Epic Games Buys Brazil-based Aquiris Game Studio


  • Epic Games, developed Fortnite, which is a Battle Royale video game.
  • The Fortnite developer has acquired Brazil-based Aquiris Game Studio.
  • With this acquisition, Epic Games make their entry in Latin America.
Epic Games Brasil
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Epic Games, as we know, developed Fortnite, which is one of the most successful games, and also developed Unreal Engine, which is also one of the most successful gaming engines.


Well, it seems that Epic Games is on an acquiring spree as the Fortnite developer has acquired yet another studio that is Aquiris Game Studio, a Brazil-based Gaming studio.  

To put this into perspective, Epic Games invested in this Brazill-based Gaming Studio with an undisclosed amount last year and signed a publishing deal with the horizon chase developer to produce several games. For those who don’t know, Epic Games acquired a Rock band developer Harmonix.

Although this deal sounds identical to the Rock band Harmonix deal, which despite having a legacy of making genre-defining music, was then put to work for making music for Fortnite

Epic Games, in a Press Release, announced the Acquisition of Aquiris Game Studio, mentioning that the studio will continue developing its franchise but also help in flagship Fortnite.


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We are announcing that Brazil-based game studio is joining Epic Games. This acquisition builds upon an investment that Epic made in Aquiris in early 2022”.

The Aquiris team will be the foundation of Epic Games Brasil, the first Epic studio in Latin America. Aquiris, which was founded in 2007, is best known for its award-winning titles, including Wonderbox and the Horizon Chase franchise.

Headquartered in the city of Porto Alegre, the AQUIRIS team of developers will join Epic Games to create groundbreaking content and social experience within Fortnite.

Joining Epic Games builds on our success in creating memorable games, which include Wonderbox, Horizon Chase, and looney tunes Worlds of Meyham, which we will continue to operate. We are delighted to leverage our experience using Unreal Engine on games development to contribute to the future of Fortnite,” said Mauricio Longoni, CEO of AQUIRIS and now the Studio Director of Epic Games Brasil.

AQUIRIS has been at the forefront of game development in Brazil and Latin America, and becoming part of Epic Games will spotlight our region’s developers for the entire gaming industry.”


We’ve seen firsthand the impressive talent of the AQUIRIS team in creating innovative games that draw global appeal, and we are excited to welcome them to Epic Games,” said Alan Tascan, Executive Vise President of Game Development at Epic Games.

With the creation of Epic Game Brasil, we look forward to tapping into the immense talent the region has to offer and establishing our presence in Latin America,” mentions Epic Game.

Aquiris developed memorable games such as Looney Tunes, Worlds of Meyham & more. Now looking at the Art of the Aquiris games is more cartoon-like styling, which resembles the Art styling of the Epic Game’s Flagship Fortnite. Currently, the studio is making games for mobile and will also help with Fortnite.

With All these Acquisitions, it looks like that Epic Game wants to expand its foothold in Mobile Gaming, which is currently the largest space in Gaming, and Aquiris now With Epic Games, which in turn will help the Fortnite developer further in penetrating the Gaming industry.

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