The RedBull Campus Clutch 2023: Schedule, Registrations & More


  • VALORANT is back with its annual Global tournament, this time for University Students.
  • VALORANT announced the third season of the RedBull Campus Clutch 2023.
  • RedBull Campus Clutch Tournament Qualifiers will run for one month in the country from August to September. Interested students can form their team & register themselves at the tournament website.
  • The team that becomes the champion will be declared the best University level VALORANT team and will get the opportunity to represent the country at the main stage in Turkey.


Red Bull Campus Clutch 2023
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The free to play First person tactical shooting game VALORANT is back with its annual Global tournament, this time for University Students. VALORANT announced the third season of the RedBull Campus Clutch 2023.


RedBull Campus Clutch is a VALORANT tournament especially crafted for university students. A Global tournament wherein VALORANT players create their five-person team and compete for a chance to become the best University level VALORANT team.

The Qualifiers for the tournament are happening in more than fifty countries in the world, including India, and as we know, few will get the opportunity to make it to the main championship & will contest for the price poll of €20,000 / ₹18,13,670.

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The RedBull Campus Clutch 2023 tournament will run in the country for one month, from August to September. Like the previous two seasons, Students who are interested can make their teams and register for the Open Qualifiers.

Red Bull Campus Clutch 2023

Here’s everything you should know about the RedBull Campus Clutch 2023 tournament.


A couple of days ago, to jumpstart the tournament, the Red Bull Campus Clutch organized an exhibition match between famous content creators and professional players taking on each other in the best of three matches.

RedBull Campus Clutch Inda: Schedule

All the open Qualifiers will be held Online.

  • August 5 | Qualifier 1
  • August 6 | Qualifier 2
  • August 12 | Qualifier 3
  • August 13 | Qualifier 4
  • August 19 | Qualifier 5
  • August 20 | Qualifier 6
  • August 26 | Qualifier 7
  • August 27 | Qualifier 8
  • September 2 | Qualifier 9
  • September 3 | Qualifier 10
  • September 9 | Qualifier 11
  • September 10 | Qualifier 12

Following the open Qualifiers, there will be two more stages that will be played to determine the champion and will be declared as the best university-level team in VALORANT India. The Champion team will also get an opportunity to represent India at the main event in Istanbul, Turkey.

How to Register for the RedBull Campus Clutch India Tournament

University Students can visit the RedBull Campus Clutch India website to Register for the open Qualifiers on their respective dates.



Registrations for the Open Qualifiers are open, and students with their teams can register for any of the 12 Qualifiers that are scheduled to begin from August 5 to September 10.

Now that we know the Schedule for the Qualifier, How to Register & the Registrations, let’s look at the rules that the participants should know before registering their teams for the Qualifiers.

Registrations Rules

All Students participating in the tournament must be above 18 years old or older.

All of the participants should be enrolled in a university throughout the tournament.


Students can only register as a team, with one of the students registering on behalf of everyone else. With that being said, there are some qualifiers that players can register as single players to match up with other players to make a team.

Each team will be allowed to replace/substitute only one player in the three stages.

Each participant can only be a part of one team.

The team formation will have to remain the same as registered throughout the tournament.

The teams can have participants from different universities, but the country rules may apply.


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