How to Get Skins in Among Us?

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Among Us is a game that we all have played in recent times. It is not incorrect to say that the in-game skins make the gameplay much more enjoyable.


There are multiple skins and their colors, hats, pants, nameplates, and even pets that you can try in Among Us. This article will explain everything you need to know about using these stunning Among Us skins.

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How to Get Skins in Among Us?

For PC users, all skins & accessories are accessible except for pets, and for mobile users, only a few skins, hats, and visors are available for free. You can go to the store, where these accessories are available in bundles.

Some of the available bundles are mentioned below with their costs:

  1. Airship Bundle – 20 stars
  2. Mira Bundle – 20 stars
  3. Polus Bundle – 20 stars
  4. Brainslug Pet Bundle – 30 stars
  5. Bedcrab Pet Bundle – 30 stars
  6. Animal Pet Bundle – 30 stars 
  7. Stickmin Pet Bundle – 30 stars
  8. Crewmate Pet Bundle – 30 stars

These stars are the in-game currency of Among Us, and you can purchase them in exchange for real money. You can buy these stars in a bundle from the store for the following price:

  1. Star Bundle 20 – $1.99.
  2. Star Bundle 30 – $2.99.
  3. Star Bundle 50 – $4.99.
  4. Star Bundle 110 – $9.99.
  5. Star Bundle 300 – $24.99.

Other than these bundles, 73 individual hats are available in the store. Their price varies from 150 points to 250 points. Also, 24 visors are obtainable for 100 points each.

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How to get to the store in Among Us

  • Open Among Us application.
How to Get Skins in Among Us
  • Click on the ‘$’ sign at the bottom of your screen.

How to Purchase Stars

  • Open Among Us Application & go in the store.
How to Get Skins in Among Us
  • Now tap on the star icon at the top-right of your screen.
How to Get Skins in Among Us
  • Now click on the bundle that you want to purchase.
How to Get Skins in Among Us
  • Google Play store will pop up. Now you can complete your purchase by tapping on continue and selecting your payment option.
How to Get Skins in Among Us

Airship Bundle 

  • Chaos Containment Crewmate
  • Inmate 2112
  • Right Hand Man: Reborn
  • Right Hand Stache
  • Double Monocles.
  • I’m Burt.
  • Muenster.
  • Museum Security.
  • Red-headed Outlaw.
  • Recruited Ellie.
  • Funky Fusion.
  • Bighead.
  • Recruited Henry.
  • Mr. Macbeth.
  • Sven Svensson.
  • A Real Wiz.

Mira Bundle

  • Land here.
  • Greatest Headset.
  • Keepin It Secure.
  • Tightened Security.
  • Hazmate.
  • Blocks Toxics.
  • Shades.

Polus Bundle

  • Underminer.
  • Miner Setback.
  • Jacket Up.
  • Cold One.
  • Unearthed Wonders.
  • Siberia James.


As the name suggests, visors beautify the player’s visor. They were made public in version 2021.11.9. In this version, they changed some hats into visors.


Pets in Among Us were made public in version 2019.6.7, even before visors. Pets are programmed to follow their player and also are functioned to react to killing animation if their owner dies.



Hats are the accessory that covers up the head of the player. As mentioned before, there are 73 hats (other than free hats) available for purchase.

Now you know everything about how to get skins in Among Us and their current prices and how you can purchase it through the store. Try out these great skins and accessories, and show them off to your lobby.

About Among Us

Among Us, developed by Innersloth, was released in June 2018 for mobile and in November for Windows. As of now, Among Us is available on Playstation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S.

It rose to fame in 2020 after big Twitch streamers like pewdiepie, xQc started playing Among Us. As the world was in lockdown, it became a great way of staying in touch with your friends in times of social distancing.

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