How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft?

How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft?
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It is upsetting yet annoying when you put in a lot of effort and spare time to create your elevator in Minecraft, but that does not work! You start figuring out what went wrong, and afterward, think of how to make an Elevator in Minecraft!


Three crucial aspects involve creating the elevator’s base, a switch, and the top of the elevator for it. All of them should be carefully followed in a serial order with the right process, and we have covered you all!

How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft?

How to Create an Elevator Base in Minecraft?

You should decide the location of your elevator. Further, a base should be created that is the part of the elevator that moves up and down. 

Follow the steps given below to create an elevator in Minecraft: 

Step 1: Dig a Hole where you want to Lay the Foundation 

The base is the foundation of any structure. So, decide on an area where you want to make an elevator.

Beneath it, dig a hole that should have four blocks for width, three blocks for length, and four blocks for depth. If you think of making the elevator in the basement, it should be created below it. 


Step 2: Face the side that is three blocks wide

Stand facing towards the side that is three blocks wide. 

Step 3: Substitute the middle block of the Second Row with Obsidian

The first row of the elevator floor should be plain without any obsidian (granitic glass), and so the third one. However, the second row’s middle block should have obsidian instead of stone, brick, dirt, or similar. 

Step 4: Change your Position

You have to change your position, face the side four blocks wide and stand behind the obsidian you placed. The base’s longer side should be towards your left and shorter at the right. Changing your position is of utmost importance before going ahead. 

Step 5: Create a hole in the Foundation 

Take out the block that lies between the obsidian and the wall. Thus, a hole in the foundation’s floor will be dug into one block. 

Step 6: Eliminate a One-Block Perimeter 

The base should contain five blocks in width, four blocks in length, and four blocks in depth. Therefore, eliminate all the unnecessary blocks. 


Step 7: Again, Change your Position

After standing, and facing yourself towards the obsidian, ensure that your left-hand side should be the shorter end, and the longer end should be on the right. 

Step 8: Place Observer Blocks

Over the obsidian, add an observer block that faces upwards. On top of two blocks, place one more upward-facing observer block, one more towards the left, and another on its left. 

Step 9: Eliminate the Block Touching Obsidian

A block will be in contact with the bottom left corner of obsidian. Thus, a ditch will be created with a width of two blocks and a depth of one block. You would be standing in between the ditch and obsidian. 

Step 10: Place Slime Blocks

You should place the slime block above the ditch but make sure they are not inside it. 

Step 11: Dig a Deep Hole to Place Sticky Pistons

Now, create a temporary hole that gives you the perfect angle for the sticky piston. Place a downward-facing sticky piston on the left-most slime block and an upward-facing sticky piston on the right-most slime block. 


Step 12: Complete the Base of the Elevator Floor

Now, add one slime block on every sticky stick piston. Thus, the elevator floor’s base is ready! 

Step 13: Prepare the Moving Part of the Elevator 

The floor is the moving part of the elevator. Add one stone block on every slime block. Thus the movable part of your elevator is prepared. 

How to Create the Elevator’s Switch in Minecraft?

How about an elevator that you cannot control? Well, that seems legit useless, right? When you do not add the elevator’s switch, this happens!

Follow the steps given below to create the elevator’s switch:

Step 1: Keep and Position the Regular Piston

This time make sure to use a regular piston. You have to face the three-block wide wall. The observer block will be towards your right-hand side when you do so. Besides, position the regular piston on the top of the floor block at your immediate front.


Now, the piston will face you and be in contact with the corner of the observer block. The space ahead of the observer block should not be used. 

Step 2: Keep a Stone Block behind the Regular Piston

Keep a stone block at the immediate back of the regular piston. Ensure to leave a one-row space amidst the stone block and wall. 

Step 3: Create a Stone in Staircase Shape

If you do not know how to Create a stone in a staircase shape, read carefully. At the back of a standard piston, keep a stone block on the top and another on the right side from the given location. Three such stone blocks should be set at the backside of the piston, which will resemble the shape of a staircase. 

Step 4: Place a Stone Block on the Uppermost Staircase Block

Above the uppermost staircase block, place one stone block and another one above it. Now, eliminate the stone block that you had kept first. 

Step 5: Use the Redstone Dust

Get Redstone dust in your inventory and use it. Now, choose Redstone dust from your inventory, and one by one, select a set of three stone blocks that go downwards. But do not select the floating block you created in Step 4. 


Step 6: Attach a Button with the Floating Stone Block

Attach a button towards the adjacent stone block facing the elevator’s floor. However, do not lose your elevator floor as it will fly high into the sky, and you will never get it back if you press the created button at this time. Therefore, creating the elevator’s top is necessary. 

How to Create the Elevator’s Top in Minecraft?

The efforts you put in to craft the elevator in Minecraft are all in vain if you do not complete it. Therefore, to prevent it from flying sky-high in the elevator, it is necessary to create the elevator’s top. 

Follow the steps given below to create the elevator’s top:

Step 1: Prepare a Placeholder Column

Position the column of blocks, each one block wide on the uppermost side of the observer block. You should consider the height that the elevator should traverse and thus place the required number of blocks.

Step 2: Prevent the Elevator from Travel till Infinity

For this, place obsidian immediately. Place a block of obsidian at the top of the placeholder. This is the block that will stop the elevator from traveling indefinitely.


Step 3: Replace the Placeholder with Obsidian

Extricate the Placeholder created. Therefore, replace the obsidian with the blocks of the placeholder. 

Step 4: Actuate the Elevator

Press the button beside the elevator floor to run your elevator. Now, it will travel upwards till it comes in contact with the obsidian. But it is not fully functional yet! Continue reading to complete it.

Step 5: Keep A Regular Piston

Now, stand such that you are facing the floor of the obsidian nearest you.  Keep a placeholder beneath the obsidian and on the right of the observer block.

Above the placeholder that is facing on your left side, place a regular piston.  The piston should face towards the left, and the observer block should face you. 

Step 6: Generate a Floating Piston 

Eliminate the placeholder block. Thus, a floating left-faced piston will be generated. 


Step 7: Create a Row of Stone Blocks Behind the Piston

Immediately at the back of the regular piston, place one stone block; towards the right of the newly placed block, add another stone block. Further, position another stone block at the right of the latter created stone block. Thus a row of three stone blocks behind the regular piston will be created. 

Step 8: Generate a Floating Block on the Third Stone Block Created

Above the third stone block created in Step 7, place a stone block on the right-most side. Now, add another stone block on top of your newly placed one. Afterward, eliminate the stone block that you placed earlier. Further, you will generate a floating block. 

Step 9: Add Redstone to the Three-Block Column Created

The floating block created in Step 8 generated a three-block column. Now, add Redstone dust to the line-created column.

Step 10: Make the Elevator Fully Functional

To make the elevator fully functional, it should travel back and forth as desired. Therefore, adding the down button is essential. This will make the elevator fully functional. To make the elevator alluring add some add-ons similar to doors or whatever you like. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make an elevator go up and down in Minecraft?

To make an elevator go up and down, you should make it functional to do the same. For this purpose, do a down button to the elevator after creating the top. Details of the process have been specified in the guide.


The Wrap Up

You would have the answer to How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft. You have to create the moving part, add a switch to make it functional, and create the top so that it does not travel indefinitely and can travel up and down.

A detailed guide is specified for all of them. Kudos, many of you would have created your elevator in Minecraft! However, if you have any queries, please let us know in the comments section below! 

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