What Do Pigs Eat in Minecraft – Everything You Need To Know

What Do Pigs Eat in Minecraft - Everything You Need To Know
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Pigs are a common passive mob in Minecraft. They can be found in all, but the most extreme of environments and are found throughout the various biomes of Minecraft. As with every other animal in Minecraft, Pigs must be domesticated first before they can be utilized. 


If you want to know what pigs eat in Minecraft, as well as how to domesticate pig creatures, so they don’t run away, then keep reading this article which will go through each stage of pig domestication. 

Everything will be discussed in this comprehensive guide, from acquiring the items required by recipes to raising the young pigs until they’re ready for slaughter and eating. Therefore, make sure you read on. 

Food Items That You Can Feed To Pigs in Minecraft

In Minecraft, pigs can only be fed carrots and potatoes. These foods have a chance of spawning in the farms of villages. Pigs can also be fed beetroots, but these vegetables are rare and, therefore, more difficult to obtain. Best of all, Villagers do not mind if you feed them!

Here’s a detailed guide about what you can feed to pigs in Minecraft: 


What Do Pigs Eat in Minecraft - Everything You Need To Know

Carrots are one of the best foods in the game, and for a good reason. They can be crafted into golden carrots, which serve as a decent early food source. Their main use is to breed pigs and a decent enough early food source. 


They can be found in four different ways: by random chance in structures such as pillager outposts and shipwrecks, which have a 58% and 42% chance of having carrots, respectively; from pigs; from Golden Carrot Seeds; and from Golden Carrot Seeds grown using carrot seeds.

Carrots are most commonly found in villages with a 20% chance of containing an iron ingot, carrot, or potato. Zombies and husks have a 2.5% chance to drop either an iron ingot or carrot when killed by a player or tamed wolf.

This chance is increased by one percent per level of looting.


Potatoes are an early-game food, as they can be turned into baked potatoes. These potatoes can be found in the village’s chests, which are located in the plains, taiga, and snowy regions of the game. The chance that you find a potato within a chest ranges from 66% to 74%. 

What Do Pigs Eat in Minecraft - Everything You Need To Know

Just like with carrots, zombies, husks, and zombies, villagers can drop potatoes.



What Do Pigs Eat in Minecraft - Everything You Need To Know

Beetroot seeds are the easiest seeds to find in the game. They can be found in most structures throughout the game, except for the snowy village chest, which has a 66.3% chance of containing beetroot seeds. The rarity of some of these structures makes them unreliable for acquiring beetroot seeds.

Why Should You Feed Pigs in Minecraft? 

Apart from breeding, there are several reasons why you should feed pigs in Minecraft, such as: 

  • Taming – When the pig is fed, it will follow the player around. If you are within a distance of 6 blocks, the pig will follow you. Feed it once, and let him come to you.
  • Breeding – Pigs can be bred with the same ease with which they are tamed. A carrot will send a pig into love mode, and it takes 5 minutes for a pig to bear a baby.
  • Gaining EXP Points – After you slaughter a pig, he will drop experience points. An adult pig will drop around 1-3 experience orbs. They also drop raw porkchop when killed. A player can cook it for an excellent meal by adding looting enchantment to their weapon.
  • Riding – Pigs can be equipped with saddles. To control their movement, show them a carrot in front of them with a stick. It also makes the pigs run faster. By following a carrot and holding onto it with a stick, they can achieve their full speed of 5.2 blocks per second.
  • Growing Baby Pigs – The normal gestation period for a pig is 20 minutes. It can be shortened by feeding it with carrots, potatoes, or beets. Baby pigs that are fed produce greater growth than those who are not fed.

What Happens When You Feed A Pig in Minecraft? 

Pigs can be made willing by feeding them food items such as apples, potatoes, or carrots. If pigs are nearby that are both willing and breedable, they will create a piglet. It takes five minutes for a pig to become willing again.

Steps To Tame A Pig By Feeding It in Minecraft 

Follow the steps given below to tame a pig in Minecraft with ease: 

  • To get the pig to follow, a player must equip himself with a carrot and approach it. Once the pig sees the carrot in his hand, it starts to follow him around.
  • After you have coaxed the pig into following you, guide him into an enclosed space within a fence or gate. (You may want to build a fence with a wooden gate for this purpose. Also, there are different structures for keeping pigs in.)
  • Pigs can be kept in a fenced or barnyard setting if the gate is closed once the pig is inside. To keep the pigs happy, feed them carrots or beetroot, or potatoes frequently.
What Do Pigs Eat in Minecraft - Everything You Need To Know

The Takeaway 

Pigs are a great source of food if you know what to feed them. They will eat just about any food but only at certain times, so it’s important to take note of what they’ve eaten before feeding them again. 


You can even breed them by feeding them with appropriate food items, as stated above. We hope you found this guide helpful in knowing what food items you can feed to pigs in Minecraft. 

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