Fix: “Rockstar Game Services are Unavailable Right Now” Error

Fix: "Rockstar Game Services are Unavailable Right Now" Error
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The Rockstar client offers the platform for launching the greatest of all-time Rockstar games. It allows players to use the online GTA V mode. You can join game servers & complete various missions with actual online players. But sometimes, a few errors can restrict the online features of GTA V.


Recently, players reported encountering the Rockstar game services are unavailable right now error when using the client to launch GTA V.

There’s nothing to worry about as the problem isn’t complicated like many other issues we have previously faced. But it does pop up while playing the game, causing annoyance & you might even end up losing progress.

Fix: "Rockstar Game Services are Unavailable Right Now" Error

The Rockstar game services are unavailable right now issue revolves around the internet connectivity problem. Either the network is weak, or the settings require a few tweaks.

There are cases where the antivirus blocked the Rockstar game services from functioning appropriately. Let’s dive into the solutions to resolve the bug.

How can the “Rockstar game services are unavailable right now” issue be fixed?

Before we dive into specific solutions, you should begin by reviewing your network & router connection. The most basic fix to any software issue is the router restart:

  1. Turn off your router & wait for a minute before restarting.
  2. Meanwhile, restart your PC. Also, check the Rockstar Games Service Status page.
  3. Log into the Rockstar client & check if the error remains. 

#1. Disable Antivirus/Firewall

Even though antivirus software is crucial for devices, it sometimes causes bugs in many games. The antivirus blocks some programs presuming them to be potentially harmful to the computer.

You need to manually disable the firewall for the specific program that you don’t want to have restricted. Open your antivirus software & create an exception for Rockstar games under the settings.

#2. Change DNS settings

Another fix for the “Rockstar service is unavailable” is playing around with the DNS Settings from the in-game network settings followed by the Settings menu. While Windows users can directly head over to the Network Adapter Settings by following the steps below:

  1. Launch the Run command (Windows + R)
  2. Now you have to write ncpa.cpl and hit Enter.
ncpa.cpl RUN
  1. Right-click on the network option that you’re using (Ethernet for LAN or wired network & Wireless for WiFi).
  2. Navigate to properties.
Network Properties
  1. Lookout & click twice on the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).”
Ethernet Properties

(Before moving ahead, note down the entered addresses for IP & DNS)

Custom DNS Server IPv4

Click on the radio boxes in front of Obtain IP & DNS address. Now press OK, & see if the problem remains. 


Follow the further steps if the problem doesn’t get resolved:

Click on the radio box in front of Use the following DNS addresses & add the following numbers (address) in the boxes:

  1. Preferred:
  2. Alternate:

Confirm the changes & restart your device to check the changes. Launch the Rockstar game services > GTA V online & hopefully, the Rockstar game services are unavailable right now got fixed.

#3. Update drivers

Try updating your graphics & network drivers from the device manager on your PC. Press the Windows button & search for the device manager.

Look for Display adapters > right-click on the drivers & select the option saying check for updates.


Once the process is complete, install the updates & restart your device. Launch GTA V using the Rockstar client & enjoy the game.

Update Display Driver

#4. Disabling the Proxy Server (LAN)

If you’re one of those individuals who use the LAN cable for better network connectivity, a simple problem in your settings might cause the error: Rockstar game services are currently unavailable.

  1. Again enter into the Run box.
  2. Write inetcpl.cpl.
inetcpl.cpl RUN
  1. Press enter & navigate to connections > LAN settings.
Internet Properties
  1. Make sure that “Automatically detect settings‘ is checked and “Use automatic configuration script” & ”’Proxy server” is unchecked.
LAN Settings
  1. Confirm & restart your computer.

#5. Reset Network Configuration (Windows)

This is one of the basic fixes that you can try to solve the “Rockstar Game Services are Unavailable Right Now” issue on your system. For this, you need to flush the local cache and then reset the network configuration of Windows 10.

Here is how you can reset the configuration:

  1. Firstly, right-click on the ‘Start Menu’ and then select the ‘Windows Powershell (Admin)’ option.
  2. Now, select ‘Yes’ when the Windows prompts ‘allow this app to make changes.’
  3. Enter the following commands in the same sequence (in case the command fails, go with the next one):
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
netsh winsock reset
netsh int ip reset
  1. After entering all the above commands, reboot the system and check if your internet access is restored.

#6. Re-installing GTA V

Lastly, if nothing works for you, re-install the game itself. Under the Control Panel, click on Programs & Features > Uninstall Program. Search for all Rockstar applications (including the client & GTA V) & uninstall them. 


Re-install the game & other applications. Login to the Rockstar game services & you have to download the game again. Depending on your network speed, it might take some time (depending on your network speed) since the GTA V files are immense (100 GB+).

Install GTA V

These were all the fixes for the “Rockstar game services are unavailable right now” issue. You can contact the official Rockstar games support team if you’re still encountering the error in GTA V online mode.

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