comes to keyboards: it is the battle of mechanical vs membrane keyboards.

In this article, I am going to compare mechanical vs membrane keyboards so that you can select the best one for yourself.

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Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboards

So when I say mechanical vs membrane keyboards, I am basically talking about the switches these keyboards use.

The switches are present just below the keys and register your responses when you press a key. These responses are then sent to the computer for processing.


Both mechanical and membrane keyboards have their own pros and cons so let’s understand them one by one.

Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboards
Photo by Maik Poblocki from Pexels

You might have seen mechanical keyboards at your gamer friend’s house or somewhere else. Mechanical keyboards are very in these days and they are a go-to choice for many gamers and typists.

A mechanical keyboard has individual moving parts with springs and stuff. Also, every key has a switch of its own and on top of it, you have a keycap.

So whenever you press a key on a mechanical keyboard, the keycap goes down, and then the switch goes down with it. That is how a keypress is registered.

Cherry MX or MX are some of the most common types of switches on a mechanical keyboard. Many brands use these switches so that they can accommodate keycaps from different brands.


With mechanical keyboards, you can get different switches that have different feelings. The common ones include tactile, linear, and clicky.

So the linear ones are the quietest among the three, tactile ones have a very tactile feeling when you press them. Finally, the click one has a lot of travel and they make a lot of noise when you press them.

There are many reasons why people love mechanical keyboards: they’re tactile, more responsive, more durable, accurate compared to membrane keyboards.

However, there are some other things to keep in mind as well. The thing is that these are great for gaming no doubt but they make a lot of noise and they are also very expensive compared to membrane keyboards.


  • More tactile and responsive
  • More accurate
  • Great for gaming
  • Very Durable


  • Quite expensive
  • Makes a lot of noise while using

Membrane Keyboards

Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboards

So membrane keyboards are the keyboards that use membrane switches. However, these aren’t really switches compared to mechanical switches.


Membrane keyboards do not have individual moving parts but instead, they have pressure pads.

In a typical membrane key, you have three layers. The top is where you press the key, then there is a middle layer made up of holes that allow the pressure pads under the key to passing through. The second layer then makes contact with the third layer which has conductive traces. So that is how it registers a keypress.

The middle layer in membrane keyboards is often rubber or silicone making it water-resistant. So while using a membrane keyboard you might feel soft or mushy feedback.

Membrane keyboards are still quite popular and used by many people as they are quieter, cheaper compared to mechanical keyboards.


  • Quieter compared to mechanical keyboards.
  • Very affordable
  • Have a mushy or spongey feeling
  • Usually water-resistant


  • Not durable
  • Not good for long-term use
  • Cleaning them is quite hard
  • Registers only one keystroke at a time

Final Verdict – Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboards

So now comes the important question that is: Which one is good for gaming or typing? After using both types of keyboards, I can say that it just really depends on your style.


I used a membrane keyboard for a very long time but I had to get a new one because it got damaged. So I got myself a mechanical keyboard.

It turns out, I am really into mechanical keyboards these days and I really enjoy using my mechanical keyboard.

Although there are some other things to consider. For example, the mechanical keyboards make a lot of noise and that’s alright if you are at home but I found myself being stared at by people in the library and other public spaces when I use my mechanical keyboard with my laptop.

So the bottom line is that mechanical keyboards are good compared to membrane keyboards and for gaming, you should get a mechanical keyboard only.

But if you want a quieter and soft feeling while typing, you can go for the membrane one. And that was all about mechanical vs membrane keyboards. Which one do you use?


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