20+ Minecraft Console Commands and Cheat Codes

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Using console commands and cheat codes is a big part of the whole gaming experience when it comes to Minecraft.


The Minecraft console commands and cheat codes help players to increase their overall performance. So it is better to know a few of them for the optimum Minecraft experience.

The important part to know is that these commands are not cheat codes as you would call them for other games, instead they enhance the gaming experience for Minecraft. However, you will have to enable a cheat setting to use some of them.

In this article, we are going to list down 20+ Minecraft console commands and cheat codes that you can use to enhance your Minecraft gaming experience.

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Minecraft Console Commands and Cheat Codes

How to Use Them?

Minecraft Console Commands and Cheat Codes

It is fairly simple to use Minecraft console commands and cheat codes. To use them you just have to open the chat window and type forward slash “/”, then enter your desired command.


You can also use up and down keys and scroll through previously entered commands. Also, for a lot of these commands to work, you will have to enable cheat while creating a new Minecraft world.

If you haven’t enabled the cheat while creating a new world, you can do it by opening the game to LAN and then selecting “Allow Cheats”, even if you are not on a LAN.

Minecraft also allows some shortcuts that will save you time. So instead of typing a player’s name(s) for the layer prompt, you can use the shortcuts mentioned below to target someone specific:

@pThe nearest player to you
@rRandom player
@aAll players in the world
@eAll entities in the world

The coordinates are expressed using x, y, and zx covers east(+) to the west(-) of the origin point, z covers south(+) to the north(-) of the origin point and y is the height from 0 to 255, and 64 is sea level.

Player Commands

Give/give [Player] [Item] [Amount] Example: /give Whatever minecraft:planks 10Can be used to give some item to another player from your inventory.
Teleport/tp [player] x y zTeleport yourself or some other player to a specific location.
Kill/killKill your character or you can add other player’s names to kill their character.
Creative Mode/gamemode creativeChange game mode to creative mode. Allows player fight, unlimited resources, and no mob attacks.
Weather/weather [weather_type] Example: /weather snowChoose the weather for your world.
Survival Mode/gamemode survivalChange game mode to Survival mode. Mob attacks and gathering of resources on your own.
Set Time/time set 1000 Replace “1000” with “0” for dawn, “6000” for midday, “1200” for dusk, and “18000” for night.Set any time of the day.
Change Difficulty/difficulty [level] Example: /difficulty peaceful. You can also select “easy”, “normal”, and “hard” in place of “peaceful”Changes difficulty to a particular level.
Your World’s Seed Code/seedGenerates a code for your world. You can not it down to load the same one in the future.
Keep Inventory/gamerule keepInvetory trueMakes sure that you don’t lose the items upon dying. To reverse this, change “true” to “false”.
Stop Time/gamerule doDaylightCycle falseStops the day/light cycle of the game. To resume the cycle, change “false” to “true”.
Ride/rideTurns the creature into a mount.
Summon/summonInstantly drops a desired creature or object in your world.
Atlantis Mode/atlantisIncreases the water level significantly drowning everything except the highest mountains.
Instant Mine/instantmineOne-click mining with any given tool.
Freeze/freezeStops the mobs right in their tracks.
Instant Plant/instantplantInstantly grows a planted seed.
Fall Damage/falldamageTurn on or off the fall damage.
Fire Damage/firedamageTurn on or off the fire damage.
Water Damage/waterdamageTurn on or off the water damage.
Item Damage/itemdamageWeapons become immune to damage or degradation.
Smelt Item/superheatTurns every item into smelted form.
Store Items/dropstoreStores all the inventory into a chest.
Duplicate/duplicateCopies and drops the item sack that you equip.
Help/help [command_name]Gives information for a given command

So these were some of the most essential Minecraft console commands and cheat codes, do use them and let us know which one you liked the most.

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