Sons of Forest Patch 08: New Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes


  • The developers of the survival adventure game have pushed a new patch for the game, i.e., Patch 08.
  • Patch 08 of the game brings a variety of new features alongside several improvements and bug fixes.
  • The developers have added Electric fences, up to 4 player seats on the golf cart, and also optimized & reduced memory usage to help in cases of game crashes.
Sons of Forest
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The developers of the survival adventure game have pushed a new patch for the game. Currently, the game is on early access on PC.


Patch 08 of the game brings a variety of new features alongside several improvements and fixes to provide a smoother experience to the players playing the game.

As usual, the developers have posted the full patch notes for the players that list all the improvements and new features being added alongside the bug fixes in this patch 08.

With this patch, the developers aim to improve the gameplay and optimize the game for a lag-free experience.

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Sons of the Forest

New features

  • Electric fences
  • Hokey Pokey trap has been added to the game.
  • The developers have added a freeform electric wire placement.
  • Now, the Golf cart can seat up to four players in multiplayer.
  • The developers have added returning creepy enemy, who will appear after the endgame.
  • Golf cart lights have been added to the game.
  • Virginia and Kelvin will now swim if they end in deep enough water
  • The developers have added the option to reduce ammunition difficulty


  • Animal heads can now be shaken when held.
  • The developers have fixed several save/ loading issues for the endgame boss cutscenes & battles
  • Angry moose will now sometimes kick a nearby players
  • This patch improves getting in and out of the golf cart animations
  • Setup streaming versions of the breached yachts to optimize memory usage
  • The developers have added server browser support for search by IP address in the server name search bar
  • Knight V will now lean with players correctly when viewed in a third-person multiplayer
  • Dedicated servers won’t be detected as ‘game running’ by the Steam launcher, and the game can now be started on the Steam launcher on the same as the dedicated server.

Balance Adjustments

  • Defense walls can now take 4 times as much damage
  • The developers said there will now be fewer enemy raids depending on how many regulars or creepies the players have killed, and the amount will increase over the days unless players kill more enemies
  • The developers reduced health on the special glowing puffies

Bug Fixes

  • Developers set the deer head in the grab bag to not be convex so that it does not overlap the duck head collision
  • Fixed a bug with storage LODs not activating until the player is near them and then moves away
  • Fixed some scenarios where the cannabis prematurely dies while burning, and they now won’t catch fire from a blocked torch hit
  • Fixed an issue where multiple players were able to pick up the dead body at the same time, which could lead to various issues
  • The developer fixed a bug where some items in the grab bag were hard to select due to the ray cast blocker overlapping some of the items.
  • Fixed an issue for players drinking from the pot when they are holding a container to fill up
  • Fixed selecting terrain-conforming outlines breaking placement alignments for non-conforming outlines selected afterward
  • The developers fixed a bug where the wall was not accounted for as legit support when counting unsupported beams; it now gives the same benefit as having pillars supported at each end of the beam
  • Patch 08 of the Sons of Forest has also fined tuned the audio of the game,

Audio Fixes

  • The devs have added SFX when facing electric wires and solar panels
  • The Rifle distance has been tuned
  • The patch fixes noticeable clifftop surf audio turning off and on abruptly
  • The shrub hit sound has been reduced when driving a golf cart
  • The devs have added Frog hop event audio
  • the audio of the flare distanced has been tuned
  • Now, the cave entrance audio will randomly start times, so it is unlikely to phase

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