All You Ought To Know About Composter in Minecraft

What You Ought To Know About Composter in Minecraft
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Minecraft is all about mining and collecting resources to make stuff that helps you in your journey. You can collect a variety of materials from the world around you.


Some are used to make tools, weapons, and armor; others are used to build structures or just because they look cool.

However, a lot of these items are also useless and do nothing but occupy valuable space in your inventory. Now while you can always choose to simply drop them on the ground or destroy them using lava, doing so won’t benefit you in any way. 

What You Ought To Know About Composter in Minecraft

If you want to make something useful out of that garbage instead, consider crafting a composter in Minecraft. This unique item helps you turn your trash into something valuable in just a few clicks. 

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about composters in Minecraft. 

What is A Composter in Minecraft? 

If you have a lot of food and plant material on hand, you can use a composter to turn it into a bone meal. You can then collect bone meal and add it to your inventory. A bone meal is great for most plants and craft ingredients. 


So, if you have some extra time on your hands, go ahead and compost. These are a kind of job block that can be found in both villages and abandoned villages. They’re commonly found in farm fields, and you can use them to dispose of natural products such as crops and seeds. 

Farmers also use composters to get rid of any unwanted crops in their inventory. 

Items Required To Make A Composter in Minecraft 

Making a composter in Minecraft is extremely easy, and its recipe doesn’t require any hard-to-gather items. Let’s take a look at the various items required to make a composter in Minecraft: 

Crafting Table 

What You Ought To Know About Composter in Minecraft

Wooden blocks are the only materials needed to make a crafting table in Minecraft. Wood can be used to craft planks, which can then be converted into a crafting table. You will have to punch a tree trunk to get a wooden block in the game. 

Usually, it’s assigned to the left click or action button on your keyboard. Later, once you get an axe and can break it down faster than usual. Initially, it will take about 8 seconds to break down a wooden block without any tools.


Now, place a wooden block in the Crafting area. You can do it by clicking on the block and then clicking on an empty block in the Crafting area, where you’ll place the wooden block. Clicking will move it into the Crafting area and give you 4 Wooden Planks. 

What You Ought To Know About Composter in Minecraft

Then, click to select the wooden planks and move them to an empty spot in your inventory. Now, select the wooden planks from your inventory by clicking on them. Then, place one wooden plank in each block of the Crafting area. This will preview a crafting table as the output in the box to the right.

Wooden Slabs 

What You Ought To Know About Composter in Minecraft

To make a wooden slab, you need to collect at least two logs of any kind of tree. Therefore, head to the forest with your iron axe and find some wood logs of your choice. Then, proceed with the later part of the tutorial. 

Once you have collected enough wood blocks, you will need to make wood planks. This process is simple: place 5 wood blocks in the center cell of a 3×3 crafting grid, and you will get 4 wooden planks in the right-side box. These can be used for crafting items later on.

Now you need to craft six wooden planks. Open up a crafting table and place three planks in any row of the crafting table as shown in the image below. Doing so will grant you six wooden planks in the right-side box of the table.

What You Ought To Know About Composter in Minecraft

Steps To Craft A Composter in Minecraft 

To make a composting bin, you need to place seven wooden logs of any type in a U shape on a Crafting table. Once you have acquired the required items, take them to the Crafting Table and set them out in this order:

  • Place the first two layers of wood into the empty squares around the outside so that they form a U shape. 
  • The middle square should now be blank, along with the second box in the top row. 
  • Once placed inside of there, your composter will appear, and all you need to do is add it to your inventory.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully made yourself a composter in Minecraft. You can also consider looking for a composter in villages as it spawns readily in all types of villages in the generated world. Let us now take a look at what you can do with a composter in Minecraft. 

What You Ought To Know About Composter in Minecraft

How To Use A Composter in Minecraft?

The composter can be used to create a bone meal. First, choose where you want to put it and aim your pointer at the ground where you wish to place it. Then select it from your inventory and place it in that specific spot. 

Next, add a compostable item to the composter so that it can start making some bone meal for you. You will know when this has worked as you will see green particles appearing in the base of the composter.

