How to Appear Offline on Xbox?

Xbox One
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If you’re into multiplayer games & use platforms like Xbox or Steam, you know the pain of getting spammed by annoying friends & chat notification pop-ups.


There are days when you want to enjoy gaming by yourself. In such a situation, appearing offline on Xbox comes to the rescue.

How to Appear Offline on Xbox?

Yes, you can appear offline on Xbox to prevent getting invites & pop-ups. Your added friends won’t be able to see you online even when you’re using the online Xbox Live. It won’t limit you to offline games only.

Xbox offers its players the opportunity to chat & interact with global players beyond their added friends. Manier times, this leads to spam messages & invites from random players looking for teammates, which is irritating & this is where appearing offline comes in handy.

The feature is not limited to just appearing offline on Xbox. You can even create a custom list of users to hide your online status. That means you can specifically select friends to appear offline to them. So how to appear offline on Xbox?

How to appear offline on Xbox?

One can enable the offline settings directly from the quick menu section. 

  • Sign in to your Xbox Live.
  • Press the console switch on the joystick & navigate into the quick menu.
  • Head over & click on your profile picture under the Sign in section.
  • Click on My Profile.
How to Appear Offline on Xbox?

There it is. You’ll see the option to select appear offline on Xbox. Similarly, iPhone & Android Xbox users can enable this setting from the profile section. The feature is available right near the profile picture.

You’ve successfully gone invisible on the Xbox, but for everyone, including your friends. But how to appear offline on Xbox with a custom list?

How to appear offline on Xbox to selected users?

Under the privacy setting, Xbox offers the players to restrict their online status to only friends. Other than the users you have added to your friend list, no one will be able to see you online on Xbox.

  • Again navigate to the quick menu > profile.
  • Click on settings & select account.
  • Under account, you have to click on the privacy & online safety setting > Xbox Live privacy.
  • Click on the second last option (view details & customize) under the Live privacy option.
How to Appear Offline on Xbox?

That’s it. You can customize your online status under the online status & history section. Change the default setting from Everyone according to your preference. Choose friends for appearing offline on Xbox to randoms.

You can even restrict everyone from seeing your online status & game history. But this will disable friends from seeing your activities & achievements, etc.


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