Is Grounded Crossplay? How to Play Grounded Crossplay?

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With increased digitization and social media, friendships have become more virtual. So, you would also have several friends when it comes to gaming. So, when you are ready to binge Obsidian’s recently released Groundplay, there might be confusion.


It’s available for Steam and Xbox, so consider whether your friends with different devices can join. So, if you are looking for “is grounded crossplay” and how to use it, we have you covered.

Is Grounded Crossplay?

Is Grounded Crossplay

Yes, Grounded lets you have multiplayer crossplay games. Thus, players of this game can join a common game. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing with Xbox or PC; all of them can unite for a single one.

However, to join in, you should have an Xbox Live account. If you don’t have then while you open Grounded, it will prompt you to create one. The host then uses your Xbox Live account to send you game invites. (Invite feature would be accessible after Early Access completes). Hosts create a lobby wherein players join with their accounts. 

How to Play Grounded Crossplay?

Fortunately, Grounded is a Crossplay game. Thus, you can play it together across Xbox and PC players. While you are wondering how to play Grounded Crossplay, here’s how you can do so!

How to Play Grounded Crossplay

There are two ways to proceed. You have to either host a game or join an existing one that someone else is hosting.


Follow the steps given below to host Grounded Crossplay:

  • Go to Grounded’s Main menu and select Host Online Game 
  • Click New Game to host a new one, or choose to Continue or host an existing game

Grounded will now prompt you to follow some steps to proceed with hosting a game. The most crucial part is that you would be responsible for choosing the gameplay difficulty level as a host.

Here are the different difficulty levels available on Grounded:

  1. Mild: When you want simple and casual gameplay without much difficulty, then, Mild game mode is for you. Stats perform better, and there’s no friendly fire. So gamers can chill and play.
  2. Moderate: It’s an intermediate gaming mode. You don’t have to bother much, only a little horde of survival. There would be a gush to control thirst, hunger, and energy and alleviate it if failsafe.
  3. Whoa!: As a veteran who loves to be a part of challenges, you would want challenging gameplay. Therefore, if you want to create an environment with the most horrible life, then Whoa goes well.
  4. Creative: When you want to create a relaxing game without any worries, Creative is the best. There’s no pressure to save life or limit any resources. 

After selecting one, and completing the process, wait until your buddies tune in to the game. Thus, you will successfully create a lobby by hosting. You cannot invite friends to play the game as it’s in Early Access mode. Therefore, anyone who wishes to join has to do it manually. 

Besides, if you consider joining a crossplay (hosted game), we will help you.


Follow the steps given below to join a crossplay game:

  • Head over to the game’s menu and select Join Online
  • Click the friend you want to join 

Ensure that the friend you have chosen has created a lobby. Furthermore, when 4-5 players join, then the host would begin the hosted game.

You would have to be more responsible if you were the game host. Before closing the game, be careful to save it. If you don’t, you will lose the progress of the crossplay game. 

Is Grounded Co-op?

Is Grounded Co-op

Yes, you can play Grounded in co-op mode. A maximum of 4 players can team up to play co-op games. So, you can join in with your three other friends and team to enjoy the most awaited game with your squad. 

There are two methods to play co-op: Standard or Shared worlds. The difference is that players can only play in Standard world’s creator presence while it’s not so for Shared one. The latter uses cloud-based storage that every player can access. Thus, you can play if the creator is not there.


Moreover, you can also transform Standard World into Shared with a single click. The best part is that these save your progress every time.

Is Grounded Cross Progression? 

Yes, as Grounded is available both for Xbox and PC users; therefore, it’s Crossplay and Co-op. Moreover, it’s also a cross-progression. So you can sync your Xbox gaming progress to your PC and vice versa. 

Furthermore, you can even transfer the game worlds between devices. So, whether you own a PC, Xbox, or both, you will never lose your Grounded game progress. 

But you should have a common Xbox Live Account logged in to both devices. Besides, this account should be the same which has your game progress. 

However, if the account is different on both devices or the game’s progress is on another; then you cannot use Cross Progression.


Does Grounded Support Split Screen? 

Though Grounded has plenty of features, it does not let you play in a split-screen view. However, after its early access completes, then or after some updates, you might expect the feature. Also, no Xbox model, Windows OS, or Steam has the feature. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can PC and Xbox play Grounded together?

Yes, PC and Xbox can play Grounded together. You can join in with your respective devices, be it PC or Xbox, and the Crossplay feature would let you all play in a common backyard.

Is Grounded Crossplay in 2022?

Yes, Grounded is Crossplay on PC and Xbox. All you need is an Xbox Live account which you can create on either of the devices. It already supports this feature and will support several more soon.

The Wrap Up

Playing scary role-playing games is never that fun without friends. Obsidian’s Grounded is one such dangerous RP game that would shake your heart to the core.

While unleashing its fun, is Grounded Crossplay or not? It’s Crossplay, Co-op, and cross-progression but does not support split-screen.

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