20 Things to Build in Minecraft Survival


  • Minecraft survival offers an endless array of possibilities for construction.
  • Every structure you build for your Minecraft world adds depth and character, regardless of whether you build for practicality or aesthetic reasons. 
  • It doesn’t matter if it is a car or a giant statue; if you can imagine it, you can probably make it.
  • So, let’s get started with our guide and see the list of things to build in Minecraft Survival. 
Floating Island
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Players can unleash their creativity and build magnificent structures in Minecraft’s vast virtual world, a wildly popular sandbox game.


Even though Minecraft’s creative mode lets players construct without limitations, the game’s survival mode is at its core.

As players navigate the blocky wilderness, they must gather resources, fend off hostile creatures, and build innovative structures to survive.

To help you transform your world into a thriving masterpiece, we explore 20 exciting things you can build in Minecraft survival that are sure to challenge your creativity and improve your survival skills.

What are the Things to Build in Minecraft Survival?

So, here are some basic things to build in Minecraft Survival:

#1. Auto Farms

Auto Farms - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

Adventurers can find farming tedious, walking around, picking up crops, replanting when needed, chop crops by hand. In addition to harvesting Red Stone and using some rudimentary electronics, you can set up an auto-farm to do all this for you.


In wheat farms, cascading water is the easiest method of harvesting, and in sugar farms, pistons yield the best results. However, don’t neglect animals – the convenience of being able to access raw animal products at any time is wonderful.

#2. Massive Nether Portal

Massive Nether Portal - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

You’re not required to adhere to the standard Nether Portal frame just because there is a standard one. In 1.7.2, portals have been expanded to a minimum of 4 by 5 and can be as large as 23 by 23.

Create your own theme around your portals by showing the twisting Nether encroaching on the overworld.

Nether Portals make ideal base designs since you’ll be jumping in and out to farm Blaze Rods and other materials unique to the Nether.

#3. Nether Highways

Nether Highways - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

Nether blocks are equivalent to 8 overworld blocks. The Nether is similar to the outside world in terms of distance, so traveling ten blocks in it is like traveling 80 blocks outside it.


By utilizing this information, you may be able to travel obscenely fast around the Nether on your Minecraft map.

With highways of ice covered in glass walls and fully lit and enclosed, your Minecraft world generation will allow you to travel at breathtaking speeds. Doing this correctly takes time, but your server will appreciate it.

#4. Themed Cities

Themed Cities - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

Have you built everything you need? It is not uncommon for Minecraft survival players to construct entire cities that they live in with their friends and villages.

If you have patience and competence, you can effectively build anything in Minecraft, whether it is an actual recreation of a city from The Lord of the Rings or an entirely original creation.

#5. The Underground Minecraft Base

The Underground Minecraft Base - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

Players are encouraged to build ever upward, with specially crafted effects, through the Minecraft base building mechanic. In spite of the fact that many players will spend a great deal of time mining underground stones and ore, this may seem strange to some people.


However, a base underground has nothing to fear from spectacle – from lava-based lighting to cavernous courtyards and a multitude of secret entrances – the sky is no longer the limit. It should be well-lit to avoid the possibility of hostile mobs spawning unless that were your plan in the first place.

#6. Library With an Enchanting Station

Library With an Enchanting Station - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

Minecraft survival players need books to enchant their world, whether they find them in villages or craft them using leather and paper. Regardless of how you accomplish it, you’ll need to spend a decent amount of time collecting resources.

Then, you’ll have to roll enchantments until the best Minecraft enchantments appear after everything is in place. If you’re spending time in a room, make sure that it’s meticulously decorated.

#7. Build a Beacon in Minecraft

Build a Beacon in Minecraft - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

Many players neglect beacons because they require a lot of resources and a lot of space, but beacons provide fantastic buffs to all friendly players.

With necrite added recently, beacon strength has achieved yet another step forward, with a single pyramid stacking six beacons to get the most impact with the least resources.


It is important that you plan beacons properly so they enclose everything in your base.

#8. Treehouse

Treehouse - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

The trunk of the tree could be made out of wood blocks, or you could use an existing tree (it must be large enough).

Make sure that all the wood you use is the same type so the final product looks consistent. Whenever you reach a certain height, create your base as usual.

Be sure to include a trapdoor, a ladder, and some leaves as well. If you have enough time and materials, you could even build a whole fantasy treetop city.

