Street Fighter 6’s Release Date is Sooner Than You Think as Rating Suggests an Announcement Soon

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The hype for Street Fighter 6 is all around the community, and almost every video game fanatic knows it’s going to release in the coming year. However, nobody knows the exact date when the game title will hit the store shelves and become available to the general audience. Recently, there have been some instances that indicate a possible release date soon.


Recently, gamers observed a rating from the courtesy of the South Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC) that suggests Capcom would publish a release date for Street Fighter 6 soon. According to the committee’s rating, the title is said to have a 15+ label with its release in South Korea.

Street Fighter 6’s Release Date is Sooner Than You Think as Rating Suggests an Announcement Soon 1

In comparison to ESRB, this is equivalent to an M-rated title, which isn’t quite a matter of surprise, though the timing is phenomenal. If thought about it closely, Evo Japan is scheduled to take place on 31st march at the Tokyo Big Sight, which means we should be able to see Street Fighter 6 coming out around the same timeframe.

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As a matter of coincidence, even Tekken 8 is likely to reveal its release date at the Evo 2023. If not, then most certainly, it should be released by then. This also indicates that the next grand fighting game tournament will be able to witness the return of two of the biggest fighting video game franchises in the history of video games.

That being said, the most promising avenue that many people are waiting for is The Game Awards taking place on December 8. Capcom is also expected to be present at this year’s The Game Awards taking place in Los Angeles as Resident Evil 4 is nominated for the event as one of the most anticipated games in the history of video games.

Street Fighter 6’s Release Date is Sooner Than You Think as Rating Suggests an Announcement Soon 2

Hopefully, the event should reveal more about Street Fighter 6 as time passes by. As we speak of the Game Awards, it is speculated that Street Fighter 6 might not be the only game to be released in the coming weeks. A long list of games is yet to get their release dates, such as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Diablo 4.

Capcom has also been doing a lot of marketing lately for Street Fighter 6. They have released a ton of information over the past month regarding the game, including a complete set of Street Fighter 6 prequel comics that features Ken plotted into the game’s story. In addition, there are also certain other gameplay-mechanics-related things, such as simplified dynamic control schemes.

All we hope is that fans won’t have to wait much longer to see whether Street Fighter 6 lives up to the current expectations of its fans or not.

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