Are Among Us Characters Actually Humans, Or Aliens? What’s Behind the Colored Spacesuits

Among Us Characters
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Playing Among us has had all of us engaging in angry, loud, and most often hilarious conversations with our favorite chums. It’s a worthwhile experience at a ridiculously low price on Steam, which makes it all more popular than its rivaling titles. 


Even though it doesn’t boast the immersive appeal of GTA V or the gore nature of Battlefield, Among Us has lacerated both gamers and content creators alike, driving the tempt to a fine old-school murder mystery set in an intriguing metaverse. 

If you haven’t caught the Among Us experience yet, it’s worth setting down on a game. Its logic is pretty straightforward – ten players get into a spaceship and complete certain humdrum tasks like connecting some colored wires, swiping keycards, and more. 

This is just a gist of the entire perspective, though. Covertly working within the team, certain players are ‘Imposters’ whose only intent is to obstruct the mission by brutally murdering other teammates. They can also pretend to be like the rest of the crew by imitating their tasks. 

But wait, there’s even more to it. These notorious creatures can also swift through vents and build diversions to hinder the objectives of the innocent crew. Curiously, their meta-universe features 12 different crewmates, each denoted with a dedicated color code. 

While a particular shade has nothing to do with a competitive advantage in the game, it surely adds a snort of personalization to the experience. But who are they and where did they come from? Read on to find out! 


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How Among Us Characters Look? 

Among Us Characters

There’s a lot of speculation about the appearance parameters of Among Us characters. At a glance, what we know is they’re short in height (precisely 3’6”), have no arms, and wear a spacesuit all the time. However, in certain instances, the interesting metaverse of this game contradicts the aforementioned facts. 

A lot of these characters have shown interesting revelations of their appearance. You may notice them having hands with four fingers during the killing action carried out by the imposter. What’s even confusing is that the Reactor Meltdown’s RFID shows a five-finger hand while scanning. 

Apart from their bodily traits, there’s also a strange backpack they carry all the time, speculated as oxygen tanks as of now. Furthermore, when a player is slain or eliminated during the gameplay, they leave a decapitated corpse and return as ghost characters with a translucent body. 

The Roots of Their Origins 

Among Us Characters

As Among Us characters always spawn into the action, there’s very limited evidence on its backstory. You may require using your imagination to fill some missing gaps, but there are several fan theories and in-game details that spread some light on the reality of their existence. 


From what we know, these characters can spawn at four different places including a sky base, a spaceship, and even a planet. The sky base is labeled as “Mira HQ” in the game that suggests the characters might be working for an organization named Mira. 

What Mira does and why it has its headquarters located on a sky base are some questions yet to be answered. Alternatively, the Spaceship spawn location has certain locations like Cafeteria that suggest these characters may come from numerous different locations, yet to be discovered. 

The most notorious of them all, there’s a planet named “Polus” that involves some references to The Skeld on Spaceship and Mira HQ, as each of them has somewhat identical laboratories. It uncovers various crossovers with a previous Innersloth game as well. 

Recently launched on Steam as the “Henry Stickmin Collection”, this multiverse has been in existence since the time of Flash games. The revamped collection on Steam features a lot of new things such as individual bios for characters that spawn in the game. 

One of the characters named “Polus Petrovich” has a quite interesting bio – “He won sweepstakes and got to name a planet after himself” it reads. If that’s not a reference to the infamous Polus map of Among Us, we don’t know what is. 


The True Imposters Among Us 

Among Us Characters

Although contradictory to some of you, an Among Us theory suggests the crewmates are human explorers and researchers who work for a company named Mira, situated on an overly-polluted planet that many believe was once our beloved earth. 

This is further backed by the fact that one of the facilities also includes a greenhouse and every character wears hazmat suits, as there might be some biological elements on the planet that made it contaminated and uninhabitable for these humans. 

When you look through the telescope from Polus, you can clearly see the planet as smoggy and reddish-brown. The employees of Mira also have an outpost on this cold, snowy planet. It’s said that they travel between these two locations through the Skeld – a cargo spaceship. 

On the other hand, the imposters are actually parasitic shapeshifters who invade the body of a couple of crewmates and strive to infiltrate the facility. In the laboratory on Polus, you can see some broken test tubes on the floor and a “Specimen room” that contains enclosed specimens of aliens. 

It makes a lot of sense that the Imposter species was dormant in the cold habitat of Polus at first, but when taken into the laboratory, it somehow awakened. Furthermore, Imposters do not tend to vent while being on Polus, unlike other maps.


What they do instead is navigate through holes in the ground that could possibly be made by their species in an effort to defend themselves from these researchers and explorers, which might just be their survival instinct. 

Now you may ask why would the crewmates want to go to Polus in the first place, especially when they already know it’s infected with such Parasites? The answer is that it contains some kind of precious element or material that they’re after, based on the tasks given on Polus. 

Wrapping Up

Remember when we said there’s more to it? Even a game as simple as Among Us can have a surprising amount of lore, as you read above. Unless Innersloth rolls out a story mode, it’s safe to assume that these characters are non-human, even though Innersloth has connected it with earth in a lot of subliminal ways. 

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