Nick “nitr0” Cannella May Go for Another Competitive Game After His Retirement


  • One of the famous & successful CS: GO players from North America nitr0 made an announcement.
  • Well, nitr0 announced his retirement from the competitive CS: GO space following the event.
  • it seems like his competitive esports journey isn’t over as yet, as he hints at a potential return in other games.


Counter Strike 2
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As you may know, Intel Extreme Masters is a series of international esports tournaments held worldwide, sponsored by Intel, and currently hosting events in CS: GO. It is one of the most prestigious tournaments and currently hosting IEM Masters Dallas 2023, running from May 29 to June 4.


Now, one of the most famous & successful CS: GO players from North America, you guessed it! it is Nick “nitr0” Cannella who has announced his retirement from CS: GO ahead of the ongoing event.

However, it looks like nitr0 competitive journey isn’t over just yet, especially taking into account the recent statements made by him, hinting at the potential VOLRANT return.

In a recent interview with, nitr0 conveyed that despite retiring from Counter-Strike but he is open to other games and any other things that come along his way.

Well, before the start of the IEM Master Dallas 2023, nitr0 announced his exit from the CS: GO competitive scene, and he also stepped down from the active roster of Team Liquid after the conclusion of the tournament.

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Nick "nitr0" Cannella
Nick “nitr0” Cannella

The reason behind the departure was the insane amount of travel he had to do, which had become too much for the master player following the birth of his second child. He mentions that he has been traveling, and it has been amazing, but I’m at a different stage of my life with a growing family.

Furthermore, nitr0, in the same announcement, says that he has no idea right now about the next chapter in his life, but he plans to start streaming soon.

Nick "nitr0" Cannella May Go for Another Competitive Game After His Retirement 1

In the interview that took place during the ongoing tournament, nitr0 was asked about his plans after the conclusion of his last ever CG: GO event, to which nitr0 said he would continue playing competitive esports but maybe in a different game.

As for now, he said that he would stream, and if he gets an offer from any other game, he would be open to conder it and decide as per it. Well, this surely gives away a potential return to VOLRANT in some capacity.

Well, Team Liquid was knocked out of the IEM Maters Dallas 2023 after suffering a 2-0 defeat to Faze Clan, making it the last professional CG: GO appearance for nitr0.


So as of now, he’s going back home to be with his family & start streaming in the future and could potentially make a VOLRANT return.

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