To compost, you need to have seven layers of material in your composter. Once you have done that, bone meal will pop out of the composter, and you can collect it. Then just add it to your inventory, and you’re good to go. 

What You Ought To Know About Composter in Minecraft

Applications of A Composter in Minecraft

A composter can be used for a myriad of purposes in Minecraft. Some of these include: 


The composter can be filled with compost, which is done by adding compostable items to it. If a green particle appears after successfully adding an item, then you know that you have successfully added another layer of compost.

When a player adds items to a composter in Minecraft, they may get a bone meal. After the player has collected enough bone meal, they can empty the compost bin’s contents and drop them into their inventory. They will need to fill out the composter again before getting more.

As the composter progresses through its layers of compost, the compost changes its appearance. From the 7th layer onward, bone meal can be collected by using the composter a final time.

Smaller items, such as individual pieces of wheat, melon slices, etc., produce more compost than larger blocks or other items. The exception is cookies because each recipe results in 8 cookies, and together those give more than 3 times the compost.


Changing Professions 

By placing a composter near a farmer, a player can turn the villager without a job into one with a farm. The player will see the straw hat appear and little green flakes above both the villager and the composter. After that, the player can then trade with that villager.

This farmer will begin as a novice, but they will gain experience as you trade with them. Once they reach the maximum level, they will become an expert farmer.

Redstone Component 

A composter can act as a power source for a Redstone comparator. If you place it between the comparator and the Redstone block.

Then it will give off a signal strength value between 0 and 8, depending on how full the composter is: 0 for empty, 1 for 1⁄7 full, 2 for 2⁄7 full, 3 for 3⁄7 full, 4 for 4⁄7 full, 5 for 5⁄7 full and 6 for 6⁄7 full. However, if there is a block in between them then it doesn’t update immediately.


Composters are connected to hoppers. Bone meal from the composter is pulled into the hopper below it, while items placed above the composter will be pushed into it by a dropper or other hopper facing downward. However, keep in mind that it cannot interact with the sides of a composter.



Compost bins are found in abandoned villages. Players who want to build their own bases around these towns can use the excess composters as fuel for furnaces. Each composter can be used to smelt or cook one and a half items before a new supply is needed.

Note Blocks 

If you’re into making music in Minecraft, you might be interested in finding out that a composter will also generate bass notes when played. Place a composter underneath a note block, and play it to make a bass note.

Automating A Composter in Minecraft 

Now that you’ve learned How To Make A Composter in Minecraft, it’s time to move on to the process of automation. That way, you can save time and not have to stand around and repeatedly push materials into the bin to make Bone Meal. 

This assembly line is extremely simple and can be set up to automate most of the composting process. You still need to provide raw materials and collect the finished product, but the rest of the process is handled automatically. 

The setup is also extremely fast, and we’ll show you the proper layout in a step-by-step guide below. However, before we start constructing it, you should have  2 chests, 2 hoppers, and 1 composter available in your inventory. 


After you’ve gathered all these items, follow the steps given below: 

  • To start, place a regular Chest on the ground. This will be the endpoint of the assembly line and the container that will hold what you’ve made so far.
  • Now you will crouch down and then connect a Hopper to the back of the Chest by right-clicking on it. If you do not crouch, your Hopper won’t be able to connect with the blocks.
  • Repeat the process to place a Composter on top of the Hopper you placed in the previous step.
  • Take your other Hopper and place it directly on top of the Composter. Once again, crouching will allow you to connect the two blocks.
  • Lastly, place the second chest on top of the second Hopper, and you’re done. 
What You Ought To Know About Composter in Minecraft

Now, whenever you place any of the raw materials mentioned above into the chest at the top of the assembly line, a hopper will automatically push them into the composter.

The composter will then automatically push the finished bone meal through a second hopper into another chest on the ground.

Final Words 

A composter can be quite useful in the world of Minecraft if you know how to use it effectively. Not only does it act as a great source of bone meal for your crops to grow faster, but it also allows you to get rid of all the unnecessary items occupying space in your inventory.

We hope this guide proved to help let you know more about the composter in Minecraft. 

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