Battlefield 2042 Upcoming Season 4 Maps Leaked


  • Battlefield 2024, since its release hasn’t had a great start and has been criticised for many reasons.
  • The title is coming up with a new season very soon, i.e., Season 4.
  • The map seems to be the best for breakthrough mode and close combat.
Battlefield 2042
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Battlefield 2024, since its release hasn’t had a great start and has been criticised for many reasons. Nonetheless, things have started to get better for the title, and it has been in a recovery mode since.


Now the title is coming up with Season 4, named the Eleventh hour, which is said to be the one that will bring the change, has its Map leaked online already. The BattleField 2042 Season 4 will be released on February 28.

Well, the flashpoint map has been leaked; the map was posted in a subreddit r/battlefield2042 by a user named r/PieceofLiquidSnoke. The leaks highlight the general layout and the details of the linear map. 

The leak comes in from the video that has now been deleted! The creator broke the NDA and then uploaded a detailed video about the upcoming Season 4 of BattleField 2042. Although the video has been deleted, still some parts of it can be found online.

The flashpoint map apparently takes place in South Africa, and which was once a prosperous diversity hotspot is now an abandoned development compound doomed for failure, as noted by the developers. The map seems to be the best for breakthrough mode, close combat, and vehicles in it too.

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Battlefield 2042 Upcoming Season 4 Maps Leaked 1
Battlefield 2042, Season 4 Flashpoints Map

The map showcases various districts with their own advantages & disadvantages; for example, the F1 is good for close-sector combat around the core. The other sector includes Flag G1 is ideal for snipers and long-ranged combat

The video revealed every capture point and gave a detailed look at the weapons and the vehicles. Also, some of the weapon descriptions were mentioned in the video. There’s a vehicle CAV Brawler & the new upcoming skins were shown in the video.

Furthermore, the video also confirmed a specialist that will be coming to Battlefield 2042 in the video. Well, Blanco, a Recon Specialist, will use a new gadget called the X6 Infiltration device, which will help her cross the chaotic battlefield with her teammates without notifying any motion sensing technology in the game.

Moreover, it seems that Season 5 was also leaked, which will come in the future and will bring more guns & weapons. Skins, cosmetics etc., have already been confirmed for Season 5.

To be clear, this isn’t the first time a BattleField 2042 upcoming season has leaked. Well, Season 3 details were accidentally leaked by the developers through a Season 3 promotional video description on YouTube.


Nonetheless, the title’s recent updates and the season have surely brought back the fans, and the fans are looking at how far the game has improved and the fans, fans have increased. The various maps & other features have helped as well.

So it will be interesting to see how the upcoming season, i.e., Season 4, will shape the AAA title & its future seasons.

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