Where is the Minecraft Screenshot Location?

Where is the Minecraft Screenshot Location?
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Minecraft is the best in the business when it comes to sandbox games. Even on streaming platforms like Twitch, Minecraft has remained on top for a long time. There are endless possibilities for crafting & building your world & showing them off to your mates.


But for that, you’ll need to know how to take a screenshot & find the Minecraft screenshot location. You can take screenshots in Minecraft by pressing the F2 key (+ fn key). Most of the games store screenshots directly in their downloaded file location.

Where is the Minecraft Screenshot Location?

Where is the Minecraft screenshot location?

You can find the Minecraft screenshot location in the .minecraft file in the game’s directory. Here’s how to locate the screenshots on different versions:


Windows users can find the Minecraft screenshot location in the AppData folder. Press the Windows key & search for %appdata% & click on the folder that pops up. The address would be like C:\Users\(Name)\AppData\Roaming.

There you’ll see the .minecraft folder that we mentioned. That’s it. Click on the folder labeled screenshots. All of your Minecraft screenshots get stored under this folder.

Minecraft Java Screenshot Location

Whenever you press the screenshot key in the Minecraft Java edition, you’ll get a pop-up with the name of the saved photo. The name is a hyperlink that redirects you to the screenshot. The picture will display on your default photo application on the device.


Once the screenshot opens, click on the top right dots to open the menu. Select the bottom-most option, which is file information. Further details will pop up on the left, showing the full name & the path of the image. Follow the address to reach the Minecraft screenshot location.

Where is the Minecraft Screenshot Location?

Minecraft Bedrock Screenshot Location

For users with Windows 10 & 11, the ability of the in-game screenshot key got removed with the Minecraft Bedrock version. Instead, you get the new feature of the Game Bar.

Press the Windows + G key to launch the Game Bar on your device. You can even search for the application. 

  1. Once you get into the application, navigate to the My Captures section. 
  2. Look for the folder icon under My Captures. 
  3. You’ll get redirected to the screenshot location of the Game Bar.


macOS users can find the Minecraft screenshot location under the Library > Application Support > Minecraft > Screenshot folder. You’ll find all of your Minecraft screenshots under this folder.

Linux Minecraft players can find the screenshots just like in Windows, under the .minecraft folder. 


Screenshots are a necessary feature for gaming, especially for content creators. You can share high-quality in-game pictures on your socials or to your friends & for that, you need to know the Minecraft screenshot location. Well, now you have the way on every Minecraft version & operating system.

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