Sons of the Forest Patch 04 Brings Gameplay improvements, New Features


  • Sons of the Forest is an Open-world Horror Survival game.
  • The game is the successor to The Forest, which was released n 2018.
  • Devs have pushed out a new update for the game brings, improvements, bug fix & more.
Sons of the Forest
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Sons of the Forest is an Open-world Horror Survival game, developed by Endnight Games and published by Newnight. The game is the successor to The Forest, released in 2018. Also, Sons of the Forest is available for Early Acess for those wanting to try it out.


The developers have pushed out a new update for the game, which bring a number of improvement, new features, and a bunch of bug fixes.

The developers posted full patch notes of the update, which mention the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the ability to name your save game, and an additional action camera that is used to see found video footage, with more videos coming up soon

As per the notes, it is mentioned that Log Shed will be coming; it is almost done and will be included in the next patch. Additionally, new features are added in this new update, such as a popup message when a player is kicked or banned from the game. This update brings overall improvement to the Sons of Forest.


Now let’s take a look a look at the number of improvements made in this patch. First off, there are new animations added for the number of Enemies. The brightness of the night vision shades has been bumped up.


Additionally, Kelvin will now be able to carry out two logs simultaneously, and additional slots were added in villages for the cannabis to sit or stand. Muddies are now likely to flee when sacred, and cannabis now sometimes look at each other when not fighting & more.

Sons of the Forest Patch 04 Brings Gameplay improvements, New Features 1
Sons of the Forest’s Patch notes.

Furthermore, visuals for the skinned animals have been updated as well; these are some of the animals that have been specially mentioned, such as Squirrel, eagle, rabbi, seagull, duck, and turtle.

Other new animations include the existence of the duck on the golf course, bloody clothes for dead cultists, improved LOD for the arrow rack, lightning in the residential bunker, and lastly, a north arrow guide for the minimap.

Moreover, the developers have also updated the GPS maps to list all the current ponds & lakes, and the devs have also removed the pinned locations from the beginning cutscenes from the screen.

Apart from these changes, the devs have made some quality-of-life changes and some aesthetic changes as well.


As mentioned above, this patch also fixes bugs that improve the game’s overall stability to provide a smooth experience. For instance, Lone life jackets floating in the sky, and players are unable to drink from the deep bodies of water that have been fixed.

There were issues affecting the game when switching from an empty slingshot to another ranged weapon. Crafted spears will not now fall through the cave floors 

There was also an issue affecting DLSS activation that has also been fixed, small rocks falling through the ground and bouncing off the surface, a silenced pistol shot being audible, a player’s case getting stuck in the skinning action, and audio inconsistency being fixed too. Lastly, a number of other bugs related to the gameplay have been fixed in this Patch 04 as well.

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