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Mojang’s revolutionary sandbox survival game, Minecraft, celebrated the 12th anniversary of its launch a couple of months ago. Often termed as one of the world’s most influential games, this exceptional title still remains relevant and continues to attain new and seasoned gamers alike. 


The game has had several amazing updates that reinvented its possibilities and expanded its intriguing metaverse. One of the most impactful of these updates was the ‘World of Colors’ update, released on March 13, 2017. 

It was this update that added all the vibrant and bright blocks you see in the game today. The ‘World of Colors’ patch also added new mobs and items like parrots in several blends, recipe books, and even made the beds dyeable. 

A lot had been changed visually post this update, which added a new approachability and appeal to the game.

However, it’s not to say that the update was spotlessly perfect, as nothing truly is. There’s one exclusive feature added to the game in this update, hated truly by players worldwide. 

Introducing the ‘Narrator’, a companion function that reads out the text in the chat. Designed exclusively for those with impaired vision, the function is tweakable in terms of what would you like the Narrator to dictate, including options like system messages, chats, command outputs, and more. 


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What is Minecraft’s narrator feature? 

Narrator Minecraft - How to Turn Off Narrator in Minecraft
Minecraft Chat Settings Window

From an accessibility perspective, the narrator feature appears quite handy for players having difficulty in reading small text. It may also assist you during multiplayer sessions when you’re into action and need to stay updated with the team status. 

The function verbalizes certain text in the game, including chat and system messages, command outputs, and notifications. However, if you’re someone with perfect eyesight, you may find the narrator quite obnoxious, or perhaps, annoying. 

Maybe you accidentally pressed a key combination that triggered this feature, and now you aren’t sure of your way back. Fortunately, there are various surefire ways to turn off narrator in Minecraft, which we’re about to explore in this blog post. 

How to Turn Off Narrator in Minecraft? 

While Minecraft’s platform compatibility is unparalleled, there’s certainly a lot of opaqueness regarding the different editions available for varying operating systems and consoles.


There’s the classic version, the Java edition, Bedrock, and even a pocket edition for the game available. 

Yet, even with so much vagueness throughout its distribution, it still supports cross-platform play and manages to keep most of the functions identical across multiple platforms.

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Whether you play Minecraft on your PC, PS4, or Xbox, the steps below should be able to work everywhere: 

  • Begin by saving any unsaved adventure you have on the screen. As you’re about to change some in-game settings, it is recommended to quit the session before making the changes to prevent any malfunctioning in the gameplay 
  • From the main screen, access the ‘Settings’ option by clicking on it 
  • Then, choose the ‘Accessibility’ option, located at the top of the new interface 
  • Disable the ‘Enable UI Screen Reader’ and ‘Enable text to speech for chat’ toggle by sliding them to the left 

Once done, you can feel free to load your world and embark on the adventure without any hindrance from the ‘Narrator’ feature. 

Narrator in Minecraft - How to Turn Off Narrator in Minecraft
Turn Off Narrator in Minecraft

Is there any shortcut to access the narrator quickly?

Yes, if you press the Ctrl + B key together on your keyboard, you’ll be able to cycle through the different narrator settings namely All, Chat, and System. It starts with the ‘All’ settings and progresses as you press the shortcut again. 


This method is only applicable for Windows PCs.

Bottom Line 

Most often when new players accidentally enable the ‘Narrator’ feature in the game, it may take them a while to identify what’s happening, let alone even thinking of mitigation.

That’s why this guide serves as a one-stop solution for those looking to get rid of this annoying feature in their game. 

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