#9. Build Fountains

Fountains - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

To enhance the beauty of your backyard, you can build a fountain if your garden seems a bit bland. On the internet, you can find a variety of fountain designs. Of course, you are also free to design your own designs.


You can build multiple smaller fountains around your house if your base is quite large, or build a giant fountain to match your aesthetics. Whatever fountain you choose will undoubtedly be worth your time, whether it is a simple fountain around the garden or a huge one resembling a person.

#10. Build Rail System

Build Rail System - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

Rails are one of the best ways in Minecraft to travel between places. It is, therefore, possible to build a train system if your world has farms, buildings, and power rails scattered throughout.

It is also possible to dig tunnels and build subway systems if you don’t like rails going everywhere in the world. In comparison with walking or riding a horse, it is hidden and gets you to your destination more quickly.

#11. Watch Tower

Watch Tower - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

It is very useful to keep an eye on your base from watchtowers. Whether creepers or zombies creep up on your home, you can use your bow and arrows to kill the enemies by shooting them from the watchtower.

You can build a simple or impressive watchtower, depending on what you want to accomplish. Hence, you need to be creative in order to make your watchtower as unique and eye-catching as possible.


#12. Build a Lighthouse

Build a Lighthouse - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

At sea, the night can be quite dark, and you can easily get lost. There is no doubt that a lighthouse can solve that problem.

Lighthouses can be constructed on the beach as giant structures, like watchtowers. You can easily find your way back home by using the lighthouse whenever you are out at sea, especially late at night.

#13. Build a Windmill

Build a Windmill - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

In your world, windmills can look very pretty. If you already have one, your barn will surely be completed with a windmill.

If you place a tall windmill in your garden, the whole area will appear to be a farm. You should remember that your windmill will look best when its size is appropriate for the surrounding builds.

#14. Iron Farm

 Iron Farm - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

It is not necessary for a new world to have iron farms. Players can build an iron farm if the spawn location is close to a village. As a defense mechanism, villagers spawn iron golems when they are scared. In order to build an iron farm, players can use these mechanisms.


As long as players build iron farms without using zombies, they won’t have to worry about capturing them. There is a possibility that villagers can spawn iron golems naturally, but the downside is that the farm will take a long time to produce it.

#15. A Traditional Crop Farm

Crop Farm - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

Even in a world with a limited amount of resources, it is not always possible to build highly efficient farms in Minecraft. In a new survival world, it’s great to make an old-fashioned crop farm.

After plowing the dirt near the water and planting the seeds, players can use a hoe to get the seeds started. Players can harvest crops and turn them into food after they have grown. Moreover, crop farms provide animals with resources for breeding.

#16. Observatory

Observatory - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

Consider building an observatory on a high mountain peak so that you can reach the stars. Observe the stars in a serene and awe-inspiring atmosphere with the beauty of architecture.

#17. Giant Statues

Giant Statues - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

Whether it is a giant statue of a legendary creature, a hero, or even a giant statue of yourself, you can challenge your artistic skills. Adding detail and creating an impressive display is easy with various blocks.


#18. Aquarium

Aquarium - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

It doesn’t matter how big or small an aquarium is; it always attracts attention, bringing people from across the globe to view marine creatures.

It seems like there are always more water-dwelling creatures in Minecraft. There is no better time than now to build your own aquarium by yourself.

There are no limitations when it comes to choosing a tank, whether it is a small one for your home or a large one. You can explore underwater areas comfortably when you reach the endgame content threshold.

When you catch fish and have more opportunities to meet them and display them, you’ll have a greater chance of adding them to your exhibits.

#19. Floating Island

Floating Island - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

In Minecraft, building a floating island is quite easy, thanks to the game’s mechanics. Using the bottom of the island as a starting point, you can build a pillar up to the height that you desire.


Creating a post-apocalyptic floating island with a crumbling city is possible if you are motivated enough. You can also build a regular floating city if you are not certain about the post-apocalyptic island.

You might even go for a smaller floating island if you want to give your world a more magical and alchemist feel.

#20. Mineshaft

Mineshaft - Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

Having access to mining is one of the most important things you can do in Minecraft to maintain or improve your equipment. In order to collect ore and other raw materials, you can dig straight into the ground, but a dedicated mineshaft makes the process safer and easier. 

Mineshafts are best constructed by building a stairway into bedrock before digging straight lines in either direction at different depths.

While mining deeper, you’re more likely to come across deadly enemies and areas and rare ores like diamonds and emeralds. You can also secure your shaft with a door to prevent mobs from following you to the surface after your adventure. 


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